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The Obama Morning News || January 23, 2014

A visa to kill . . . The Obama administration may be falling behind in efforts to stop foreign fighters getting into the United States to commit terrorist acts, say Republicans leaders probing visa laws and the tracking of potential attackers. Concern is growing on Capitol Hill that the Obama administration has not laid out a concrete plan or kept Congress informed about whether loopholes are being closed in a visa waiver program and whether it is still too easy for jihadis to enter and leave the United States. Washington Examiner

Agencies Stonewalling Benghazi panel . . . Some federal agencies continue to stonewall when it comes to the ongoing investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attacks, according to insiders familiar with the process. They say the House Benghazi Select Committee isn’t getting access to all relevant documents and witnesses.

Yemen chaos threatens counterterrorism efforts . . . The White House’s strategy for fighting al-Qaeda in Yemen — repeatedly presented as a model by President Obama — was left in tatters Thursday by the resignation of the manwho personally approved U.S. drone strikes in the country and the collapse of its central government. Washington Post

Krauthammer: Yemen “huge geopolitical gain for Iran . . . “What comes after, for us, is bad news,” the syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor said. “This is a country that Obama touted as a great success. It all hinged on the government, now destroyed and deposed.” Fox News

Rubio order advisors to get ready . . . Sen. Marco Rubio has begun taking concrete steps toward launching a presidential bid, asking his top advisors to prepare for a campaign, signing on a leading Republican fundraiser, and planning extensive travel to early-voting states in the coming weeks, ABC News has learned.

The battle for Iowa begins . . . More than a half-dozen likely candidates are gathering in Des Moines on Saturday to woo conservative activists and hone campaign messages just over a year away from Iowa’s Feb. 1, 2016 caucuses. The Hill

8 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 23, 2014

  1. A visa to kill. This is a sentence, a point/fact that should be stated daily by all the msm. That is a question/topic that should have been asked, at that circus interview yesterday. If I were invited to ask a question of him/ and was denied the chance to bring that topic up, I would have walked out. Oh, Also the WH Press as well should ask that everyday! What is being done to stop them from re-entering the U.S.?

  2. Rubio blew it on Immigration. That not withstanding, looking at the mess that this boy king with a bathtub full of fruit is cool mentality is creating — Rubio does not have the experience, the depth or the practical experience to begin a course of correction and healing and strength that we so desperately need.

    • I would like to see an ex General or Admiral run for president.
      Not likely, but they would balance the field as per experience.
      Many of them are still young enough to do it.
      There are many Lt.Cols. and Colonels out there that are far more qualified to run this Country than Obama is.

      Wouldn’t it be nice to have a veteran in the oval office again instead of a politician ?

      You know,… that has served the Country and still adheres to the oath that they took to do so.

      • Almost all of todays Gens/Adms are weak-willed political hacks. Look at the mess that is todays Navy…all because of the past few CNOs and the politcal hack Admirals running various programs (LCS, F-35, optimal crew manning, etc.)
        Todays Navy has more friggin Admirals than warships!

      • I do not appreciate the personel in military positons that he has, and does ignore. This is another issue that gets brushed aside in coversation on the msm, untill the next terrible thing that may happen.
        Speaking of terrible things. On Fox Shep just mentioned that ISIS tweeted they killed the two Japenese men.