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Video || Joni Ernst – Republican State of the Union Response

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  1. Thanks Keith. I appreciate the video. I did miss it last night.
    I would appreciate the MSM giving this more air time during the day, and week ahead. By the way great speech Joni Ernst.

  2. She is only 44. I predict a bright future for her. I did not watch the SOTU address last night. I figured it would be just another campaign speech.

  3. OT: Yemen President being held by rebels.
    o should be speaking of what a mistake he made about Yemen, instead of speaking/going to a college today.
    Violence by terrorist all over the place.

    • Lee, you know. O-blame-o will never admit his mistakes. That’s why he has others, to throw under the bus. It’s getting crowded under there.

    • Valerie Jarrett was just on the news saying that we needed to keep the American Embassy open in Yemen because “we need to have a presence in Yemen”. So while there is a full blown coup ongoing in Yemen, and the Presidential palace there has been overrun and jihadist nutjobs running around with AK-47’s and rocket launchers, the White House is, once again, dithering about what to do.

      Benghazi, anyone?

      And what is the Rasputin-like Jarrett doing speaking for POTUS and the State Department, just by the way?

        • She has lately slithered more frequently out of her secret cubbyhole in the White House, hasn’t she? I can’t figure out the reason, either. She’s been mostly camouflaged for much of her time in the WH, and now she’s out in the public eye (more or less). Something’s up with that, I agree. Some tactical change or a response to some internal struggle in the WH. She doesn’t play well on television–phony smile, odd eyes, frozen body language, mushy way of expressing herself. Weird person.

      • I mentioned on a different thread I just got back, and walked in while her face was on the screen. Thanks for feeling me in on what she rambled. Do not agree with her logic. I would like to hear what Feinstein has to say about that.

        • I sometimes wonder how Jarrett gets along with Feinstein or Boxer or other ladies with power in the Congress.

          Jarrett has a huge need to dominate, to have the last word, to be seen as a political guru. So there’s bound to be some conflict there. She’s obviously a tough old bird– Axelrod is gone. Rahm Emanuel is gone. Reggie Love is gone. Robert Gibbs is gone. Anita Dunn is gone. Jarrett was in conflict at one point or another with all of them. And she’s still at the White House.

          Here’s a Mark Levin (yes THAT Mark Levin) interview connecting Jarrett and Axelrod with Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis. They are all connected through their ties to Communism, as the interview makes clear.

  4. I heard a lot yesterday about how Obama’s speech would be about the 2016 election. Joni’s speech was definitely about the 2016 election, but it’s good somebody is telling what Republicans stand for. But I’m sure all the MSM will focus on (and make fun of) is the bread bags over the shoes. That was common where I grew up, too. Elites will never understand that.

    • Keith Olbermann had plenty of vile comments regarding Joni. When the truth about Obama can no longer be hidden, leftists resort to name-calling, class warfare and envy, race-baiting and lies, lies, lies. Keith couldn’t do with his life, what Joni has done with hers. Joni is made of tougher stuff.

      • The attacks on Joni is reminiscent of the attacks on Sarah Palin.
        As soon as an accomplished conservative woman speaks up, the left put their attack dogs out there.
        Both Sarah and Joni give no quarter to the idiots that attempt to denigrate them.
        They are both well beyond the childish tactics the left uses to try to disparage their accomplishments.
        The people that do this have never even begun to achieve what they have.

    • A young colleague of mine just knew that she a was a pig farmer (with an inflection that showed his disdain that someone that “lowly” should be representing our country). Funny how compassionate liberals get so snotty when talking about conservatives (especially conservative women).

    • We did the bread bags over socks, under boots for the winter. I guess all the spoiled brats on Twitter are making fun of that too. I hope they know they are making fun of their precious poor people.

    • I wanted to be impressed but all I saw and heard was the same ole-same ole political posturing. The forced smile, the lacquered air helmet (who does the hair of these women?) the stiffness…the “talking points.”
      I wish just once – once – one of these people would be on camera as they are – as they person they really are. Not the composite some “expert” told them they need to be.
      O’s “down home” folksy demeanor won him votes because he was new and different. Frankly, Republicans need a serious wake-up call and fast. The demeanor of this woman and other up and comers in the a Republican Party are not different and new and refreshing – and NOT vote getters.
      She served our country! Show some real, honest to God passion!

  5. Just a reminder of what the Constitution says about the President’s so-called “State of the Union” responsibility:

    U.S. Constitution – Article 2 Section 3
    “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient;”

    Nothing said about doing it every year or any other schedule

    Nothing said about publicly mocking and hectoring those members of Congress who disagree with the President’s agenda

    Nothing said about political campaigning or promoting one position over another position

    Nothing said about promoting one policy and neutering another policy.

    And, yes, he can recommend actions or legislation for consideration by the Congress. But that’s all he can do: recommend.

    His Constitutional responsibilities: just tell the Congress how things are going, in YOUR opinion, Mr. President. Nothing more, nothing less.