In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Tyranny of the Experts

Liberals aren’t extremists. They are sensible people. Unlike the extremists, who are on the right, they know what they’re talking about.

President Obama is not just a liberal. He’s a Leftist. So that would make Obama very sensible.

And liberals – I’m sorry, sensible people – obey the experts.

Speaking at a White House press conference a week ago with British PM David Cameron, Obama sought to emphasize that the deal he strikes with Iran will be utterly verifiable, which I might believe except for the fact that I CAN’T KEEP MY DOCTOR EVEN THOUGH I LIKE MY DOCTOR.

Know what I mean?

Anyway, Obama said:

Anything that we do, any deal that we arrive at — if we were to arrive at one — would be subject to scrutiny across the board, not just by members of Congress, but more importantly, by people who actually know how the technical aspects of nuclear programs can advance and how we can effectively verify in the most rigorous way possible that the terms of the deal are being met.

Now, do you see where the problem is here?

It’s here: not just by members of Congress, but more importantly, by people who actually know . . . 

This statement is at the heart of what liberals believe versus what conservatives believe. I’m sorry, what sensible people believe versus what people who are not sensible believe.

You see, the liberal specimen does not trust average people. He doesn’t trust them to care for themselves, or to care for others. Because he knows that they are like children – less knowledgeable and capable than himself. They must be provided succor, told what’s best for them, and generally condescended to for their own good and to increase the chances they will survive, a task to which they are unsuited.

And so the liberal instead only trusts either other sensible, intelligent people like himself, or a class of humans known as “the experts.”

The liberal himself is an expert on many things, and we know this because he will freely inform us of it. But sometimes, the experts, with their rarified knowledge about a particular field, must be enlisted to provide extra knowledge.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with experts. Conservatives – I’m sorry, extremists – like experts too. Except conservatives believe the experts are there to serve the people. To provide them with good advice that people, capable as they are, can use to make decisions. Experts, after all, often disagree.

For the liberal, experts are not here to advise. They are here to rule! Experts rule! Because they’ve done the research, and they know what’s best for you. You may have voted for one policy, but if an expert has devised a different policy, well then, that’s your policy!


Experts often can be found in government bureaucracies, where they sit tight, sometimes for decades, and run their models and perform their calculations. When Republicans are in charge, they don’t have quite enough to do, and they bide their time. But when someone like Obama takes over, well, presto! Their expertise is now eagerly plucked by White House officials and used to whip the masses into electric vehicles.

Now, a sensible person like Obama understands that Congress, representing the people as it does, cannot possibly know what it’s talking about, because the people themselves don’t know what they are talking about.

The problem is, while Obama understands it, James Madison didn’t get that you should probably be required to have a PhD to serve in Congress, and so it’s nowhere in the Constitution.

And so, Congress and the Constitution are quaint institutions that, while fun to learn about in school, hardly seem to appreciate the need for experts to make decisions.

But Obama appreciates it. That’s how he could let loose a statement like, not just by members of Congress, but more importantly, by people who actually know. Because he has contempt for Congress. Because they are not part of the feudal class of Mandarins in the bureaucracy, along with their colleagues on special outside task forces, who actually should be in charge.

So don’t mess with the experts. Do you presume to criticize the great Oz, you ungrateful creatures?

Unruly things like Congress, market forces, and democracy must be overruled in favor of five-year plans and, even better, six-year plans. Human behavior will adapt to the grand schemes of the people who actually know what to do. Sensible people.

Earth hasn’t warmed is 16 years? Don’t believe your eyes. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Look over there to the work of the wizards, who say climate change is right on track.

The Senate won’t be permitted by Obama to review the Iran treaty. Because, as Obama said last Friday, “it’s my team that’s at the table. We are steeped in this stuff day in, day out.” Leave it to the experts.

This is why Obama wasn’t the least bit serious during the State of the Union when he said he wanted to involve Congress in his business.

So butt out, Congress, Okay? You, and the people you represent, don’t get it. I mean, please, be sensible.

But the people do know what they’re talking about. They need only to choose among the wizards, or ignore them altogether. Because they can click their own heels all by themselves, and go back home, to Kansas.

35 thoughts on “The Tyranny of the Experts”

  1. Reduced to its simplest terms , this is a tribal thing . The left liberal elite , this tribe , has many smaller subgroups but in the end it is just a tribe. Like the great apes in their territories in the trees of the jungle this tribe protects its own . The leftliberal tribe has a journalist subgroup , a professor subgroup , a political subgroup etc . They all go to the same schools , live in the same zip codes , read/ listen to the same ‘news’ and think and act the way everyone in the tribe thinks and acts . Anyone who disagrees with the tribe is an enemy and if taken seriously i.e. not simply derided and ignored , they are attacked like the great apes defend their space and attack intruders . So dismiss the sociolgists and political science wonks and watch the apes out in the jungle , take care of each other and kill the intruder .

    1. Thus, the great writer David Mamet a couple of years ago noted that in his first six decades on earth, conservatives were a foreign species.

