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Obama Schedule || Monday, January 26, 2015

President Obama and Mrs. Obama are traveling today in New Delhi, India.

In the morning, Obama will participate in the Indian Republic Day celebration as the Chief Guest. The first lady will also attend.

In the afternoon, Obama will meet with Congress Party Leaders at ITC Maurya Hotel. Later in the afternoon, the president and Mrs. Obama will attend a reception with Indian President Pranab Mukherjee.

In the evening, Obama will participate in a CEO roundtable at the Taj Palace Hotel with Indian Prime Minister Modi and deliver remarks at a U.S.-India business summit.

The President and Mrs. Obama will remain overnight in New Delhi.

28 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, January 26, 2015”

  1. Which 5 star hotel is our Dictator and First Entitlement Queen staying at in New Delhi? If it is the Taj Palace the name is certainly apt for these two communist royalty.

    No doubt, Dictator Obama will somehow manage to enrage and alienate the Indians and then will jet off to greet his Saudi masters who no doubt will give their protégé a well deserved tongue lashing for cozying up to their Shiite enemies, Iran. How they must feel betrayed by our first Muslim Communist Dictator, Obama. Notice how our beloved Dear Leader, Dictator Obama, has had one of his lackeys announce that he is going to make vast swaths of Alaska a no drilling for oil zone as a very obvious sop to his angry Saudi overseers. I re-read the constitution and damned if I can find where Dictator Obama has the power to unilaterally ban oil drilling on federal lands in a sovereign state such as Alaska. Oh well another day and another grab for dictatorial powers.

    If one were of a paranoid turn of mind, one would start wondering if this very sick, narcissistic, power mad, Obama will refuse to leave office when his term runs out.

    1. Very good comment. I am trying to recall what day that comment about banning oil drilling came out. Was it one min. after he was on the plane?

    2. He will be forced to vacate his subsidized housing, but he will never leave center stage. He will have at least a billion $$$ left over from the slush funds…and he will continue playing prez until the day he dies. Every time someone criticizes his policies, he will be on national tv defending himself. He’s insane, you know!

      1. Embarassing/Insane/…..I will stop there for now.
        I will type this: Thomas Jefferson:
        “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the Government from wasting the labors of the people under it’s pretense of taking care of them”.

      2. I cannot imagine this man ever, ever, ever remaining silent with his opinions after he leaves office, as it pertains to the person who follows him. It just won’t happen.

      1. If only “angry Tea Party” people go to the movie “American Sniper” then there sure are a lot of them! Every show in our city has been sold out and there are multiple theaters with multiple showings. Look at the $ numbers being racked up by the movie each weekend it is open. That sure says there are a lot more conservatives than the press can begin to imagine! Let’s show them our force in 2016 like we did in 2014.

        1. Agree Sadie.
          I just heard of Fox of other people wasting news time:
          Sixty Mins interviewed Boehner and asked about his Scowl face during the SOTU.

        2. Every gallup poll since it started shows only around 20 percent of the country identifies as liberal and 7 to 8 percent of those as “very” liberal.
          We ARE at this point in time, being ruled by the tyranny of the minority. Only the fact that the media is in the 7 to 8 percent and prop up Obama has kept him from the pitchforks at the gate.

          1. I’ve read the same stats, and they are likely pretty accurate. Our problem is that for the past 50+ years (likely more than that) the Progressives/leftists/Marxists have slithered themselves into Big Media, the universities and popular culture, etc.So they seem like a much larger group than they actually are. All of this, BTW, is an Alinsky technique (get a haircut, wear a suit, join influential groups) The amazing thing is that after all that long term conniving by the Left, only 20 percent of the population has been radicalized.

          2. If worse comes to worse, I can come armed with more than just a pitchfork! Obama said to “his people”—– “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” If they do that then we had better have more than pitchforks!

      1. Just be thankful that Nicorette doesn’t also come in bubblegum flavor or Dictator Obama would be blowing and popping bubbles during the ceremonies. And yes Dictator Obama is arrogant and low class enough to behave in this fashion.

    1. I wonder what he did with his gum after he removed it from his mouth into his fingers? Did he replace the gum when Modi wasn’t looking? Or did he drop it onto the ground?

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