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Republicans Should Hold Off on Iran Sanctions

Republicans should wait to enact new sanctions on Iran, both because President Obama is correct that it’s not worth rocking the boat at this point and because to do so would alleviate Obama of blame should his negotiations fail.

It’s very simple: Enact sanctions now and the minute talks collapse, Obama will blame Congress for what will mostly be his screwup – he’s on his third deadline – saying everything was going great and they were just about get a deal until Evil Republicans got in the way.

And Obama is right, new sanctions could in fact blow up the deal. I have little confidence in any agreement Obama might negotiate. But given how bad things could be were there a war, it’s worth seeing the process through.

But Republicans are right in that the mullahs be forced to negotiate with a gun to the cranium.

As Iran expert Matthew Kroenig notes in National Review, the deadline for a “framework” for a deal is March 1, just six weeks away. To put the pressure on, Congress need only signal its intention to enact sanctions on March 2 if a deal is not reached.

Furthermore, the administration should by that point state that it plans to submit the agreement to Congress, as required under the Constitution. Should the Obama fail to agree, the Congress should review the framework and enact sanctions if it doesn’t like what it sees.

For the final agreement, including “technical details,” which is due July 1 – lather, rinse, repeat: Sanctions July 2 if there’s no deal. If there is, prepare to either consider it in the Senate or, if Obama says he won’t submit it, stage a de facto “advice and consent” vote by offering a bill to enact new sanctions. No treaties without Senate authorization.

Meantime, do all the grunt work necessary to make sure approvable legislation – hopefully by a veto-proof margin – is ready to go.

Here’s Obama today previewing the rhetoric he will spit out toward Capitol Hill if Congress passes sanctions. He charges that Congress could get us into a war.

If he’s forced by the lack of a deal to consider military action, “Congress will have to own that as well,” Obama warns darkly.

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  1. It is late I will wait to read other comments. One point. I did not feel comfort in his words. Does he speak that way to others, such as Iran? It seems he does a fine job speaking that way to Congress and American citizens.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if this administration believes that talking circles around everyone and everything will eventually cause all people to just fall down and die.
    Good analysis, Keith.

    • When I read this last night I did not agree because it makes me so angry to see Obama trying to bully and threaten Congress.
      After reading it again today I can see Keith’s point that the chances of the negotiations failing are high and Obama would love to blame that on Congress and the Republicans.
      John Kerry’ brand of diplomacy is a joke (hugs, kisses and “you’ve Got a Friend”.
      One thing I do fear is Valerie Jarrett talking behind the scenes…she has ties to Iran, her place of birth.
      I just don’t trust anyone in this administration to do what is right for America.

      • The Brits got their revenge in the long run, didn’t they? We have the US Senate and House of Representatives hog-rassling with not a President, but with George III.

  3. If Congress approves more sanctions against Iran, it will show that they have no confidence that MrO can bring Iran around.
    His wishy-washy, no drama foreign policy or no policy doesn’t seem to work anywhere.

  4. The Republican Congress should be passing things left and right and sending them to his desk. No matter the issue, he’s going to tell them not to act and threaten a veto anyway…so let him start vetoing things. Then the American people can see who’s really causing the gridlock: the man Harry Reid was protecting all these years.

    We had an election in November and the message was resounding…Obama’s party and his policies lost. It’s time for the Republicans to jam it down his throat.

  5. Totally O/T but I was attempting to eat my dinner after a very long work week and ol Nancy Peliosi or however you spell it appeared on my rarely ever viewed TV, complete with her Lei around her neck and her tongue spewing nonsense as usual.
    Ewwww she’s in Hawaii…way to ruin my weekend Nance!

  6. Is there anything that goes wrong on the face of this planet that Obama doesn’t blame on the GOP as it is? And from what I’ve been hearing the main force behind the sanctions if a Dem – Bob Menendez. Maybe just trying to separate himself from an unpopular president.

    • There was a closed door meeting this week. I am sure this was mentioned in the meeting. I do not have a list of the Dems that attended. Would like to know their thoughts on this matter.

  7. Sorry but in all things with Dictator Obama, the following maxim must be the guide regarding his true intentions, in this case Iran, and how to deal with Dictator Obama, who is in reality, the supreme enemy that the United States of America faces today:

    If Dictator Obama is for something then it will, either in the short or long term, be terrible for this country.
    If Dictator Obama is against something, then it will be either in the short or long term, good for this country.

    After six long, terrible years under this Dictator it always amazes me that people still expect some kind of rational, love of country behavior from this America hating, lying, insane megalomaniac who has surrounded himself with his fellow communists who share in his hatred of this country.

    Fool me once shame on you (unfortunately Dictator Obama has neither shame or honor), Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Whatever kind of sham negotiations Dictator Obama and his Iranian born crony, Valerie Jarrett, are conducting in secret, it will give Iran everything it wants (a nuclear bomb to wipe Israel off the face of this planet) and will open this country to a major attack at home.

  8. Three hundred troops will be progressively deployed in Belgium, to guard
    against T. Other countries in Europe also on high alert. Police in Germany have arrested two men following raids on 11 properties on Friday involving 250 officers. In the UK, police have warned to be on their guard. The head of Europol, Rob Wainwright told BBC that need for tightened security across Europe highlighted the complex nature of the T. threat in the region. “We’re dealing with multiple thousands of potential T. He said it was hard for police to identify plans because suspects were “working in a self-R. way very often. Finally it was noted int the article that o and Cameron agreed to share expertise. (Europe)

    • Great work by the police in all of these countries, and then there is the police in the United States…who are not allowed to profile.
      We are doomed!

  9. Nancy the grifter has fun on our dime wherever she goes..
    Oh how the media forgets her photo ops with Assad during her heralded trip to syria years ago. Or how clinton built north korea’s
    nuclear reactor… or how clinton handed over our valuable “super computer” to china in the name of co-operation.
    Now ubama is engaged (conspiring) with iran over their nuclear bomb building while turning his back to Israel…
    Such colossal acts of stupidity. No wonder the world laughs & mocks our country. They think we’re all a bunch of boneheads !!!

  10. Can’t believe he has his little Brit lapdog, David Cameron, lobbying OUR Congress to stay out of the Iran debacle. What hubris! That presser was embarrassing! The two of them need to get a hotel room.