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80 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || January 25, 2015

  1. o stated that counter terrorism acts have not been suspended in Yemen.
    However this answer was given after we heard yesterday, that no one was in charge.

  2. We watched a video yesterday that made me cry. It is the same group of black men and a woman from Chicago’s Southwest Side who did one earlier about their conditions and lack of help.
    This one is from Rebel Pundits and is moving to watch.
    They are all middle aged, long time residents not far from Obama’s mansion and church.
    The video is a response to the SOTU last week and they are NOT happy. It is filmed in a restaurant where Obama spoke to them in 2008 with all kinds of promises.
    There are bullet holes in the windows and outside the area is a disaster.
    Obama, Holder, and Sharpton are using these good people as props for their politics while they stir up trouble in places like Ferguson and around the country.
    This is criminal on their part. Do they care? NO

    • This really should go viral.
      Those good people are hurting in everyway. They can’t find work (and blame immigration in part), their children are afraid to play in the streets or even walk to school, and they have no hope.
      Some conservative should put this video in a campaign ad.

        • What was bothersome to me this last week is they reported a poll that Al Sharpton had a 60% disapproval rating among the general population but a 56% approval rating among the black community. How can there be any progress in the black community when they applaud what Sharpton says and boo common sense people like Dr. Ben Carson?

          • As well just listening to him makes blook pressure on a lot of people sky high. I cannot stand to listen to him, or look at him, with the evil looks he gives

          • I think it’s because we have a dual class black citizenship. Regular blacks like the majority of us ourselves and the other which has been supported from cradle to grave by the US government.

            “Our kind” don’t like Sharpton just as much as “we” do.

      • Wow, annie. It is very powerful.

        I remember hearing a black woman speak years ago. She believed the government give-away policies did not help the black community, rather they were suppressing blacks ability to climb out of poverty and make something for themselves and families.

        I wish I could remember who she was and more of what she said, but she was amazing to hear.

        • MarjoJimbo, you might be thinking of Star Parker. She has quite a history. She wrote several books including Uncle Sam’s Plantation. She heads up a non-profit called CURE. She ran for Congress but lost to a Democrat. Please Google her.

          • Star Parker fills in some times on the OAN–One American News network. Our esteemed host Mr. K also appears occassionaly on the nightly opinion show on OAN. You get more news in 5 minutes on OAN than you get all day on the other cable networks. Check your local listings.

  3. Would anyone like to guess how much it will cost for the start button on my electric oven? (You press it to turn on). When they called back to give me the price, I almost fell over. Years ago if a knob brock, you could still turn the metal piece to you got a new one.

    • has saved me a boatload. Kids leave the freezer door ajar… burned out the switching relay or general quality failure as many have noticed.

      Depending on the model, the control panels are hard to “fix” these days with the soft keys. But you can get a new panel and replace it pretty quick if you are comfortable with a few wire connectors. But if you have a model with a good old fashioned switch…that can be inexpensive. Always disconnect power before investigating.

      As for the trivia, suspect AZ G (hey, you could be a rapper!) is about right with the call charge, labor, and part.

    • Lee, I think Mooch asked Voodoo Granny to put a spell on kitchen appliances belonging to WHD posters! The electric ignition panel on my 5 y.o. gas stove went kaput last week. Couldn’t use the oven or broiler. $600.00 for parts and labor! Maybe I should call your guy.
      Women need to start a war on appliance mfgs. My new toaster lasted five days! My computer guy also said not to expect my toshiba laptop to last more than 3 yrs! I’m already on my fourth laptop in 13 years!
      But I did learn not to purchase extended warranties.

    • Reminds me of the old show, I SPY – “This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.”

      Five years or 50,000 miles for cars.
      Small appliances – anyone’s guess.
      Five hundred dollars appliances – 5 years if you don’t use them too often.
      Extended warranties, once upon a time were not needed, now they’re a necessity – another add on to the purchase price.

  4. Went to see American Sniper last night. Tried to go to the 4:00 show but the first theatre was sold out through 10:00. Next theatre had the big screen easily 150 seats.

    Not going to give away the movie, but when the movie was over there was silence. No one said a word during or afterwards. It was a sober event slowly watching a room with so many people quietly exit.

    • Memories: as Michael Corleone sat in his late father’s chair and his minions came to kiss his ring. The end.
      No one said a word as the packed theater attendees walked out of the dark. Nothing. Stunned was the word or feeling.

      I’m wondering if the movie-goers who see this film feel the same way – that they have been exposed to the horrors of war and the toll it takes on all sides.

      • Perhaps.
        Perhaps they have seen the horrors of war and are now realizing what it takes to keep this Country free.
        I think think that many of those people watching that movie have never served in the armed forces.
        Many of them have.
        The silence was deafening was it not ?

          • Audie Murphy was a true hero and so was Chris Kyle.
            “The many wars that kept Her free.”
            And the many warriors that gave their lives to sustain the freedom that so many take for granted.

            Courage, Bravery, Dedication.
            Men and Women that stand strong against the foes that are determined to destroy us.

            They are today’s heroes.

    • Went to see American Sniper in Victoria, British Columbia last night and it was sold out again. I tired last Saturday and the lines in the theatre were coming out the doors and people were standing in the rain. I guess people in Canada just really dig seeing soldiers take out Islamists.

