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92 Responses to MLK Day Open Thread || January 19, 2014

    • Several of my friends went to see it yesterday. We already had other plans bur WILL see it.
      Selma did not do so well.
      I remember the summer of 1965 very well and I question if Dr. ML King would approve of Obama, Holder, and “Black Lives Matter.” Dr. King protested for equality NOT special treatment.
      The summer of 1965 was my next to last summer to do my Master’s degree at Auburn University (I was a high school teacher, grad school in the summer).
      I remember the unrest and the high feelings. Arkansas had experienced something all the same line in 1957 in Little Rock.
      The Civil Rights Movement was long overdue and America could use a Martin Luther King today instead of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Oprah.

    • Good morning. Our morning Right Radio is discussing Am Sniper. Very good things are being said. My husband & I were talking ab MLK & how disappointed he would be in his ‘Brothers’ today. Like you said Al etc are reaching the wrong way with nasty consequences.

        • Saw it Friday. The movie is superb in every respect. The theater was packed and the place went silent when the film was over, in deep respect for the man Kyle.

          I am going back tomorrow night, to see the movie again. Rather than suffer through the idiotic state of the union address, this will be my way of protesting O, who seriously disrespects our military. I hope others will do the same.

          • I heard this morning how everyone fell silent at the end.
            I will do my best to go see it. I will get there very early so it will not be sold out after making the long drive.

  1. I just read an article on
    People were sitting down having lunch. People came in and sat right next to them and stood right next to their table. There were no police in the picture, but there was a police car in the parking lot.
    I do not know why these people were not taken out. They did not have a permit for their quite protest. These people have to understand that some of those people sitting there may not have had the health to have someone stare……………………………….at them. They were in the their space. Many many comments under that article. Not a word on the msm about. One one respect I appreciate them not giving the protesters the attention that they crave. On the otherhand the American citizens deserve the right to know of this.

    • Oprah, Oscars, Sharpton, protesters – eh, enough already.
      Go march in Selma, wallow in past wrongs, cry about everything, and we’re all sick of it.
      How does a Black woman complain about the ‘racist’ America that has honored her and made her wealthy beyond belief?

      • Why don’t they march for kids to get off the street and back in school? A march for parents to guide their children to the right path. A march against the drug people who drag these kids into their clicks. Why doesn’t o explain how he stopped using drugs as a teenager?

        • Why don’t they march against blacks killing blacks as in Chicago?
          Did you know black kids attended the movie Selma opening day on tickets paid for by some liberal group. They will come out even more stirred up and inclined to violence.
          That Black Lives Matter thing is really going too far but one funny thing happened in San Francisco in an area dominated by well to do white gays…the blacks protested them for their ” white privilege” Liberal against Liberal…LOL
          The white gays threw bar stools at the blacks….another LOL

  2. Michael Moore called snipers cowards. Has Michael Moore ever been in the service? Has he ever risked his life on behalf of the safety of Americans? $90 Million Record for weekend release.
    My grandfather got shot off a hill in WWII. No one ever called my grandfather a coward,
    Would Moore prefer that many of our soldiers are ordered to advance, and than have the risk of many of our soldiers being injured or killed from the response of the enemy?

    • Question: “Would Moore prefer that many of our soldiers are ordered to advance, and than have the risk of many of our soldiers being injured or killed from the response of the enemy?”

      Answer: Yes, he would.

    • Moore is the coward Lee.
      All of the military branches use snipers.
      They are highly trained elitist marksmen, and along with their spotters are capable of phenomenal accuracy at great distances.
      They are not cowards as their first shot could identify their position to the enemy.
      They are either in the advance position or remain after the main force has left.

    • The enemy puts a very high price on the head of a US sniper. They are the last people in the world to be called cowards. On the other hand, Moore is worthless. There is no price on his head from anyone. He’s basically a fat bucket of rancid pig glop, and nobody can stand to be around him or listen to him.

  3. …heard the White House is pulling for the Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLIX.
    Why? What brilliant analysis? Everyone knows Obama doesn’t like Patriots.

      • Eh…I’m not so sure. They’ve been accused of some funny business involving the game balls for the AFC championship game.

        At least with that convenient clock malfunction a few years ago, they had plausible deniability. That four-man offensive line they ran against Baltimore was sketchy, but legal.

        But if it’s true that they really did under-inflate the game balls, they’ll have clearly broken the letter of the rules, and there will be physical evidence that they did so.

        And since they’ve got a history of being disciplined for cheating before, I doubt the commissioner is going to take that lightly if these accusations prove true.

        If they really did cheat their way to the big game, this is going to have major, major repercussions throughout the sport.

          • I don’t think that the officials would allow that to happen.
            All of the balls have to pass inspection, especially at that level of the game.

          • I’m not sure the NFL would confirm, on the record, that it’s investigating the matter, if there really was no there there.

