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King Abdullah “Could not Stand President Obama”

Uh oh. Somebody got the wrong idea about a friendship they were having.

That would be President Obama, who said, as part of an obsequious statement lamenting the passing of Saudi Arabian King Abdullah, “As our countries worked together to confront many challenges, I always valued King Abdullah’s perspective and appreciated our genuine and warm friendship.”

According to Richard Engel of NBC News, Abdullah’s feelings were not warm, and if they seemed that way to Obama, they were not genuine.

You see, unlike Obama, who thinks other world leaders like him because they dig Obama, Abdullah understood that friendships between leaders are based on what they can do for each other’s countries. And for Abdullah, where Obama was concerned, that wasn’t much.

Said Engel:

The king could not stand President Obama because the president was supportive of the Arab spring, because the president did not support Hosni Mubarak in Egypt – in fact turned his back on Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

Obama has made an utter mess of the Middle East. He focused on withdrawing the United States from the region, supporting “protestors” – no matter who the protestors actually were – and focused on helping John Kerry get a Nobel Peace Prize by making peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Meanwhile, the whole place fell to pieces.

And that had much more of an effect on Abdullah than the aura of Obama.

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  1. Obama lacks a good relationship with world leaders, domestic leaders and lawmakers, and the American people. One man, one party, one rule. And,of yeah, Valerie. Nobody voted for her.

    1. I just read on Fox that Obama is cutting short his “parade” trip to India and will go to Saudi Arabia to meet with the new king…..I wonder if he had an invitation or invited himself.
      The comment from the White House that Netanyahu will “pay a price” because he “spat in our face by coming to Congress” …remember we have “two more years in office” is not just petty. It is threatening….from a man who is sworn by the constitution to protect the US?
      Never forget that Valerie was born in Iran and is on their side.

      1. The issue of where she is from I learned from WHD. I cannot recall that being mention on msm. I’m sure it was some time ago, but does not get mentioned. If it does, I miss it every time.

    2. Obama is an agent of evil. He represents the AlThani ‘s (Qatar), Erdogan and Iran. Obama created the Arab Spring which should have been called the Muslim Winter–run by the Muslim Brotherhood and their worldwide Drugde and human trafficking Cartels—see unprecedented number of flights into Qatar by Qatar airlines–in a country of 280 thousand–Obama is an evil gay poseur–those in our government who have refused to demand a legal birth certificate are complicit.

  2. Richard Engel’s MSNBC report is hilarious when put next to his piece on head honcho Brian Williams’ “NBC Nightly News” broadcast.

    The MSNBC report is pretty hard hitting on Obama, particularly for an NBC report. On Williams’ show, Engel has toned it down quite a bit, conceding only that the king “didn’t trust” Obama.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Williams was heard to say, “Don’t worry, Mr. President, you can count on me. I’ve got your back, as always”.

  3. Obama is a delusional narcissist. We’re six years into this presidency. Everything this administration churns out is done to protect one man from the reality of himself. That’s just sick. We are no better than the DPRK. We allow this to continue, by choice.

  4. What a breath of fresh air! A veteran war correspondent who has no qualms about reporting the ugly truth about Obama and his contemptuous relationship with one of our two allies in the ME. (Three allies if you count Jordan).

    Would love to know what really happened last March when a hastily arranged overnight trip to the King’s desert ‘palace’ in Riyadt forced Obama to travel directly from his visit with the Pope at the Vatican to meet face-to-face with Abdullah.

    The mtg was cloaked in secrecy. Obama made a hasty retreat after only two hours. A sumptuous feast was prepared but it appeared that Obama was on his way home before the first course was served.
    What really happened? One can only speculate that Abdullah gave Obama a piece of his mind on Iran and Obama picked up his toys and walked away.

    One year later, the ME is in flames. The blame lies solely at the feet of the scrawny, puny megalomaniac who divides his time between You Tube gigs and campaign trips. It’s time to put padlocks on the doors at the WhiteHouse! Maybe while he’s in India? It’s worth a try!

    1. Well said Girly, I would really like to know more about that meeting too. And thanks to Keith for delivering this little piece of news, interesting with honest reports in a channel like NBC. My guess is that Abdullahs opinion Of Obama is in line with the general opinion out there, worldwide : a weak, easily subdued, untrustworthy, vain and endlessly talking person. Also noticed that his SOTU-speech had very low viewings. Lowest since Clintons last SOTU. Voters are sobering up.

      1. Yes Iran and the other terrorists just love him. They probably sit down with a bag of popcorn every time he gets in front of the cameras.

    2. His Majesty King Abdullah was given the news that he had six months to live, due to lung cancer. America owes so very much to the King and being our true friend, he gracefully attempted to enlighten Mr.O. The results speak for themselves.

      1. I wonder how low obama can bow to this new king.

        I bet the new king is just as disgusted with obama as the old one was.

        What a joke that suddenly o and the ms are headed over there. i was really looking forward to crazy Uncle Joe make some fun comments about women drivers, that sort of thing.

