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88 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || January 18, 2015

  1. My oven broke. I am able to press it on. I am able to set the temperature. I can set the time as well. However when I press start. Nothing. Broken.
    Years ago if the knob broke. I was able to go to the hardware store and buy a new one. Golly, I could use a wrench to turn it, if I had to.
    Years ago, If I dropped my phone, I could pick it up, and continue to talk. Now if you drop your phone it breaks apart.
    Years ago, If my car broke. I could ask a Husband, Dad, Uncle, brother, neighbor to fix it. Now that is almost impossible, because of the way they build the cars.
    My point, besides venting about the oven: All the new gagets and things look really nifty, but they are all harder to fix. Most of the time it is cheaper to buy a new thing, than to repair.

    • There was a good program on CBC the other night about appliances. They interviewed two repair men who said large appliances today are built to last only about five years. The electronic parts are the first to go, and horribly expensive to replace.

      • We had the same issue. Redid the whole kitchen in ’05. The microwave only lasted 5 years, the appliance also stated new stuff lasts 5-6 years.
        We are a throw it out society now.

    • We just replaced our dishwasher. It was less than eight years old. The plumber who installed our new one said he had never seen anything like our old one. What?! He also said appliances only last about six years.


      • To replace the little computer chip for our ice make I the fridge, cost $850.00. Told my husband that the next time we need a fridge, we’ll make ice the old fashioned way, with ice cube trays.

        • We had to replace the dishwasher just two years ago. It looked brand new still. It wasn’t anymore than 7 years old.
          I would love to go back to a gas stove, However the prices are sky high!

      • Our old Sears Kenmore frig was operating on borrowed time.
        We had it for over thirty years.
        Our Kenmore stove literally fell apart after about the same time.
        When they delivered the new stove, they were amazed that the frig was still running.
        They said the same thing,….the new ones will never last that long.

        • Yes, the new stuff has built in breakdown and broke bad built right in them–5-7 years.

          Funny story: My grandmother bought a Sears Coldspot (I think that was the model) refrigerator in 1944. After two moves and a lot of banging around, it was still running like new when she died in 1997. (she lived to be exactly 100 years old–right to the month). After 53 years, it was still running and never, ever had to be “repaired”. I don’t know who has it now, but I bet it’s still running.

        • Both my refrigerator and gas range both broke at the same time. I only had them for about 6 years too. I just bought a new refrig and gas range with oven at P.C. Richards, cost me enough. Had to do it. I have my microwave about 4 or 5 years and that should be breaking soon too. Don’t even ask about my toaster. It doesn’t work right either as I dropped it once and now its hard tto get it to toast. Somethings now a days are made like childrens’ plastic toys.

    • Im with you Lee…
      Like I tell these ‘kids’ (Im 40 -lol) nowadays: “one good EMP and all of your cool electronic gadets are Junk!” :-)

      • Thanks for the understanding. I do have a stovetop (seperate from the oven). Untill I buy the new oven. I can use the toaster oven, I found hidden, not used for years. It still has a knob on it, and the microwave.

      • Most young people cannot go a few minutes without texting or updating their Facebook pages. An EMP would cause them nervous breakdowns.

      • That’s the infrastructure they should be working on hardening, (the grid).
        One good EMP and you can’t even pump gas to keep a generator running.

    • Good point. Most of our toasters, microwaves, phones and radios are made cheaply, overseas. So when they don’t work, we replace them. Why doesn’t The GloBull Warming Brigade worry about all of that refuse? Telephones used to be so heavy, you could hit someone on the head with the receiver an knock them out. If it fell on your foot it hurt.

    • I have a 30+ year old microwave in the garage (remember Litton?) It still works. Light inside it still works. It is my back-up because I use it every time my modern sleek microwaves break down. The Litton is a workhorse and has outlasted 3 newer microwaves. (I’d probably move it inside, but it weighs as much as my car!)

  2. The thought occurred to me that the reason Obama wants to close Gitmo is because he wants to give Gito back to Cuba. Would it be great for Russian warships to be anchored in Gitmo Bay??

