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Battle Against al Qaeda in Yemen Severely Hampered

In the latest Mideast foreign policy and counter-terrorism disaster, the fall of the U.S.-allied Yemeni leader has resulted in a severe setback for operations against the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, perhaps the most dangerous branch of the group.

According to the Washington Post:

The Obama administration has been forced to suspend certain counterterrorism operations with Yemen in the aftermath of the collapse of its government, according to U.S. officials, a move that eases pressure on al-Qaeda’s most dangerous franchise.

Armed drones operated by the CIA and the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command remain deployed for now over southern Yemen, where al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is based. But some U.S. officials said that the Yemeni security services that provided much of the intelligence that sustained that U.S. air campaign are now controlled by Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, who have seized control of much of the capital.

Even before the disintegration of the government, officials say, the growing chaos in Yemen had resulted in a steady erosion in intelligence-gathering efforts against AQAP and a de facto suspension in raids by Yemeni units trained, equipped and often flown to targeted al-Qaeda compounds by U.S. forces.

The Houthis who have taken power are allied with Iran, giving the Iranians a brand new outpost from which to oppose U.S. interests and support anti-U.S. military and terrorist operations. What’s more, the defeat of Yemen’s leader makes al Qaeda potentially the de facto leader of the opposition Sunnis, enhancing its stature in the country and allowing it to draw new recruits.

Why didn’t we somehow support such a key ally in the region and do what was necessary to prevent his defeat?

Who knows.

Another mess courtesy of the Obama White House.

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  1. I’m convinced that AQAP planned this coup to coincide with Obama’s You Tube gig with GloZell. It couldn’t have been a coincidence, lol. Hope the media makes the connection and never let’s him off the hook.
    Heck, someone could be inspired to spill the beans as to what he was really doing the night of Benghazi!

  2. Now a lot of people may have thought that all the complaining I was doing was a waste of time. People who do not pay attention to didley, may have thought all the Univ. speeches, and traveling there was great.
    I thought he should have been sitting at his desk. While this mess was unfolding he was busy giving speeches. Keith thanks for the clip.
    Well here’s another nice mess, you’ve gotten me into!
    The problem once again is a huge number of citizens are not paying attention.

  3. By the time that this dork is out of office, the damage that will have been done is anybody’s guess.
    I pity the next president.
    Seriously,….who in their right mind would want that job, especially after the mess this goof is creating.

      • That is completely up to congress.
        They need to grow a pair and quit pussy footing around with this guy.
        He can bluster all he wants on the floor of the congress.
        We put them in there to stop him, and they need to be reminded that we are watching them.
        In case you missed it,… can watch them using this;

      • I know we are a strong Country. Have always pulled through the rough times. However I keep thinking of what Chamberlain.
        People in office need to start thinking of it’s citizens now!
        As far as ISIS, the discussion of what should be done with the American citizens who have joined them. They had 4 different people all giving different choices. The main thing that should be done NOW, is refuse them to enter back in. That is just our citizens there are still all the other’s from different Countries to be concerned with.

  4. The “Houthis”.
    After checking to see if the Houthis was an invading army from another state in the Middle East, it seems that they are the ‘tea party’ of Yemen.
    They may not carry the banner of freedom from a ham-fisted, overreaching government, but rather want their particular version of a ham-fisted, overreaching government.

    So long as groups of people self-identify as a certain religion, a certain color or ethnic group, there is no national pride or identity. If people born in Great Britian identify themselves as “Muslim” rather than Brits, or people of color born in the USA identify as “African- Ams” there is no national cohesiveness, no assimilation into the mores and customs of the birth nation.
    Back to Yemen – the different tribes, sects, or sets of believers in a religion are tearing apart what was at best an iffy kind of peace. We can’t fix that with drones, or even boots on the ground. We can’t do anything to make life better for the peace-lovers, the innocents, or the others who live there with little military skirmishes. Chit-chat, sanctions or threats don’t work with the rabid believers.
    Either we go big, or we prepare to defend our friends and ourselves from the time they turn everything on us. .

  5. Obama plan- have Jen Psaki and Marie Harf blunt criticism by redefining who the enemy is, divide the factions into manageable “chunks” of alpgabet soup, such as ISIS, ISIL, AQAP, Couresan, the new Yemen, ….et al.
    Have the President take more puffball questiosn from YouTubers like Glozell Green. Like “How is yo first wife?”

  6. ISIS video claims 1 Japanese hostage killed. Japanese officials hold emergency meeting over a new message from ISIS. Haruna Yukawa proposes a prisoner swap for the other hostage , while Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned the act

  7. Repeat after me. soetero IS a mass murdering, pisslamic terrorist doing everything he can to advance the caliphate and destroy human civilization. Hi IS a koranimal bro.

  8. OT: No one knows who is in charge in Yemen. U.S. suspends Drone strikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen following Govt. collapse. Rebels tighten grip on Capital city after Yemen’s Pres. and Cabinet resign. Iranian backed Rebels.
    Four terrorist arrested in Spain in Anti Terror sweep.

  9. Were I one of the 400 Princes of the House of Saud I would leave standing orders that the jet be fueled up , a flight plan to Geneva on file and the pilots ready to fly on two hours notice . At least in the old days when you betrayed an ally you got some new cuisine in the bargain , Vietnamese and even Persian , now , not so much .