            And yet, it has.

            Maybe this is the off-the-field equivalent of a “reputation” call, but if any team deserves it, it’s the Cheatriots–sorry, Patriots.

            When even Don Shula–the elder statesman of the gridiron sidelines–is using the term “Beli-cheat”, then there’s GOT to be something rotten in the state of Denmark (or, in this case, the commonwealth of Massachusetts).

            Now, if it DOES turn out that the Patriots did in fact cheat–and I wouldn’t bet the mortgage against that if I were you–the question then becomes, Would the Colts have won in a game played fair and square? Arguably not.

            But then, if THAT is true, then the Patriots would have been engaging in monkey business in order to run up the score. I could understand why the Patriots might want to look for an edge if they were a huge underdog, but they were 7-point favorites going in. It’s not like they NEEDED to cheat.

            Know what other class of people engages in high-risk behavior, even when they know they shouldn’t?

            Drug addicts.

            The Patriots need to get sent to sportsmanship rehab.

  4. The King Legacy is pretty well gone. One could say it went away when Coretta Scott King died. The King Son’s have done absolutely zero excep bankrupt the King Foundation. They have sold off bits and pieces of the King Family Estate to sustain their livelihood. Currently, there is a lawsuit between the son’s,Dexter and Marty, and the daughter Bernice. What is at stake? Dr. Kings traveling bible and Nobel Peace Prize are held by Bernice and the Sons want to sell them to a collector. Sad, that they want to sell a spiritual item and a Nobel Peace Prize that their father was awarded for his work and vision that ultimately killed him.

    Oprah and Ava Duvenay don’t understand the resistance towards Selma. People don’t want to watch fiction. Remember the movie iApollo 13 and the scene of Jim Lovell walking on the moon? That was Ron Howard taking artistic license. It was a dream sequence. Changing history in a film is just a lie. It didn’t work well in Oprahs last movie “Lee Daniels The Butler” either, did it? Historical films can be entertaining and the audience doesn’t need it changed in the name of art.

    The Civil Rights Movement of today is no longer working for the Black Community,especially, when they take money from George Soros to make Black Lives Matter.

  5. Let the truth be told:

    March 7, 1965: Police under the command of Democrat Governor George Wallace attack African-Americans demonstrating for voting rights in Selma, AL
    March 21, 1965: Republican federal judge Frank Johnson authorizes Martin Luther King’s protest march from Selma to Montgomery, overruling Democrat Governor George Wallace

    An agenda can be identified by what is NOT being said. The names of Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Everett Dirksen and the many Republicans who fought for, and or/voted for the bill are never uttered. Neither is it mentioned that Republicans voted for the Civil Rights bill in far greater percentages than did Democrats, or that Democrats had a sufficient majority to pass it without a single Republican vote.
    As President of the Senate, Nixon witnessed Democrat Senator Strom Thurmond and his single-man filibuster to prohibit black voting rights…a filibuster which went on for 24 hours and 18 minutes straight on the Senate floor. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd filibustered for 18 hours.

    • Very good and a necessary reminder for those who have been brainwashed in the political indoctrination camps, which used to be called high school and college, about how “awful” Republicans and conservatives have acted in history.

    • If nothing else the Dems should be saluted for their enormously successful propaganda campaign to make people believe they were the true champions of emancipation and protectors of the downtrodden and diminished. My grandfather fought on the Union side in the Civil War from Kentucky. He was a Republican. He was so patriotic that he named all his children for presidents–even the girls. After the war he was wounded in the leg and limped his entire life until he died at age 96. He was wounded protecting a black family’s home from an attack by the KKK. He wasn’t the only Republican in that era doing the same thing. Yet today we are led to believe that only Democrats have the higher moral ground on the race issue. Historically, absolutely the reverse is the truth.

  6. Suggestion to Keith for Open Thread Days:

    How about you have Topics on Open Threads, so several might run at once. Like

    Open Thread: GOP
    Open Thread: SOTU
    Open Thread: Oscars

    Make the threads current to what’s happening in the news. I find it hard on days when there’s lots to talk about to weed through 100+ comments.

    Totally understand why there are Open Threads. And we appreciate the forum. Just wondering if the forum could have some shape to it. Anyone else think that’s a good or bad idea?

    • Well, I like the open thread with no specific topic.
      With this crowd, you can present a topic or respond to one already posted.

      Submit your selected topic New Yorker.
      Herding cats is a lot more fun than herding sheep.

      • But nowhere NEAR as much fun as herding Gooney Birds. I once herded over a dozen of them into the Officer’s Club on Midway Island. Ah, the things that can be accomplished when alcohol is involved!!!

    • I think Keith should at least put a Mike Lester or an AfterMath cartoon at the top of his Open Threads to make them pretty ;)

      Actually, this gang pretty much runs the threads no matter what the topic of the hour or day. Love it!

