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State of the Union Strong? Public Not Buying it

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  1. Once again, in his presentation tonight, Obama revealed his fundamental flaw: he is not authentic as a mature, believable, honest person. He is not what he attempts to present himself to be. He doesn’t speak the truth, there is no coherent core of well earned wisdom visible to those who observe him. He is a showboat politician who casts a very small shadow. And that’s all he is. That’s all I want to say about that.

      • “I was busy doing laundry and reheating leftovers:)” – Island Girl

        I get that you’re point is that just about ANYTHING is more profitable than listening to the taqiyya of The Angry Caliph, but it does point out a very basic problem that causes things like him to be possible.

        Unlike the typical Obama voter, we act like we have, you know, duties and responsibilties to ourselves, our familes, our employers, and our nation. This leaves us with precious little time to attend political rallies or organize communities. This means OUR voices are not heard the same as those whose repsponsibilites are to collect benefits and vote one or a dozen times in November to keep the gravy train rollin’.

        Even if the media WERE neutral, it would see only the “Hands Up” rallies, gay marriage marches, anti-Israel festivals, and other panoply of the otherwise idle left. We, on the other hand, don’t make good television. Who would watch someone working a 12 hour day at some unglamourous office or factory so they can make enough money to pay the tab that allows our Democrat brethren the luxury to not have to worry about feeding and housing itself?

        Not like they’d find a job in the Obama economy (the real one, not the one he imagined yestereday) anyway, but most don’t even try these days since work is boring and you have to get up in the daytime and stuff. Bonus for Obama – don’t try and he doesn’t have to count you as “unemployed”! Win/Win/Win, from his point of view.

        Whatever the Divisor-In-Chief said yesterday, what it means is at LEAST two more years of divide and conquer, weaken from within, crippling taxes, and indescribable boons for the forces of evil both foreign and domestic, with precious little hope offered by our RINO controlled legislative branch or Obama enablers.

        This, too, shall pass. Their coaltion is united only by hatred of the America that was, and it will eventually destroy itself. History informs us, however, that we have little hope of surving the process as a nation.

        Until then, pray for your nation, That power, even Obama will have to answer to, and the Ultimate Judge will not be swayed by his color or his voice…

        Like the daughters of Jerusalem, we can only weep for ourselves and our children; but keep the faith, and one day, we WILL be delivered.

    • I have read the highlights of his comments on Fox this morning. I noticed he was not wearing his other ring. I also noticed the guards when he was walking in. Their faces were right there in front of the camera. I cannot recall paying attention to to the guards of other presidents walking in at a SOTU. Yes they were there, but not as noticeable to me as they were last night.

  2. You would have to be a most gullible person, or perhaps a rainbow and unicorn literate idiot, to believe or swallow all the propaganda, distortions, and bald-faced lies from this Hope-A-Dope, dictator wannabe, Communist psuedo-president.

    • The closest analogy to Obama’s style last night is the pleading desperate carnival barker who’s trying talk the crowd into buying a ticket to come into the tent to see the “fattest man in the world”, or the “goat with two heads” or “The chicken who sings opera.” (All of which I paid to see in my ill-spent youth ;+})

      All Obama needed was a straw hat, a cane and a cheap suit to perfect the image. The guy was absolutely shameless in his assertions.

  3. The TV stations should have just aired a couple of episodes of The Simpsons rather than give up their precious advertising dollars to air the garbage from the liar-traitor-in-chief.