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White House Officially Declared Laughingstock

Updated at 10:35 pm ET.

The White House Thursday was officially declared a “Laughingstock” and will be demolished by the Department of Interior within a month, officials said today.

The proximate cause of the declaration was the White House decision to take the presidency to a brand new low, inviting in three absurdly unqualified and generally ridiculous people to interview the president of the United States.

In what the White House no doubt concluded was a brilliant stunt that would allow President Obama to widely distribute his message unimpeded by tough questions and annoying follow ups, Obama aides enlisted three people who have built a large following on YouTube – that should have disqualified them right there – to grill the president

The first, a young man who wore a tie but forgot his blazer at home, ended his session by thanking the president for Obamacare and asking for his autograph.

The second, a woman with green lipstick, prefaced a question about Cuba by noting Castro had “put the ‘dick’ in ‘dictatorship'” and then went on to accidentally refer to the first lady as “your first wife” before giving Obama sticks of green lipstick for Mrs. Obama and his daughters.

The final interrogator was a woman of 19 who acknowledged she’d never really cared about politics until this very moment, punctuated Obama’s answers with comments like “awesome,” “amazing,” and “I completely agree,” asked him what his favorite super power would be – it’s flying – and wanted to know what he could do to expand internet access . . . in China.

Even Obama seemed at one point to recognize the catastrophe that was unfolding, responding to the 19-year old’s observation that he is “a busy man” by noting, “yes, I am,” with the distinct suggestion that he needed to get going right away.

The three naturally concluded the entire surrealistic episode by taking a group selfie with the president, and then no doubt booted up their iPads and went back into cyberspace where they came from.

Here’s a preview that was filed yesterday by an incredulous Jake Tapper of CNN, who was previously a White House reporter for ABC.

UPDATE: Here’s the rerun. I don’t advise watching, it could cause serious psychological damage. Please, this is my job, I’ve watched it for you. You have to let a professional handle this.

76 thoughts on “White House Officially Declared Laughingstock”

  1. If these are the future communicators of America (and all their millions of followers) Obama and the socialist progressives strands running throughout our culture have damaged this country beyond repair.

    We are easy pickings.

    1. Grace, Today I asked a man around 20-23 years old for the time. He was wearing an nice analog watch. He glanced at it, telling me he hadn’t yet mastered how to read it! Instead, he pulled his phone out of his pocket for the digital display. I looked down at his feet, relieved to find that he knew how to tie his laces. This guy votes! Good God, we are in deep crap.

  2. These are the very people he appeals to. Dumb folks with no brain. He is very little smarter, while Val Jar runs the country. He reads the teleprompter and tells himself he is the smartest narcissist in the room.

    Mean while the GOP recycles the losers for another lost cause. Despite all this the country tries to keep going. More beer please.

  3. so I take it you were not “pleasantly” surprised, as you wrote earlier, right Keith?

    this sounds like a debacle to us, but trust me: any minute now, MSNBC will be explaining how Obama has just sewn up the youth vote for Hillary with this brilliant tactic.

  4. Yes, Obama’s balls are deflated (Okay? Okay. I’m A GloZel fan) /snork/ or else he would have interviewed this young lady, a YouTube Star in her own right…..

    Not sure the timing of this Circus Act with the Netanyahu snub/protocol?/elections? will play well with …. oh wait, the Omedia and OLowInfos…….nevermind.

    1. And NY and the market respond.

      And Yemen — transitioning.

      Also OT — the whole DAVOS thing gets creepier and creepier with each passing year.

      1. grace, the annual DAVOS trek has been creepy from the get go.
        Keeping track of the ECB (quelle surprise, they’ll pump $50 billion into Europe’s version of a federal bank until December…?) along with the political shenanigans here, there, and Argentina, etc. is a full-time job.

  5. While I was surprised at the WH’s choice of people to interview Obama, these people really are making money through YouTube videos. So, Obama who told people “You didn’t build that” actually did not see the hypocrisy in being interviewed by people who really did build their YouTube careers, such as they are. If Bethany Mota is pulling in about $40,000 per month, GloZell and the Vlog brothers must be doing quite well also.

  6. I think WHD can get more than 500 posts a day/per post? if his server backs off these silly error messages? I get them all the time,so i leave for a day or two. Maybe more when I’m in moderation ????

    Sorry, just had to blow off some steam. Be back tomorrow….

    1. I get server messages all the time — when I try to get the feed, and after every comment. I wonder where they go — the comments — before I click try again and they appear here.

      But, for the moment, the “price” I am willing to pay to read Keith and these comments.

    2. I ALWAYS get “Content Encoding error”. I Just click “Try Again” and it posts. Unless I go to Mod Jail. Then I’m always glad I carry my Swiss Army Knife, a Liter or Stoli and a bag of corn chips. And lately I’ve taken to including a pillow and a blankie!