    • If anyone is looking for a way to honor Dr. King’s memory today, may I suggest reading his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” It’s really powerful (and beautiful).

  7. Pretty much I think the socialist Obama will give a big old socialist SOTU and the Dems and the state media organ will cheer him on. The fact that this will take place in the capitol building is distressing.

    • No question Grace.
      He doesn’t care what we think of him.
      I want to listen to Joni Ernst’s rebuttal.
      I would also like to hear some ‘you lie’ comments from the floor.

      • I will do my best to sit though it. I can only handle listening for so long… I have to put on mute, than get irritated watching his head go from side to side.

        • As well: Sharing the wealth.
          Everyone getting there fair share.
          What does that sound like to everyone?
          Once he states that, I may have to turn the TV off.
          I think we should pull straws, to see who gets stuck watching.

      • I just hope the GOP stays seated throughout. Those Standing Ovation applause breaks are annoying, That would send a message to we the people….hey,maybe these Repubs are on our side afterall :)

      • I’ll be watching. It’s a marvelous spectacle and tradition. We have so few traditions that are as bi-partisan as this.
        IMO of course.

    • In Chapter 2 of his Das Kapital, Karl Marx develops his argument for wealth distribution or as he calls it, commodity exchange.

      As a devoted student of Marx, Obama has used Marx’s argument for taking money away from the “wealthy” via taxes throughout his Presidency and he will certainly use it during the SOTU, though the language will be disguised, of course.

      Thus, you can read Marx’s words now, and forget torturing yourselves by listening to the SOTU, since it will be a repetition of Marx’s ideas on wealth distribution. I am not kidding about this.

        • Tis OK ;+}
          Here’s another trick the Progressive/Marxists use. They like to say Obama is like Robin Hood–taking from the rich to give to the poor. (wealth distribution in story form, of course).

          That’s not at all what Robin Hood does in the original story.

          Robin Hood steals back from the GOVERNMENT, to give back to the poor what the GOVERNMENT has taken away from them by overtaxing the poor and the middle class of the day.

          Not gonna hear that one in the Washington Post or the NYT. ;+}

    • There’s something else going on in Washington Tuesday night, which you may or may not find to have more entertainment value.

      The Edmonton Oilers will be in town to take on the Washington Capitals. The Caps are 12-5-4 at home, while Edmonton is 3-12-7 on the road. No result guaranteed, of course, but it could be a darn good night for the locals.

      Beats the heck out of watching Sir Golfsalot ask for gazillions in tax hikes so he can bribe more voters. Heck, even Bob Schieffer over on CBS was wondering out loud if Obama’s proposal was serious.

  8. A must read on Common Core – written by an educator/former English professor who thought she was in favor of Common Core, but she gives examples of the seventh and third grade essay questions and how impossible they are because they’re just convoluted crap questions. Her seventh grader who usually aces the standardized tests got a C grade on the new tests. And, even the mom got most of the multiple choice questions wrong, and admits that she wouldn’t know where to begin with the essay questions, even the one on the third grade test. (Third grade! That’s eight and nine years olds.)

    This is all by design. Common Core is not about high standards for students and pushing them to achieve more. It’s about bringing the A and B students down to the C and D level so everyone equally sucks. Like Arne Duncan said about the “white suburban mom”, “maybe your kids aren’t as smart as you think they are.” No, but that’s what this is about, basically a redistribution of the grades because it’s not fair that some kids get A’s and B’s so we have to bring them all down to the mediocre level. That’s Obummer’s America – mediocrity for all.

    • The writer makes a lot of sense, and it is confusing – but I believe that the whole purpose of Common Core is NOT to bring everyone down, but to separate the really brilliant from those who plod along. Today, getting an ‘A’ means next to nothing in a lot of school districts as they dumb down everything so that the teachers don’t look bad.
      A student able to parse that explanation, and write a serious paragraph or two is beyond the standard “good” student. Today’s new business model is based on programming, finding the answers without any data, and imagining something new.

      What is happening is that the average student will be left in the dust of the truly excellent. The Genius will get the ‘A’, the rest will not.
      We believe that public schools should teach our children the basics – reading, writing- math – and anything extra that they can lead the students to is just a plus. What Common Core does is discourage the average student by making them believe they are stupid or dumb or whatever the word is today.

      Just guessing here again, but our educational leaders are trying to push our students to the excellent results that the Asians and others get from theirs. It won’t happen, because we don’t have that parental push and fear that foreign nations have for their children’s future.
      imo, of course.

      • SnarkEsq thank for putting that clip up. I gave an example of a grade school math problem I pulled up months ago. I have commented how much more complicated it seemed to be.

  9. Just a thought — did the Obama administration ever “bring to justice” the Benghazi terrorists? Or has that dropped by the wayside like so many other things ?