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Drone Lands at the White House

A drone landed within the gates of the White House this morning, making its way into a tree at around 3 am, according to reports.

The White House sought to portray the incident as no big deal, saying what they termed “a device” did not pose a threat. Nevertheless, here’s a look at the response:


Someone was up to something. I mean, I’d like to know who was flying a drone at 3 am around the White House.

The president and Mrs. Obama are traveling in India. Not clear if the Obama daughters were home or not.

6 Responses to Drone Lands at the White House

  1. No big deal, huh – sure, I’ll buy that.
    Just because someone found a way to place a bomb close enoough to blow up the place, an incendiary device to set it on fire, or a missile to penetrate the building – then blow up or set it on fire,- ha, it’s just another ‘move on, nothing to see here’ thing.

    The WhiteHouse might as well have a huge red target painted on it. It’s not just where the President lives and supposedly works, it’s the most identifiable symbol of the United States. There are a lot of people, both here and abroad, who would celebrate if the WH was destroyed by some evil doer.
    Having an obsolete ‘no fly zone’ over the WH might have worked years ago to prevent an air attack, but it’s of no use now when drones, long range missiles and RPGs are available to anyone with a purpose.
    The Secret Service itself is an obsolete and useless means of protecting the WH and the First Family.
    They may also be incompetent to defend anyone or anything if recent history is reminded.

    • They showed a video of several secret service walking around looking in the grass, for anything aflliated with the issue. They will probably find a lot of gum. Sorry, I can’t get off the gum picture that turned my stomach this morning.