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Was Obama’s “Spontaneous” Quip Actually Premeditated?

President Obama’s State of the Union quip toward Republicans about winning both his campaigns has gone viral, and in fact may be the only thing anyone remembers about the speech. Which leads me to wonder: “Did he plan it?”

As you’re probably aware, Obama, supposedly with complete innocence, mentioned, “I have no more campaigns to run,” a statement that was greeted with mocking Republican applause. To which he lodged the famous response, “I know, because I won both of them.”

The White House has said the moment was “spontaneous,” but I don’t know. This one was the equivalent of a boxer dropping his right and requesting a left hook. Which doesn’t really happen.

The White House has prepared for many addresses to Congress. They know their audience. I would think there would be some expectation that a comment to the effect of, You won’t have me around here pretty soon, would elicit some kind of reaction from Republicans.

And BTW, it was pretty good, I thought. I’m really not of the camp that thinks his remark belies a willingness to work with Republicans. It was just a little fun. Possibly pre-planned fun.

Not that I think he wants to work with Republicans.

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    • I tend to agree.
      I remember a comment he made to John McCain in a meeting soon after he was elected the first time.
      Paraphrasing here,….The election is over John, and I won.

      I want to see this congress drag him over the coals on his socialistic policies.
      If they do, we’re going to see not only a thin skinned POTUS, but also but a man that is not afraid to go after anybody who confronts him or his agenda.

  1. Baked in or spontaneous –inappropriate for SOTU — but then all of his SOTUs have been full of lies and jabs. Clearly for Obama the Republicans are the true enemy — radical islamist terrorists — Iran — not so much. The only thing Obama defends and protects is himself .

  2. Curious, indeed. The Repubs stood in respect for the Pres, even applauded as he entered the chamber. Didn’t utter any ‘shoutouts’ when MrO made the most egregious or outright lies about his so-called accomplishments, but then applauds a throw-away line that allows MrO to make a stinging comeback.
    Men and women so savvy, so politically acute that they could defeat primary and general election opponents to win a seat in Congress, but so naive they step up to be the straight-men to MrO’s zinger.
    Curious, nah.

  3. Likely much more spontaneous than those short speeches given in response to last minute questions on Skip Gates, Trayvon Martin, and Ferguson.

  4. OF COURSE it was planned…this was his way of saying “take your 2014 election wins and shove it”…or words to that effect. He has disregarded the American people (except for some of his base) for 6 yrs and will continue to do so for the next 2 longggg years. He is who he is – a mean-spirited bully.

  5. I say it was planned. He’s not bright enough to think that quickly on his feet without several “aaahs”.

    We should do a slo-mo review – I bet his eyes are on the TOTUS.

    • I agree…planned. Not only that, but rehearsed for timing, it was just too smooth for Obama, especially for a speech that would be carefully scrutinized and picked apart.

      Yeah, I can see him mulling this over with his speechwriters, how can we remind those stupid Republicans I’m THE MAN ! ? It’s how he rolls.

      • I agree. I believe I mentioned him standing in front of the mirror the other day. Same here. For several hours, plus the cigarette, he practiced. I feel if he would have thought of it, at that moment, he would have put his foot in his mouth. He does have to control himself talking off cuff, he may slip and reveal something.

  6. GOP could get back at him by asking why he is still flying around to every state giving speeches if he really thinks he has “no more campaigns to run”.

    • I’m thinking a simple Youtube video of him repeating this over and over with all his “stops” since 2012 scrolling through like a concert tour.

    • Obama is now using taxpayer money to fly around and raise money for the DemocRat party — most of which, like former Obama sycophants — will end up in the Clinton war chest.

      A close look at the expense reports for these trips will reveal very little contribution by the DNC and Obama’s take off the top.

  7. Yes, it was planned.

    Reports indicated the cheering outburst started in the First Lady’s area of the gallery when he said “no more campaigns.”

    She lit the fuse with reasonable expectation a Bronx Cheer would come from the 57% of the room that is sane.

    I viewed Obama, however, exactly how I viewed crableg-stealing Jameis Winston, who once won a big award and National Championship, but who had just fallen on his ass and fumbled the ball backwards where it was scooped and run back for a TD as part of a decisive rout this year.

    Jameis Winston said the game was close and could have gone either way. Obama said his policies were on the ballot and then denied the scoreboard.

    A lot of parallels between Jameis Winston and Barack Obama. Their boosters overlook a whole lot…..

    • Jameis Winston & Barack Hussein Obama = both arrogant criminals who are allowed to get away with their B.S. because no one will call them out.

  8. It has come to light that the Spanish Language translation of the republican rebuttal delivered by Joni Ernst was modified to make Obama look good.
    This disgusting administration will stop at nothing to denigrate anyone that speaks out against them.
    Joni did not attack Obama’s SOTU.
    She did a good job in presenting what the GOP is determined to do.
    Whether they accomplish the task of stopping Obama is yet to be seen.