  5. Good for Richard Engel! I am sure he will be pushed out the door for his honest reporting. Maybe, there is an opportunity to create RNN or Real News Network with all the reporters who were honest journalist whose career has been decimated because they spoke the truth against Obama and Clinton. I left Bush out intentionally. GW took a beating by so called journalist and pundits. Yet, he never retaliated.

    By the end of this administration, there is no doubt in my mind President Obama will have achieved a unified Middle East including the Israelis. Unfortunately, that unification will be in there hatred of the U.S. The fact
    is we are pretty much there. I hope our long term allies will remember the overall relationship vs the past 6 years.

    President Obama has certainly proved it is lonely at the top. For the next 726 days, he is going to be the loneliest person in the world. I hope our long term allies will return after this administration is done.

    At this point, I can’t think of a country whose relationship with the U.S. has improved with Obama as President.

    1. Remember, this is the President who gave us the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter, so his own country is a mess too. Even the Democrats are getting cranky with him. Good.

      BO’s legacy will be the most divisive President ever, here and abroad.

    2. I hope our long-term allies have learned a lesson. It was not just the American LIV who supported that man. It was the WORLD. The entire world basically told us “You’re stupid and racist if you don’t elect him.”

  6. That’s Obama for ya.’
    He goes about crapping in everybody’s sandbox like the dog he is and then runs off grinning and saying “ain’t I great, ya’ know ya’ love me.”

  7. When Obama bowed to King Abdullah, he showed weakness. No one trusts or respects anyone who projects weakness, especially in the Middle East.

    1. It might have been worse than that. In that setting, in the Muslim culture, in the Middle East, for Obama, the chief executive of one country, to have bowed like that to the leader of another country is interpreted as an act of submission, of surrender. That’s why people were talking so much about it at the time. Notice the King didn’t return the bow. It was a one-way bowing gesture. Obama owes a lot to the Saudis for their help in his younger years, but not submission.

      And to think after all that bowing and scraping, the King didn’t like Obama, could see right through him. That makes my day. Frauds are easy to spot if you know what to look for.

      1. Didn’t he say he ‘stood with the Ayatollah’ during the Arab Spring? He should have been frog-marched out of the WH and put in handcuffs. This was all predictable.


    What more does it take to show where lie the sympathies of the Obama Administration? The continued release of hardened terrorists from Gitmo says it all. With its many other scandals and its tragic open border policies, which are unconstitutional, Congress must act to preserve and protect the country by initiating impeachment proceedings.

    James A. Lyons, U.S. Navy retired Admiral, was commander-in-chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations.

    1. For the low-info citizens, the only tactic left that might wake them up as to who this character in the WH is really all about is require everybody who works in the WH to wear, “I am an enemy of America” sign around their necks.

  9. There is a Salon article from 2006(?), where one of their reporters visited Cairo and clucked about an *amazing* group of activists that were “tirelessly organizing for change” in Egypt. It was wall-to-wall AFL-CIO, MoveON, Code Pink, etc… all the usual suspects. The arab spring was a complete leftwing astroturf operation. Which is hardly any surprise, since we have a community organizer alinskyite in charge.

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  11. Everything about Pres. Obama is a lie!
    From his true name, place of birth, his real “faith” to his “marriage” to Michele! The guy is a pathological liar, worse than Bill Clinton.
    He deceives the public from his true intentions and he follows NO laws. If he doesn’t like a law, he changes it by waving his magic wand and decreeing his wishes, then having them enforced by his GESTAPO!

  12. Politics is politics. Nobody can stand any U.S. president. As long as any president strives to have good relationships with neighboring nations, that’s what matters most. And always think positive too. :-)

    1. Well, I suppose Barry has a good relationship with Mexico. Canada, not so much. And while all Presidents have had their detractors, none has been so disliked, and such an utter failure, as Barry.

  13. A taxpayer like yourself

    Engel understates it badly, not only did Obama not support Mubarak, which one might understand, but Obama *did* support the MB, a moronic move and one which deeply scares and offends the Saudis.

  14. Wait! Wait!! WAIT!!! Is Abdullah, RIP, the king to whom Obama bowed when he made his first grand tour after his first inauguration? Oh, my. What ingratitude. Obama shows his phony acknowledgment of royalty, bows and scrapes, or kowtows, show subservience, and THIS is what he gets? “Abdullah could not stand Obama.” Oh, my.

    This dislike of Obama makes one wonder how many other presidents, kings, prime ministers have the same attitude towards Obama. I would like to bet that the great, great majority of them, if they do not dislike Obama, then they cannot respect him, because of the wh0re they see in him, because of his arrogance piled on his naivete and lack of experience. They know he is a flim flam, a weak sister, a buffoon, a clown, a bumbler. But we will soon be rid of Obama–the sooner, the better, and then we will disinfect the White House, clean up his messes–not easy, and return to being the most exceptional and greatest nation in the history of man.

  15. Ah, you’ve got it, Keith. The One thinks that everyone just wants to be like him SO much.

    President Adolescent.

    Wasn’t it the King of Saudi Arabia to whom Obama first bowed? I always wondered if that was a bow of gratitude for illegal campaign contributions.

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