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Joshing in Earnest

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest came to the briefing room today equipped with a bit of wit. Not bad.

Notice he kind of jumped the shark by taking it too far. But that’s okay. It was a good play. Penalty declined.

14 thoughts on “Joshing in Earnest”

  1. Oh boy.
    A shady used-car salesman from Fredo’s Cheapo Car Emporium could do MrEarnest’s job.
    However, I would pay good money to see MrE sacked by one of the opposing team.

  2. OT but very disturbing. An illegal alien, convicted felon, was turned loose to walk our streets by the Obama admin. Two weeks ago he was ordered by the court to stay away from the QT gas station. As a felon he was prohibited to possess weapons. Why should we expect him to obey any laws when he already committed a crime just by entering our country illegally? Now, add murder to his resume and heartbreak to an innocent young man’s family – over a pack of cigarettes! It’s outrageous that Obama refuses to deport these dangerous illegals. He and Holder should be prosecuted as accessories to murder IMHO.

  3. Yesterday I remarked on the site’s “new look” and the improved “reply” button which appeared on the “laughing stock” thread.

    The background was entirely different, a modernist melange of orange and brown. Under the comments was a red “reply” arrow, and it looked as if the replies would actually appear below the parent comment. Keith mysteriously mentioned upcoming changes to the site a few days ago, so I assumed those were the changes.

    Seriously, I did see this! And I wasn’t even stoned at the time, I don’t think.

    Mr. Koffler, was I hallucinating?

  4. What?…Wait?….Is that a wire on his forehead, a clump of stray hair….or something from THE MATRIX? Personally I think it makes him look a shape shifting Agent Smith. Be afraid…be very afraid.

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