As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 22, 2015

11:25 am CST || Delivers remarks; University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
1:00 pm CST || Departs Kansas
4:30 pm EST || Arrives White House

18 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 22, 2015

  1. OT, but I seem to be seeing the once invisible ValJar on the news a lot lately, spouting some talking point. Anyone think she is about to make a run for the Big Office?

  2. didn’t he say something last night about heading out to campaign for his new economic plan? can’t find it and do not want to re-watch what I watched live but recorded.

    • He gave a typical BS campaign-type speech today (Wed) in Boise…saying he’s ready to work with the Republicans, but they need to show him their plan, blah blah blah. He had all the kids worked up hootin’ and hollerin’. Nauseating.

  3. Dictator Obama isn’t getting his ass kissed by everybody like he used to, so now he is carefully scheduling his appearances at those hotbeds of communism, islamic savage supporting, and above all Hate America Universities. No doubt his butt will look like it has been in the death grip of an octopus after all those radical Marxist professors get done lavishing kisses on it at the University of Kansas.

    What was the point of this massive waste of taxpayer money trip? I mean besides boosting the narcissistic self image that president Sicko has of himself. Most Americans are not listening to his lies and communist drivel anymore.

  4. OT: I read this on yesterday, or the day before.
    Radar that can see inside of your home. I did not make a comment. It seems their is more and more **** hitting the fan, it is hard to keep up with. I just saw them announce this device on Fox. Can you imagine ten, twenty, thirty, or more years ago that there was such device? At the same time it was not be addressed as a MAJOR INVASION OF PRIVACY.

    • It does not provide a digital or video screen of people or objects deep inside a building or around walls, it just detects and shows you a reading that there is ongoing movement inside a building. Infra Red hand held devices can show heat signature displays of bodies inside a building, depending on room temps. It is limited in depth it will display, however police and fire depts have used the IR units for years.

      To me this is a issue the media is blowing all out of proportion. As long as this unit is another tool to help provide officer safety before entering a home, when used correctly, may save lives.

      • Thanks Otis. I appreciate all the new technology we have today. I as well fear what people who I do not trust can do with it as well.
        I trust the rescue, police, etc. when trying to save or catch the bad guy. I also fear where this may end up in the bad guys hands as well.

  5. OT:Twenty One Countries are meeting in London to discuss ways to co-ordinate their efforts to combat ISIS.
    I have not seen this announced on Fox yet this morning.
    I turned it off for a while, after they were showing me a cheerleader getting hit with a basketball.

  6. Essentially, we taxpayers have to fly him all over the country for the next two years because he can’t stand Mooch or the girls. Is that fair?