      1. Aarggh! I get that one all the time:

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        I just got it with my last comment and then when I hit Try Again, it says my comment is in moderation.

  7. Is there a link to the actual ‘interview’?

    Yesterday, one of the MOTUS commenters wrote about how much rehearsal – weeks and weeks – it took for Obama to get his Al Green schtick down pat. Heard he was even taking voice lessons.

    Now that he is out of the closet, it wouldn’t surprise me if he has been spending the last six years preparing for his next career -show biz…while Valjar continues to run the country. His full-time job, campaigning, is just an excuse to get on the stage and put on an act. He just loves the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint! Every day out on the stage is just another audition for him.
    The SOTU was ALL an act!!! Ralph Bellamy and that other fellow who played Nixon….he’s not!

    1. Next stop? The X-Factor!

      Simon Cowell: “It says here, Barry, that you were once President of the United States. Can you tell us one accomplishment you achieved when you had that job?”

      Barry: “Well, Simon, I was on You Tube once.”

  8. If it wasn’t bad enough he came to my state to mess up my KU basketball
    mood the media kept saying how ‘red’ Kansas was but they did give it the
    nickname ‘Berkley of Kansas’ so perhaps that was the red reference. Gave me a migraine then the 3 Stooges and I think most of us would like to find the witness/citizen protection folks. God give me strength.

        1. Just remind them; Harry Truman, Kansan, Democrat, Liberal, ATOM BOMB. You can be as liberal as you want, but sooner or later you have to deal with reality, which, generally speaking, has nothing to do with liberalism!

          1. Well Harry Truman was a Missouri boy but we do claim Ike
            as our guy. So I’d have to say between Harry with the use
            of Fat Man and Little Boy and Ike Supreme Allied Commander we’ve got a grasp of reality.

    1. Still have a family farm on the southern border. So sad to see what the once great institution of KU has become. Remember those Presidential election maps? Kansas all read except for Douglas (KU, Lawrence area) and Wyandotte (heavy urban, KC Kansas)? That says all you need to know about Kansas values and hard work vs liberal academia and the “free stuff” crowd.
      And Happy Kansas Day 6 days early! lol

    2. Though I currently live in Missouri, I will always be a Kansan at heart. I grew up in Louisburg, Kansas. From age four until age 29. Thankfully, that area (Miami county) is still very red and likely to stay that way for a long time. I actually attended church with Harry Truman’s two nephews. The Truman family are absolutely wonderful! Full of people of high integrity.

      I feel for you. I, too, weep as I watch what Kansas is slipping toward.

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  10. I’d bet the usual “kids or grown ups” who watch these You Tube stars on a daily basis could not even name one Supreme Court Justice (But they know who Judge Judy is) or even know we have three branches of the federal government or even name the Vice President. The USA is producing a clueless society.

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  12. Pathetic joke– Obama is a brain damaged clown– a post turtle- puke worthy embarrassment — corrupt IslamoNazi–


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  14. what do you expect? Hash tag diplomacy. James Taylor in Paris. The man child is dangerously delusional and should be removed from the grounds of 1600 Chicago Way. Preferably by what’s left of the US military.

  15. I am horrified beyond words.
    Well, I can think of a few words, in the form of a question.
    Does BHO and Michelle allow their two daughters to watch that clap trap that their father now appears on?
    Lower than low.

  16. The president’s habit of detaching from what is actually happening—of declaring in fact that the opposite is happening—is a marvel to behold. History will speak of it.”

    Peggy: This is called delusional thinking.

    “He has spent the past six years blaming Republicans when he wasn’t ignoring or dissing them, and despite some nice touches in the speech, his essential disrespect for his political adversaries shone through.”

    Blaming others is typical of narcissist arrogance. It doesn’t matter that Mr Reid controlled the senate and obstructed most bills passed by the republicans in the house.

    These quotes are proof, we are dealing with a childish delusional arrogant narcissist who has no integrity, honor or respect for others. He has disgraced and soiled the office of the president.

  17. Did anyone, anyone at all, get fired or at the very least, reprimanded for this juvenile piece of nonsense? And while I’m on the subject of nonsense, how does POTUS have 45 spare minutes in his busy schedule to take part in this sort of thing? Perhaps he got up early (before 9 am) that day in order to take part in this important project.
    Somebody tell me this is a sick joke.

  18. The mask is slipping…this is Obama an unserious clown. The choom-boy turned President. A media creation funded by foreigners and Soros…His centerpiece legislation, ACA, is an international joke…Let’s hope he does more of this and stays out of Washington. He should do like Clinton and go on World tours for the rest of his time.

  19. It makes sense – he wanted three people who would make him seem like a genius on the other side of the interview…and the video will keep low information voters entertained and forgetting about the other things in the news…like the stinky economy, the lack of good jobs, the middle east mess, etc.

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