      • Actually the Panamanians are operating the Canal better than the Americans. They make in the neighborhood of $900 million to $1 billion a year. They have faster transit times and fewer accidents. Many Americans at the time of the turn over stayed on. They took retirement from the old Canal company and hired on with the Panamanians. They became double dippers. When the Americans operated it they did it for the benefit of those working for the Canal. They could care less it if made a profit or not. They had free housing, free electricity, free water, etc.There pay scale was 20% higher than the US. It was paradise for those working there. At least now the money gets spread around.

        Any nation is free to send their ships through. The USA had the right to intervene should anyone try to over the Canal. Every once in awhile the Russians will sent a warship through to show the flag. The US does the same thing in the Black Sea.

        • Very interesting. DIdn’t the Chinese buy part of the Canal it, or all of it, or lease it at one point? Somehow, I seem to remember that. Or maybe I don’t. Can’t remember if I remember that or not. ;+}

          • The Panama Ports Company, a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., has extensive rights to control both ends of the Canal. The company is owned by a Hong Kong billionaire who has close ties with Beijing.

            In July 2013 Panama seized a North Korean flagged ship by the name of Chong Chon Gang. It was bound for North Korea from Havana. They were looking for drugs but found weapons instead. It had 240 tons of Cuban made weapons, 2 MIG airplanes, some plane engines, and live munitions. All of this stuff was packed under 10,000 tons of sugar. This was a clear violation of international sanctions disallowing weapons to be export to North Korea. Panama handles this situation with the UN. (Panama kept the sugar and made ethanol out of it.)

            Why on earth Obama wants to cozy up with the Cubans right now beats me. This North Korean incident is less than 2 years old.

            Right now the USA is Cuban’s main supplier of food stuffs such as wheat, soybeans, rice and even dairy cows. The requirement is Cuba has to pay up front. I sure hope the USA does not allow credit be extended to Cuba. They are a dead beat nation.

          • Very interesting indeed. Thanks for the info. You’ve peaked my interest. On the Obama connection, the ‘Bam cozies up to any country that brings chaos and destruction to the world community. That’s how he’s wired up in his head.

    • The Russians are hanging around Cuba–expats, touists, etc. Russian warships come and go, and, as always, the Ruskies have a huge electronic eavesdropping operation there (listening to us). When Obama gives Gitmo away to the Cubans (and he will within two years), I suspect the Russians will move in to the location. It’s got a great harbor and an adequate airport, so there’s tactical advantage at Gitmo for Putin’s folks.

  3. Canada must be doing something right. We’ve pissed off the Palestinians!

    “Dozens of Palestinian protesters in Ramallah have hurled eggs and shoes at the convoy of Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird.
    Baird travelled to the West Bank city today to meet with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki….
    Canada is opposed to the recent Palestinian bid to pursue war crime charges against Israel.”

    • This is social overreach and wussification. They should mind their own business.

      Why are the people who preach Dawinism the last to practice it? All these libs dumbing down, over reaching, making wussies, then saying everyone is a winner. It don’t work that way.

      • They have been trying for over 100 years and they will not give up easily.
        Only the knowledge, integrity, and the determination of conservatives will reduce their influence on America and the world.
        They will never be defeated.
        All we can hope for is that they remain suppressed, and their destructive policies are diminished.

    • My husband read about parents who had child services on their butts because they let their kids walk home alone from middle school!
      I just cringe every time I hear this stuff. Years ago I was a single mother of 2. One school contacted CPS (on me!) because I got home from work 15 min after my first grader got home. We lived 2 blocks from school…thank God they didn’t complain about him walking home alone!

    • I think it was irresponsible for the parents to let the kids walk home alone from the park. There are sex offenders on nearly every block nowadays. The kids were 6 and 10 and that little girl would have been helpless to fight off an attacker or kidnapper.