      Obama (when he finally dropped W as a foil), has been hammering a mixed Congress for years. Now that the GOP controls both houses, “Congress” will be a slur.

      Obama’s arrogance may track back to his part time gig as a “constitutional law prof”, wherein he was paid to lecture people far more intelligent and talented than he is.

      1. Congress will be a slur if they allow themselves to be.
        They need to stand up to Barry and show him who he really is.
        I know that is a tall order for the spineless parasites that hallow the halls of the capitol building, but that is what we elected them to do.
        Time to get to it.

    2. I can diagnose that Jaytrain’s comment: PROJECTION: a defense mechanism that involves taking one’s own undesirable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. For example, if you have a strong dislike for someone, you might instead believe that he or she does not like you. Projection works by allowing the expression of the desire or impulse, but in a way that the ego cannot recognize, therefore reducing cognitive dissonance and anxiety.

  2. Excellent Keith! One of the problems, is that a lot of citizens have no fear, of the unknown. I did not experience the drop to the floor in school.
    However my parents, relatives told me about it. My mother n law was just discussing that with me the other day. My point you do not fear what you don’t know, or know about. Wake up America.

  3. Someone once said, there’s two ways to be fooled….believe an untruth or not believe the truth. The progressive uses both techniques on their followers. The SOTUS was one the greatest combinations of these two options ever presented . One after another in alternating rapid fire….the man has not a smidgeon of guilt in his sophistry. He reminds me, with every spoken word he utters, of the movie Catch Me If You Can. Evidently, we can’t or don’t want to….. that would make us racist. Seems honesty is no longer an issue.

  4. This article begs the question,…..
    Are two people that don’t know what they are talking about more or less intelligent than one person who doesn’t know what they are talking about ?

  5. He truly becomes for open in his intent to solely rule, every time he opens his mouth. The next two years will reveal whether he indeed has any plans to relinquish office in 2016 or whether he plans to claim a third (indefinite) term by his own acclimation. After all, who will stop him?

    1. We just elected a congress to stop him.
      If they fail to do so they should be voted out of office.
      His veto threats are an indication of his arrogance in the face of the Constitution, and congress can’t afford to pussy foot around with this man.

      We don’t have what I would call a conservative leadership in either chamber, rather, both current leaders actively worked to suppress the conservatives from making inroads in the primaries.

      They need to get off their collective butts and get the ball rolling.
      None of this try crap.
      Yoda in Star Wars,….”There is no try,….do.”

    2. This is the last chance for Congress to retain its power. So far, they are off to a slow start. They do not see this as an urgent matter confronting our nation, our liberty and our security.

      1. I agree Grace.
        It appears that their priorities are screwed up, and the sense of urgency is lacking.
        In my browsing this morning I saw where the White House is still stonewalling information requested by the house on the Benghazi incident.
        It doesn’t appear that much has changed.
        Just look at the time that has expired from the first attempts to procure these documents.

        Congress was designed to be slow and methodical by the Founders for a reason,….but this is ridiculous.

        People will tell you to call your congressman.
        Why should we have to remind them of the job that they are supposed to be doing when many of them have been there for decades ?

        Problem is we have to wait for 2 more years to fire them if they foul up.

          1. Grace I do agree. If he meant no harm to this nation. He would address the issue that a great number of citizens feel this way. The idea of impeachment has been brushed under the rug. The advisors all need to be fire. People at this site I would trust more. With the intelligence, experience, respect for our nation.

  6. I read today that the IRS just hired the same technology firm that gave us Obamacare. This is the firm that Mooch’s friend heads up, along with Jarrett’s son in law..
    “Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice….etc.
    At least give O and his cabal credit for chutzpah.

      1. Yeah — don’t hold your breath waiting for oversight or the power of the purse from this Congress. This is just going to be a slow death– look at the abortion bill debacle and then go to Legal Insurrection of NRO and check out that immigration bill.

  7. For how many centuries, do the so-called Marxist experts have to fail before they realize that the real experts are the American people. History and the world is replete with their failure, and the success of the U.S. Constitution is irrefutable. Are these “experts” incapable of learning?

    Fantastic essay Keith!

    1. They are not incapable of learning Jeff1000.
      They are incapable of listening, or paying attention.
      The progressives never give up.
      Reagan once said that the loss of liberty is only one generation away.
      As these cycles come and go to those of us that do pay attention, Reagan was right.

  8. I’m a conservative, and made the Varsity. Isis is the jay-vee and Obama’s squad; well didn’t make the cut for the freshmen team!

  9. Libs and Dims are adios or hiding, afraid to confront the cult. The US is being attacked by groups that are OPENLY 60’s marxists, globalists like the Democracy Alliance/soros and radical islamics like the brotherhood. Maybe foreign influence since someone paid for a lot of college. Maybe Obama is preparing to join gore at Davos and make hundreds of millions distributing USA wealth to protect polar bears. Progressives say we did not build it anyway, send in your IRAs before they herd you into govt housing in urban centers.

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