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Jon Stewart Takes Apart Kerry’s France Visit

This is pretty hilarious.

14 Responses to Jon Stewart Takes Apart Kerry’s France Visit

  1. Admittedly I’ll be 60 in a few months so forgive me but… when did it become a requirement in order to show sincerity that hug someone? I remember having a hard time when I started getting the two handed hand shake. That was brought into fashion in order really cement affection. Now I’m an asshat for dodging some stranger who wants to shake my hand and embrace. What’s next 3rd base?

  2. I don’t watch Jon Stewart, so thanks for posting this, Keith. Too funny to be missed. The expressions on Hollande’s face are priceless!

  3. So let me ask ” What has become the shot of Kerry in the owner’s box at the NE game on Sunday ? ‘” I mean serious thought might ask what variety of shame and stupidity has this clown out yuking it up after the Paris no-show . Snark thinking goes to what flavor of pajamas boy goes with the scarf look . But really I would have thought this was red meat to the OMG who are these people sorts ?? Just a question , a serious one , did the NFL suppress the shot ?? Seriously help me here ..

  4. Do we have clowns in the WH? “You’ve Got a Friend?” Can I be living in an alternative universe? Did I fall through a fistula into Weird World?