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Obama Will Not Meet with Netanyahu

President Obama will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when Netanyahu travels to the United States to address Congress about Iran and other matters, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The White House, which was not consulted about the invitation to address Congress and which has said it was a “breach of protocol,” claimed there would be no meeting because Netanyahu has an election coming up soon.

“As a matter of long-standing practice and principle, we do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections, so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country,” Bernadette Meehan, spokesperson for the National Security Council, said in an e-mail to the Post.

The speech to Congress is scheduled for March 3. The Israeli elections are set for the middle of the month.

According to the Post, Netanyahu formally accepted the invitation Thursday to address Congress, but he decided to do so as part of a previously scheduled trip to speak to AIPAC rather than making a special visit in mid-February.

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  1. I don’t think Bibi will cry about this. Plus, he will have a much better meal with the Congresscritters and will be treated much better than when he last visited the WH under the current POtuS!

  2. Will the Dems attend the joint session when Bibi speaks ? If they do, will they be respectful ?

    I’m sure with little effort we can find some overseas trips with leaders before Obama’s elections? So I’m not buying that “influencing” concern.

    1. Yep, I don’t remember if he saw any VIP’s on his pre election journey throughout Europe? He sure was sucking up the limelight.

    2. Thanks for clarifying that DeniseVB, after I read the article I was trying to think if that is a fact regarding leaders up for election.
      The put icing on just about every excuse they throw out.
      By the way: I just heard announced that Yemen’t President resigned. Than Fox said that the State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that the U.S. is assessing and seeking confirmation of the report.

  3. So Obama thinks an appearance with BiBi could actually have an effect on the elections in Israel? Man, that IS arrogance.
    After the public disdain that our Sh*the@d-in-Chief has shown to the Israeli leader, and towards Israel in general, I don’t think he has to worry about his influence on them.

    1. Little 0 wouldn’t last an hour in the Israeli army boot camp.
      Affect Mr. N?
      No way would this laughing stock CIC sway any Israeli any time.

      1. “Barack Hussein Obama” (if anyone in the MSM or “White House press corps” did a background check on him) could not even enlist in the US Military (birth place/life story/drug use/education/security clearance)…much less survive Israeli Defense Force bootcamp.

        1. Sickening isn’t it ?
          The CIC who has a 15% approval rating among the troops wields the power to manipulate the strongest military force on the earth.

      2. I loved his SOTU remark about hiring a vet first. “They will get the job done” (or words to that effect). Why in the hell didn’t America “hire a vet” two times. McCain was a vet. No, they voted for “free stuff”. I sure hope America thinks before voting in 2016.

      1. Kerry was probably told to abscond from the meeting by the one.
        FOX News just reported that Bibi has accepted the invitation of the congress.

      2. Stupid Kerry. He thinks he is indebted to the lazy Obama or he is also anti-semitic — he probably is because there is no reason for Kerry to do that. Protocol? I think not, Obama wants to get BiBi out and the Syrian President out — for no reason in either case, just hateful stupidity. After his “presidency” Obama better get the hell out of dodge. He won’t last to the age of 65, the rate he is going with the enemies he is making and that includes his friends the muslims, they would love to get him.

  4. Any excuse to disrespect Israel will do, eh, Hopey? Especially when it’s a twofer and you get to put your hand in Congress’ face…

    Mr. Netanyahu doesn’t need Obama. Our American Idol pales in comparison to the Lord who led Israel from bondage. Which, I’m sure, is ANOTHER sore spot for our pretended Messiah…

      1. Yeah right, x 3 — he had no problem meeting with Cameron. Words can’t describe the constant war against his own country America and our best and only real ally in the middle east? He really should be impeached. Republicans are so unbelievably cowardly not to do so. They don’t care about us either or Israel if they let this “President” continue the war against his own country that he is supposed to protecting and governing?

  5. Counting the days…our President is a disaster. His SOTU was just a pile of fodder to further divide us. Please wake me from this nightmare.

  6. March — Enough time for Obama to do “something” ( deal, EO, EM,MOU Memo of Understanding, pick up the phone) to encourage and strengthen Iran and screw Bibi and Congress.

  7. Imagine this . . . Obama is an off duty policeman or firefighter and while driving in his Chevy Volt, comes upon a serious accident.

    He decides not to stop and help because the correct protocol is to be on duty and be dispatched to the accident.

    1. “Barack Hussein Obama” could never pass a back-ground check to be a policeman or firefighter.
      (…besides the fact Obama is a skinny, weak bastard…)

  8. Of course O won’t meet with him. O can’t stand being in the same room with someone smarter, stronger, and more principled in character and substance.
    That’s why the only venue he goes to anymore are college and high school auditoriums and the occasional foreign conference where he can act smug.
    I’d vote for Bibi for U.S. Pres in a heartbeat, he has more understanding of freedom and liberty in his little finger than Obama has in his entire choom mushed brain.

    1. X2
      Barry is extremely uncomfortable in the presence of real leaders.
      Bullies tend to back down when confronted with individuals that see through his childish antics.
      He realizes that he is outclassed and therefore removes himself from the situation by denigrating the individual or the organization that would expose him for what he is.

      1. Thus…Obama will not deal with the media…
        re: the “WH press corps” (Im looking at you Keith) is nothing but a bunch of cowardly sycophants & all ‘questions’ must be subbmited to the Obama regime before any rare “news conference”.