      As an American living in Canada, it brought tears to my eyes seeing the support this movie has in uber liberal Victoria.

  5. Did anyone watch the presser in India this morning? My mouth fell open when Obama opened his remarks by bragging that he is the FIRST president to ever attend the Republic Day ceremony…AND the FIRST president to ever travel to India TWICE!
    I turned it off after that. What a smug, self-serving SOB! As if we didn’t know that this is the reason he planned this trip – another chapter for the history books. He’s on a roll – padding his empty suit legacy.
    As Krauthammer said yesterday: Cuba would be the perfect place for his library!

    • I did watch it. He never says anything postive about our Country!
      I wish one reporter, would follow up with, What is this you, me comment? We were discussing……
      He did not expain that reports yesterday stating that no one knew who was in control in Yemen. He just put apple on his pie, stating that the counter terrorism effeort has not been suspended.

    • At this point, he’s just in full-on troll mode.

      Does anyone doubt that if George W. Bush had been this defiant, arrogant, and in-your-face after getting thumped in the 2006 mid-terms, that they’d be calling him mentally unfit to continue in office?

  6. I want to comment about government waste. There was a report this last week that the National Institutes of Health gave a grant of $420,000 to Columbia University for a study called “Studying Gay Hookup Apps”. A lady by the name of Karolynn Siegel was going to head up the study. I would think why she didn’t she apply with Columbia University’s Endowment Fund. They have in excess of $8 billion of assets. Is this study really important?

    My Congressman will be receiving a letter.

        • In case you missed it…the NY politcal machine is grinding the gears. Cuomo made a deal to shut down a corruption investigation in trade for ethics reform. Now a few months later we know why. Sheldon Silver might be the first victim of forgetting how to read and why he is supposed to be there.

          As for the White House link, this could affect Cuomo’s 2016 run for VP.

    • WTF !
      Is this study really important ?
      Hell no,….this is what keeps these eggheads employed.
      Who is your congressman ?
      It’s about damn time that we tell them how we feel about this ridiculous misuse of our money.
      Don’t send them a letter, they will just throw it in the trash.
      Call them on a constant basis, irritate them, let them know how you feel.

    • Great article. I mentioned earlier that my computer was working so.. slow the last several days. I had not pulled up CardwellsCorner this weekend. I feel bad for the military men and woman as well as the vets that they have this clown as their boss.
      I hope he never does something as foolish again. However if he does maybe he should pick a beauty queen, and have mooch sit in on the interview.

  7. In honor of Auschwitz being liberated 70 years ago American Heroes Channel (AHC) is playing Schindler’s List tonight commercial free down here in Florida.

  8. NYC mayor just spoke about major snow storm heading towards NE.
    Be prepared for the worse. Check on elderly, homeless, etc.

    However school will be open tomorrow. and it will be announced if snow will be closed Tuesday.
    Blizzard warnings start early tomorrow afternoon.
    Why are the schools going to be open?
    Now Fox said schools in States north of N.Y. will be closed tomorrow.
    Mayor said prepare for something worse than we’ve seen before. I do not know how far back he is going with that comment.
    Than he spoke in Spanish.
    I would also like ato vent about o not saying a word about Winston Churchill Anniversary. He could have at least taken the statue out for a day. Ugh.

  9. Unintended consequences of driver’s licenses for illegals! A new phenomena has just cropped up in W. Los Angeles….camper trucks lining up under freeway overpasses. Used to be the homeless lived in hidden encampments under freeway overpasses. Now they are living in beat up old camper trucks!
    Last week, as I was driving home on my usual route in the middle of the afternoon, there were dozens of old campers parked on a major thoroughfare adjacent to the 405 freeway in WLA. It was such an eyesore I mentioned it to a friend who happens to work for the City. He shook his head and said he was ‘aware of the problem’ – that it is happening all over L.A. that illegals can get DL’s. They’re ‘squatting in campers’!!!!

    It’s not only the epidemic of measles that we have to contend with – it’s the unsanitary conditions of the migrant lifestyle. Campers and RV’s are becoming the scourge of affluent coastal areas -Santa Monica and Malibu. No bathroom facilities. But they are squatting on the most expensive land in the country! It’s coming to a neighborhood near you!

    • awww, gee whiz. That’s just awful for all those libs and leftys who love the little people from down south. Who would’a thunk it would turn to this? tsk tsk
      Does ‘schandenfreude’ sound about right?
      2010 – Arizona tries to enforce the Federal laws against unlawful, illegal entrance into the US of A. 2010- half of the cities in CA boycotted anything to do with the ‘racists’ in AZ.
      Now, CA is about 50% Hispanic and poor and in trouble.
      Yes, schandenfreude is how I’m feeling now.

      • Which then raises a very convenient question for the Right to start hammering.

        If the “Golden State”–the state that took off on an honest-to-God gold rush, and which not long ago was still considered the symbol of American wealth–if CALIFORNIA, with all its riches, and a population that’s amenable to collectivism, doesn’t have enough wealth to make it work, where can it work?

    • I heard the other day. That you can get measles again. A simple blood test shows if you may need another vac. My point it is not just citizens here that choose to not have their children vacinated, are at risk of getting it. o should make a speech at one of those spots. I feel sorry for the home owners there, and the companies in that area. The American children who are citizens and the teachers for their class room being slowed down.