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McDonough Nabbed by Wallace Trying to Steal Credit for Oil Boom

One of the more shameless lies repeatedly repeated by this administration is the suggestion that it is somehow responsible for the growth in U.S. oil production and lower gasoline prices. Of course, the increased production is on private land. The Obama administration has actually curtailed production on federal land and won’t even build the Keystone pipeline.

But it’s one of the few bright spots on the blighted economic landscape of the Obama administration, so credit is being taken where credit is not due.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was called out Sunday by Fox News host Chris Wallace, and he just relentlessly stuck to the script, no matter the truth.

20 thoughts on “McDonough Nabbed by Wallace Trying to Steal Credit for Oil Boom”

  1. I listen to some of this interview yesterday. I had to walk out. First of all he does not have the stare of someone thinking, or wanting the best for America. As far as his replys, he should have just walked off the set.

  2. Gee. Don’t recall seeing this exchange of facts on Meet the Press yesterday.

    Here’s the non-truncated last line from Denis: “The President is not going to trim his sales…pitch.”

  3. Taking credit for something he had nothing to do with harkens back to the ’08 campaign when certain senior senators were complaining that Obama would rush out of the Capitol bldg as they were being interviewed by reporters concerning the news of the day. Obama would horn in and take over the conversation and claim authorship of bills he had never even worked on. As per usual, this was a huge red flag that we never picked up by the media.

  4. Denis McDonough has been nothing but another failed member of the Obama Administration. The script of this Administration is very simple. If the news is negative about the economy or the war on terror it is Bush’s Fault. If the administration wants to pass a law or spend money and they don’t get what they want them it is the fault of the Republican Congress. If either Bush or Republican Congress are correct in anyway claim the credit and act like they never suggested it.

  5. Wow I though Josh Earnest was a despicable lying sorry excuse for a human but this soulless ghoul McDonough looks and sounds like an escapee from the lowest pit of Hell. Take note that this is the type of creep that Dictator Obama surrounds himself with and is tasked with spreading his malevolent evil across the land. It is shocking that our great Nation could produce pond scum like McDonough and that he is in a position of such power.

  6. That is what infuriates me when listening to these goons.
    They constantly repeat the same lies over and over even when they are presented with facts.
    Wallace just looks at him incredulously.
    Why didn’t Chris ask him about them shutting down the Alaskan oil fields, right ahead of his visit to the new king of Saudi Arabia ?

  7. Low oil prices are about the only thing to keep the Obama economy from crashing and burning completely, therefore Obama wants to put the oilfields at ANWR off limits to production, lest things get better without him personally being responsible for it.

    I’d advocate a beheading tax. It’s been a growth industry under Obama and taxing something, like cigarettes, is supposed to reduce its occurrence.

  8. Sheesh, that guy looks like the Cryptkeeper. Wouldn’t believe a word he said even if I didn’t already know he was a lying liar who lies.

    1. Sadly, I must agree.
      Makes one wonder about the specs they use for picking public speakers – the State Dept girls look like they used to work the phones at ITT, the press sec’y looks like bucky beaver, and this guy looks – well – creepy.

      1. Nostalgia Joke Alert! Brusha, brusha, brusha, new Ipana toothpaste . . . don’t think they even make it anymore. We could rename O after the hair prep that kept out crewcuts standing up: “Brill Cream.” Their slogan (for the infants among us): “A little dab’ll do ya.” Too bad we’ve had more than a little dab of him.

  9. Just when you thought this administration couldn’t go any lower they keep managing to go even lower. They’re so desperate it’s pathetic to watch, and it’s totally insulting that they actually believe that the majority of the American people are stupid enough to believe it.

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  11. Brings back the Hitler/Goebbels “big lie” — and he and his boss have a vast slice of the American ‘sheeple’ who believe it unreservedly.

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