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Obama’s Dubious Foreign Policy Claims

President Obama Tuesday evening made several questionable claims regarding foreign policy and the war on terror. NBC’s Richard Engel nicely outlines several of them.

15 thoughts on “Obama’s Dubious Foreign Policy Claims”

    1. Where the money is? I wouldn’t be surprised, but I am so glad NBC noted those facts. I took notes as the reporter was running though them. I will not be watching NBC news for a while, untill I learn they are on top of things, and this was not a one night fluke.

  1. I just saw a couple of clips. I cannot believe people were clapping!
    What the hell were they clapping for? They were not clapping thinking of the American citizens!
    By the way I saw the news on the Russian Ship yesterday morning. I did not see that mentioned though out the day, or even scrolled.
    The news of the two men from Japan being held, is hardly getting any news time as well.
    I just heard the zing comment on Fox, regarding his last two years, and not running again. Instead of thinking of himself with a ZING comeback, he should have gone off script assuring, comforting everyone that he is taking care of America and it citizens.

  2. Well, that’s encouraging, but like others have said, I need to see a regular pattern of this type of reporting to be sold on those networks.

    What I did notice at the bottom of the screen was a tweet regarding Michelle’s outfit and the TV show the Good Wife. Since I watched none of the SOU address, I had to check it out. The woman lives in a fantasy world where she is either Beyoncé or a TV star…

    1. I agree with you regarding the pattern!!! Thanks for the clip, As far as what’s her name, it is to early for me to view/see/hear anything about her.

      1. I can relate. Her outfit is exact same as worn by the TV character. And in my opinion, she who must not be named looks better than normal. So glad she did not wear a sleeveless something. Not professional at all when she does that.

    2. No real surprise here. The Washington Post calls “The Good Wife” the best show on television. Besides the liberal plot lines, here are some of the “guest stars”: Vernon Jordan, Bill deBlasio, Chris Matthews, Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, Chuck Schumer,
      Bill Maher, Donna Brazile (3 times) and Valerie Jarrett.

      As to Obama’s transparent dishonesty, it’s almost as if someone is paying him to validate Joe Wilson.

  3. When a know-nothing, do-nothing, Socialist, Marxist, Muslim favoring, anti-American is elected as President, what could possibly go wrong? What did Brian Williams expect? Williams and many others actively cheered for Obama, instead of investigating Obama’s past and character, or lack thereof. Now we are all paying a steep price for this folly of a President and Williams acts surprised?

  4. wow. it’s been awhile since I’ve watched a video of Brian Williams. what John Kerry is to Secretaries of State, Brian Williams is to anchormen: pompous, stiff, and preening. icky-poo.

    but Richard Engel! fabulous. a reporter…reporting. and on a NETWORK CHANNEL! amazing.

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