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Obama Cancels Taj Mahal, Will Visit Saudi Arabia Instead

President Obama shortened his three day visit to India – canceling a planned visit to the Taj Mahal – in order to make a stop in Saudi Arabia to offer condolences on the death of King Abdullah and meet the new Saudi leader, King Salman.

This is an excellent idea. The Saudis, despite their many serious flaws, are a key ally in a region where we are fast losing allies and influence.

From the White House:

President Obama and the First Lady will travel to Riyadh on Tuesday, January 27 in order to pay respects to King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the family of the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. The Vice President was originally to have led a delegation to Saudi Arabia on the President’s behalf. As the President’s and Vice President’s travel schedules became clearer, we determined that the window when the Vice President would be on the ground in Riyadh coincided with the President’s departure from India.

Accordingly, we adjusted the schedule in coordination with the Indian Government so that the President would be able to depart India following his speech on Tuesday to stop in Riyadh during the return trip to meet with King Salman and other Saudi officials and offer his condolences on behalf of the American people. The President regrets that he will be unable to visit Agra during this trip. The Vice President will remain in Washington.

Ah well. The Obamas skipped the Taj Mahal last time they went to India, no doubt with the intention of seeing it next time. I’m wondering if it’s the main reason Mrs. Obama, who often doesn’t travel overseas with the president, accompanied him on this trip.

The Obamas departed for India this morning.

25 Responses to Obama Cancels Taj Mahal, Will Visit Saudi Arabia Instead

  1. As I mentioned on the previous thread, many of o’s advisors must have told him that he must make this trip after embarrassing the U.S. when he did not go to Paris. I do not know how they got passed what’s her name?
    Once again they are a step behind. The plans could have been changed, and he could have announced a lot sooner that he was going to Saudi Arabia

  2. Wonder if he is being treated for bruises and fractures from the arm twisting that must have occurred over the past couple of days!
    Even the President of Riyadt asked: “Why now?’ There was no response from the WH.

    The Mooch must be getting a big pay-off for her sacrifice….a month in Hawaii at Oprah’s plantation? Another $1000 dinner at the place in Hawaii? What are they going to do with their huge entourage? Leave them in India? Not a bad idea!

  3. As long as he is in the neighborhood perhaps he will have a “secret” meeting with Iran at an “undisclosed” location. Maybe drop off some of the money we are giving them.

  4. No doubt that Mrs. Obama was accompanying the president to India primarily as another vacation jaunt to see the Taj Mahal.

    And her standard second requirement, that there be no one around to steal the stage from her, would also be met. She’s not concerned about Obama, as she outshines him every time, but a glamorous prime minister or famous rockstar would not be acceptable.

  5. God save the King. It appears that someone finally schooled O., concerning decorum, respect and gratitude our country must display regarding His Majesty King Abdullah’s passing. Now, pray O and co., mourn for the loss of our greatest ally.

    O should have been in route to Arabia, long before now.

  6. Questions of the day:
    Will Mooch leap off of AF1 in cut offs as we have seen her do in the past? Or will she be wearing her typical First Lady outfit that would normally ensconce a lady of the night? Or will be wearing a full burqa?
    Will B. Hussein bow to the new king as he did to the now deceased Abdullah?
    Will the Saudis stop flogging and beheading people long enough to welcome The One and make a show of civility?

  7. President Flitter & Fly making a detour to SA, which would have freed-up Biden or Kerry to show up in Europe for the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust, where other heads of state will be. But noooooo, he’s sending Sec’y of the Treasury, Jack Lew.