      We did let our children walk that distance many years ago but now I wouldn’t let my grandkids walk alone like that. Maybe I’m a paranoid grandma but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

      • I agree. Not safe at all today to let kids walk home alone. Maybe 40-50 years ago, it could be done. Reality check for those parents. Remember the kid in New York walked alone, his parents let him and he was murdered, I can’t think of his name? A man is on trial now for his murder. And that was like 20 years ago or more. How can you let a little kid walk by himself? He could even make a wrong turn or fall or someone crazy could grab him? Ridiculous. Freedom, I am all for it but take care of a very young child, c’mon liberal hippie parents wake up unless you don’t care if they don’t come home?

  4. Another issue: Three articles on
    1.NYC may yank Terrorism report to appease “Mosque Spying Critics”.
    2.Anti-Islamization march called off in Germany after terrorist threat.
    3.NYC officials pull elite anti-terror squad from job…to drive officials around.
    Those are just three articles that tell me things are not going in our favor.

  5. Evidently the governor of AZ on illiteracy concerning high school graduates nothing nothing of how government works.
    He has passed a law that all students must pass a citizenship test in order to graduate.
    Whoa Nelly !
    Major statement !
    You can read the article here on;
    Watch the slides,…you’ll see it.

    I wonder how long it will take for the discrimination suits to blossom ?

    • You fail – lol. No diploma for you. (just kidding)
      The Governor didn’t “pass” the law, the state legislature passed it. The Gov just “signed” the law.

      They passed and approved and signed the law in accordance with our constitution, and the constitution of the US.
      How it’s going to play out, who’s going to sue, or what groups are going to be yelling discrimination will be determined later.

      • Eh, we had to take a civics class in college and I passed the final by skimming the textbook and skipping the class. Not much content there.

        OTOH, that may have been the last civics textbook published in the USA whose main message was, “Communism BAD, capitalism GOOD.” I wonder what the textbooks look like now?

    • Oh, here in AZ school law suits are normal. For years the state department of Ed has been suing Tucson Unified over their nasty La Raza ‘hate the whities’ curriculum. The mexicans march with mexico’s flag…disrupting board meetings and fouling up traffic all over town.
      I appreciate Gov Ducey’ s new law.

  6. You got to love Diane Feinstein……….the Conscious of The United States when it comes to torture. However, she has no problem with nepotism. Her husbands company is getting One Billion Dollars (cue Dr. Evil) in commissions selling 56 postal buildings. Nice…….no Independent or Senate investigations……..I can’t decide which Senator from California I will be happier to see leave.

    • Now I understand that their may be other agents who have relatives in a political position. However this is just to big of a deal, for other’s not to question.

    • Feinstein’s husband has definitely profited from her actions in Congress — Pelosi too. But then again — there is a lot of this in Congress — both sides of the aisle. And a lot of it throughout the government.

      Kind of like generational welfare families. Once you are in — you are all in.

        • That’s exactly right. And that is what makes it even more sad. The information came out years ago that he would benefit — and yet, no one moved to stop that, adjust it or act in any way on it.

          And that — that is depressing. Some stuff is not known, but some is. And even when it is and is out for public discourse it just continues on its merry course.

      • And the peons get jail time, like Martha Stewart, when they ‘play’ the stock market. Butt it’s ok for those lying two faced critters.
        And yes, no one can touch them!

      • Get ready for a fence! Building bigger, better fences seems to be in vogue with our political elite — the WH, deBlasio, and that crazy former mayor of LA — every place but along our southern border.

        • Well, if we build an effective fence on the southern border, the jihadists who did last phase training in Venezuela and the Cuban intelligence operatives from Havana wouldn’t be able to get in the US as easily. Now that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

        • Funny how so many people who don’t want a border fence, and don’t even think people should be able to live in gated communities, live in “compounds”.

  7. No one should give Obama another nickel. Don’t trust him with taxpayer money for him to invest in crackpot schemes and lose more billions of our dollars! Tell Obama to stop giving out free phones and other freebies for political reasons to get votes and then with that money won’t need to tax the hard workers of America so that this idiot in the White House can give all the illiterate people who won’t work or can’t work because they can’t speak right, our money, our hardworked for money