        1. C’mon Navy.
          Keith gives us the info on a daily basis.
          If he is there in the room with the Josh puppet and he doesn’t get called on to ask a question,….so be it.
          I really don’t think that Keith is a player in that cesspool of incestuous preloaded theater.

        2. Langley Spook take a deep breath. No I am not be a smart alec. Keith gives us the important news all of the time. He than allows us to share with news we come across and give our thoughts on everything. I finally turned off the news when Shep was on. He told me the very important news of a woman getting hit with a basketball, news on the football issue, and something about a Nasqar Driiver. No I am not knocking any of those sports. However there are major things that need to be reported. If I am away or miss the news, I can pull up WHD for the updates. :)

          1. AFVet & Lee my friends… I mean no disrespect to Keith or WhiteHouseDossier.
            Who gives us this wonderful place on the Internets to truly express how we feel Obama and his regime.

            But I get so angry, bitter and frustrated that NO ONE will ever speak the TRUTH when it comes to the cesspool of US politics nowadays (socialist-Democrats & rino-Republicans)
            I Know more about US politcs and international relations-US defense than all the dopes at NSC, DOD, State Dept & US Congress.

    2. Netanyahu is much too intelligent for Barry. He would make a complete fool of him before Congress. Netanyahu has a proven background of competency, loyalty, and strong leadership. Barry has no proven background from birth to the current deplorable state of the union. Lies and deception are his game, proving time and again that he should have not been elected, and certainly should have been removed long ago. We welcome Netanyahu….Barry and his puppets can hide in their cages!

  9. OT Harry Reid to have eye surgery. Republican eye docs or surgeons in Congress — Rand Paul — and one or two others could step up to the plate — public service.

  10. I hope Netanyahu gives a speech in front of that cesspool that is the US Congress, and Netanyahu makes Strong & True statements about the Mid-East/world…and in his speech Netanyahu kicks Obama scrawny little sociaist ass.

    So Say We All!

      1. I put Shep on background and Mute his obnoxious, biased, liberal (rainbow) pathetic news reporting until “Dan Le Batard” on ESPN2 or “NFL Live” is on at 4pm.

  11. Bibi will utter the two words we never hear from the Commander in Chief…..we all know them, use them, but not the man who prefers to consider all events international as a nuisance to his true calling, domestic upheaval.


  12. By the way, I would appreciate all of msm to remind all it’s viewers that o can find the time to travel to different Univ. to give speeches, but cannot meet with Netanyahu. I would like msm to also give it’s viewers the cost of each trip. While they are at they can add up the cost of all the vacations.

  13. yeah, I don’t think Bibi is going to lose much sleep over Obama’s pettiness. as for the BS non-meeting excuse, everybody knows Obama would meet with Erdogan or Abbas if they were in town in a heartbeat–elections or not!

    as others have noted, Bibi makes O uncomfortable because he is a true leader, and O is a community organizer. he will go down in history as one of our very worst presidents, while Bibi will join his brother as a Hero of Israel.

  14. Apropos of nothing, but just heard Kasich use it — I am so friggin’ tired of politicians and pundits refer to us as “the folks”. It is condescending — the “folks” as opposed to “us”__________________.

  15. I feel a tingle up my leg….this is Barry’s worst nightmare to have to engage (again) with a real man of integrity…and masculinity ….think we’re gonna see some deflated balls

  16. Why should he meet with Netanyahu, a war hero, a leader of a country when he can meet with the likes of the 3 idiots from you tube.
    Ask yourself, what’s more important.

  17. Why should he meet with Netanyahu, a war hero, a leader of a country when he can meet with the likes of the 3 from you tube.
    Ask yourself, what’s more important.

  18. So Obama doesn’t want to influence the upcoming election in a foreign country? THAT’S why he doesn’t want to meet with Netanyahu??? Hmmm.
    That’s not what he believed when he campaigned for, and contributed $ to, for the election of his buddy, and his actual cousin, the notorious Raila Odinga, who was a candidate running for president of Kenya in 2007. Obama was a US Senator at the time. He went to Kenya to specifically influence the outcome of that country’s election.
    Oh my, oh my. Obama and his posse caught in yet another whooper. A really huge whopper, easily discovered to be a lie.
    Here’s the story:

  19. I’m sure that Obama is doing everything he can to help BiBi lose the election in behind the scenes sneaky talks with other Israelis. I just hope the Israelis are smarter than that and not like the low I.Q. voters that Obama has brainwashed in this country.

    And maybe its a good thing that Obama was President before Clinton! If she had won instead of him, she would have done all the same things that Obama is doing but in a much slower time frame, so that we wouldn’t have been as quickly aware of how communists have taken over the democratic party. She would have done the same things but a little bit at a time and It probably wouldn’t have hit us as fast. So, now that we KNOW how they want to take us over completely, if Clinton wins, IT WOULD BE mostly by voter fraud to get her in. We can’t let that happen again. And this time, all the military votes MUST BE COUNTED. WHY WEREN’T THEY? THATS NOT FAIR TO THEM. We can’t let voter fraud determine our elections anymore. This is the United States of America, not some 3rd world country with a dictator!

  20. Obama, the child president who just learned to play Checkers, refusing to meet with Netanyahu is analogous to him refusing to meet with the world’s chess champion.

    Obama knows that Netanyahu knows Obama is in so far over his head it would be laughable were it not so pathetic.

  21. “so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country”

    Uh, like throwing Hosni Mubarak under the bus so Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood pals could win the Egyptian election?

    Uh, like bombing Libya to oust Moammar Gaddafi so that al-Qaeda thugs could take over the country?

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