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Romney Seeking to Hone Populist, Positive Message

Uhh, someone is trying to sound more like Ronald Reagan and less like Mitt Romney.

And that would be Mitt Romney.

Speaking Friday in San Diego at a Republican National Committee gathering, Romney appeared to be trying to erase the problems that beset him during his 2012 campaign – that he was too elitist, didn’t offer a vision, and wasn’t a real conservative.

Whether he can change himself at the age of 67 is for you to decide. But he’s seems intent on trying.

A tieless, and apparently tireless, Romney said:

We can win in 2016 as a Party in the House, and the Senate, and in the White House, if we communicate a clear vision of this country and what we believe in . . .

Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty than ever before. Under this president, his policies have not worked. Their liberal policies are good every four years for a campaign, but they don’t get the job done . . .

It’s a tragedy — a human tragedy – that the middle class in this country by and large doesn’t believe the future won’t be better than the past or their kids will have a brighter future of their own . . . people want to see rising wages and they deserve them.

Wait a second. Remove the reference to Obama, and it looks like this could have been a speech by . . . Obama. Where’s the conservative ideology? Oh well, maybe Romney 3.0 is the release everyone should skip.

28 Responses to Romney Seeking to Hone Populist, Positive Message

  1. All this talk about guys like Romney, Bush and even (snort) Graham running is just that: talk. They can run all they want. The problem is they’ll need votes. I am here to say that I won’t vote for any of the these clowns in the primary. Should one of them somehow slip though, despite the best efforts of conservatives, and be nominated, I WILL vote for the nominee against Clinton, Warren or whomever else the Dems try to run, and I will not support any silly third party effort in our winner-take-all Electoral College system. But come ON, people! Romney was milquetoast in 2012 when he had a real chance to save us from Obama 2. Why would anyone think he’s the right answer now?

  2. WHEN are these people going to learn NOT to let the progressives frame the argument? “Income inequality”???? NO GOP SHOULD EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER use that phrase OR ANY OTHER BULLCRAP PHRASE THOSE EVIL TURDS USE.

    I’m so disgusted my head hurts.


      • I agree! I did not become a doctor, engineer, or any job that deserves a “high” salary. I did not teach my children to just skid by and the govt. will take care of you. I am not jealous of the person in the million car next to me. I made my own choices. So I cannot afford a million car, and that’s ok.

    • Mine too at this point.
      I also like Pence and Perry.
      NO to Romney, Bush, Christie, and Graham for sure!
      I like Cruz but he can’t get the nomination…same with Huckabee, who was a good governor but will be seen as a Baptist preacher.
      There are things I like about Rubio and Paul and things that bother me…with Rubio, immigration…with Paul, foreign policy and our strong military.
      What I want most of all is a WINNER and as you said, Walker is that.

  3. I like Romney well enough and voted for him. But that time has passed. He is not the man for now. Not strong enough.

    That said, there is a lot of chatter about a recent speech Bobby Jindahl made or will make and the link is to a summary article about it — including the position of the Egyptian President — Muslim leaders to call about radical Islamic jihadis.

    Which led me to consider Walker/Jindal ticket. Probably wouldn’t work — as both want to be Pres, but would work for me.

    • There are a lot of potential combinations out there.
      I wouldn’t mind a Walker/Perry ticket or vice versa.
      I want to see some new blood in there not the same names.
      I want to see a proven conservative run, one with a record that can be verified.

  4. “Romney appeared to be trying to erase the problems that beset him during his 2012 campaign – that he was too elitist, didn’t offer a vision, and wasn’t a real conservative.”

    If he has to waste time explaining any of these things now, that means he shouldn’t be running. Besides all the other reasons, we don’t need someone on the defensive this time around.

  5. Romney the answer to a question no one asked. God the republican leadership is a disaster. Bush (again!) Romney (again) is this the best we can do??
    Talked to a liberal yesterday, truly insane. No facts allowed when talking to this person. I was stunned by the ignorance.

    • Absolutely….the more of a difference between the two parties, the better choices people will have. Why vote for “democrat lite” when you could have the real thing, despite how it has just about destroyed the country in the past 6 years.

  6. Exactly Corey. Now I think I’ve heard everything. Mitt is just trying to be a sheep in wolve’s clothing. If we don’t get some new blood and the Dems manage to get another megalomaniac elected, it’s curtains for this country. Indiana likes Mitch Daniels but he would be instantly destructed if he ran: “Bush’s Budget Director” would be the first line of defense. If it were possible, Scott, Ben, Ted, Rick, and a pinch of Trump would be a perfect cocktail for President. Stirred not shaken please.

    • Scott Walker would be fantastic.
      I don’t think Mike Pence would be too bad.
      The governor of my home state, Mr. Perry, would really bring it home!
      So many great people to choose from aside from Mr. Romney.

    • Great statement: Get with the program or get off the state!
      Can’t someone start some type of hashtag with that comment?
      The citizens that do not participate with hastag can either repeat that in writing or use by word of mouth. If anyone questions the comment, A polite interruption: Than explain they need to be on our stage.