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Cruz’s Eloquent Case for Principle

“Do we stand for principle?”

It’s what Sen. Ted Cruz asked the other day during an appearance before Tea Party regulars in South Carolina.

Now, for his immediate audience, it was a rhetorical question. They stand for principle. But Cruz was really asking it of the Republican establishment types, Washington politicos, and GOP moderates who keep pushing the unhelpful advice that the road to the White House runs through the “mushy middle,” as Cruz put it.

“You know what electability is? Nominate the candidate who is the closest to the Democrats,” Cruz said of the conventional wisdom.

Somehow, it’s okay and it works when the Democratic “stand for principle.” This moderate to conservative country elected a principled, unabashed Leftist president, twice. How did that happen?

It’s because Americans respect principled leaders and are inspired by ideas. And because the Democrats found every last voter in their base and got them to the polls. That’s the strategy that will guarantee Republican success in 2016.

A survey just out today gives Hillary Clinton a double digit lead over either Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, the two leading lights of the establishment. This despite the fact that those two have about the same name recognition as her, and despite all the bad publicity she’s had lately with her faulty book tour.

A base-driven strategy will take a lot of work and organization. Only a commitment to ideals can motivate campaign workers to get out the vote and motivate the vote to get out of the house.

Moderation isn’t going to solve this country’s immoderately large problems. That’s the message voters need to hear.

15 Responses to Cruz’s Eloquent Case for Principle

  1. There are many ‘ifs’ that need to happen in the next two years to effectively establish a conservative base that are willing to go to the polls.
    If congress stands up to Obama’s progressive agenda and follows through with the ideology of the people that put them in office.

    If they successfully stop the dire effects the ACA is having on this Country that many of them ran on.
    ….And along with that replace the IRS with a logical taxation system.

    If they can achieve majorities in both chambers to override Obama’s veto threats and show him that he is a servant of the people and not the other way around.

    All of those ‘ifs’ take a strong backbone and it will be up to us to remind them where it is.

  2. On target as usual.Unfortunately the country is responding well to “free stuff” and the RINO’s are doing the dance that they believe will keep them in office. Political office is a career –take a look at the age of the DemocRat party bench and length of tenure. Republicans also– but ours are retiring or dying off more quickly.

  3. You may be able to rehabilitate some RINO or other into electablity, but you can bank on one thing; NO person named BUSH will EVER be President in the next two generations. Our Liberal freinds and their media handmaidens have been far too effective at tarring that name.

    Put simply, Bush=Loss.

    Even a RINO should be able to understand THAT math…

  4. Just read on AT the Case for Scott Walker; I soooo agree with what the article stated about him. If he gets thru the primary, I really think he could win! My question about Mitt (who I liked) is, the people who didn’t vote for him last time basically because of the religion issue, by staying home are NOW going to vote for him?? Hard to think that will happen.