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Dobbs: Jarrett Diminished March, Calling it a “Parade”

I ran the video of Valerie Jarrett Thursday discussing President Obama’s no-show at the Paris march, but I missed this. I myself inadvertently called it a “parade” after hearing her remarks. But it was emphatically not a parade, and Jarrett probably was choosing her words carefully in order to minimize the issue.

“Not once, but twice, she referred to that march as a parade, dismissing and apparently trying to trivialize an unprecedented show of solidarity and European opposition to radical Islamists,” said Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs.

Here’s Jarrett again:

Actually, Ms. Jarrett, this is a parade. If Obama doesn’t get more serious about battling the war – yes, the war – against Islamist – yes, Islamist – terrorism, maybe he’d like to join this one.

49 thoughts on “Dobbs: Jarrett Diminished March, Calling it a “Parade””

  1. It could not have been a parade, there were no clowns; now if Obama, Biden, Holder or Kerry attended, then it could have been called a parade.

  2. The woman is the defacto President. Obama does nothing without her input/approval. Until they are both out of the west wing, things are only going to get worse. Unless of course you’re a Gitmo terrorist a radical Islamist or a “friend” of the WH ready to march illigal aliens and green energy’s greater glory.

  3. We have a President who relinquishes all control to a handful of handlers, with Ms. Jarrett at the top of the list. Her dismissal of the march of unity against radical Islam as a parade is nothing short of a slap in the face to all who attended and a pat on the back to those for who this march was against.

    History will tell the truth, she was in control for 8 years, like the man behind the big curtain in the Wizard of Oz


  4. I read that Kerry brought James Taylor to Kerry’s laying of the flowers to sing You Got a Friend!! Is this real or an Onion? Please tell me Onion. Please. Please. I can’t imagine the story is legit.

      1. Oh my. That’s tragic. Lyrics?

        Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you got to do is call. And I’ll be there… next week maybe, baby….

        1. That;s great!

          If I were good at this sort of thing, I’d work in some lyrics about meeting with the sultan of Oman and about the hyped-up job fair in India. Maybe something about FCMABBHO’s promise to stand with Muslims should the political winds turn against them .

          If the sky above you should turn dark and full of clouds
          and that old north wind should begin to blow,

        1. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating just to make a point and have a little fun. My first language (I hate the term, but there we are) is French.

          I speak it, write it, read it and still talk to some of my relatives in French (in joual, the working class French dialect spoken in Quebec).

          I’ve heard Kerry speak French several times. He is not what I would call fluent. He tends to screws up his syntax, use the not-quite-correct word, applies sloppy idioms, the wrong tense, and has an irritating, obnoxious Ivy League twang when he speak French. There I said it again and I stand by it. ;+}

        1. Thats true. the dumb base of democrats, must have loved that whole scene but they are dumb, ugly, illiterate atheists who murder life, millions of babies, whole generations of life, and hate God, filthy communists, the democrat party turned into. y.

  5. Oh, my, how I have missed Lou Dobbs without Fox on Dish…did not learn last night that we were back on until ten minutes into O’Reilly…It was so good to see Ed Henry!!!!
    Agree completely about Val-Jar. She is a disgrace that keeps on disgracing.

  6. Near the end of the video Jarret almost blows it when she says Kerry flew to Paris at the request of the French to attend “a meeting”. Reports are out stating Kerry was ordered not to attend the demonstration and so the Obama spew turned his trip into a meeting. None of that makes sense but what does make sense is that he flew to attend the demonstration and was told not. If Kerry did attend a meeting, why no remarks about who he met with and what strategy they came up with or any details of this meeting. Obama administration lies every time they open their mouths.

    1. “Leading from behind”?

      Then again, even Rosie Ruiz discovered that you can jump to the front of a parade and act like you’re leading it.

      Then again, vj44 once referred to the Army’s Vice Chief of Staff as a waiter.

  7. With newspapers, books, TV, Radio, Internet, I feel/hope the French people know how we (people/ most citizens of U.S., feel about the no show. There were no gatherings in my small town. I brought a new pack of pencils to the small newspaper.

  8. I am surprised ValJar even spoke on national television! Is the person behind the curtain finally coming out front and center?

    Next one of BO’s daughters will hold a press conference concerning school lunches and how good they have it.

    “Before the Parade Passes By” – Hello Dolly

    1. Obama’s theme song—-“Send in the Clowns”—–
      Making my
      entrance again with my usual flair
      Sure of my lines no one is there

      Quick send in the clowns
      Don’t bother they’re here

  9. Once again, this administration got gob-smacked by their miscalculations and lack of understanding.
    They obviously never imagined a march of millions of people to support free speech, and protest the killing of some cartoonists who work in a relatively unknown magazine. Just as they underestimate the resolve of the American public to undo, void, and nullify some actions by this President, they left themselves open to critics who saw their non-participation as an insult.
    The national leaders of many countries who concern themselves with protections and securities were safe from harm during this incredible show of solidarity. MrObama would have been as safe as them had he attended this moment.
    MsJarrett is no dummy, she knows what a parade looks like, and she knows what a massive protest of Islamic violence means to the world.

  10. Just curious. Is she still ‘parading’ her Muslim boyfriend around town?

    One week after the ’08 election, the meerkat announced that Obama would be ready to ‘take power and rule on Day One’. It’s obvious that Obama issued a dictate forbidding Biden and Kerry to march in an anti-radical Muslim terrorist event. When are we going to rain on the parade of all the closet Muslims that are reigning over our govt?

    1. “When are we going to rain on the parade of all the closet Muslims that are reigning over our government.”

      When congress get’s it head out and grows a spine to stop it.

    1. What do you bet she is a Vampire? She only comes out at night to haunt the West Wing. Surprised she allowed herself to be seen on TV in daylight. ;-{

      1. That is called “night for day,” sassy. The cinematographer builds an arrangement of lights that will film as daylight, but really is only a fake reality built for the setting of a very small shot.

        Your vampire theory holds.

  11. Obama didn’t go to Paris, he is the only one of the world leaders that didn’t show up because of security concerns. Afraid, true coward. Whenever he goes anywhere he clears the streets, the restaurants, the beaches, golf courses, etc., and he could not do that in Paris.

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  13. Yesterday I mentioned Valerie Jarrett to three different people whom I consider reasonably intelligent. All three had never even heard of her. Puppetmasters don’t need a public profile evidently

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