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Valerie Jarrett on Paris: “We got the Substance Right”

Unfortunately for ValJar, this time, the symbolism is the substance.

Really? Valerie Jarrett doesn’t know why her friend Eric Holder didn’t participate in the parade even though he was in Paris at the time. Doesn’t sound very credible.

33 thoughts on “Valerie Jarrett on Paris: “We got the Substance Right””

    1. I did not catch that. I was busy looking into her eyes, and her facial expressions as she spoke. She spoke like a robot.
      No emotion, no regret, no feelings.

    2. Participating in a parade implies something celebratory like an historical event or a holiday. What happened in Paris was not something to celebrate with a parade. Just furthers my opinion that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. Why else would he not show up, let prisoners out of GITMO and tell us that he would stand along side Muslims.

      1. That was my first reaction too. This was not a celebratory occasion in any way.
        She had no soul, along with Obama, Holder, Kerry, Biden, and all of the hired help at the WH.
        Big Hug?
        Yikes! From Lurch? Yuck!

      2. Exactly…the implication is that it was a frivolous event without substance or meaning.
        This is a commonly used tactic by these people. Pay attention to the words they use. It will become very obvious.
        “The tongue devise the mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully. Thou lovers evil more than good; and lying rather than to speak righteousness. Selah” Psalm 52:2-3
        (In its entirety, Chapter 52 is on point about this topic. And, in case someone does not know, I believe “Selah” means “pause and prayerfully consider.”)

        1. She is just further denigrating the importance of the leaders linking arms and making a statement against the killing of innocents and the demonstration of free speech.
          This administration’s reaction to what happened over there is despicable.

  1. Pathetic! I just read that big hug issue on WZ. Her comment means nothing regarding Hol. at a meeting. He still could have shown face.
    CNN did not ask where the dickens o, Biden, did not show?
    Everyone knows Holder went to the meetings, and everyone knows he left. If he would have stayed, I understand he would not been allowed to be in the front line, because he was not important enough. Only heads of states are in the front line.
    I just read a fine article on

  2. “I’m not aware of that” — Valerie Jarrett. That’s a new one.

    It’s rather frightening that this is one of the most influential people in the US.

  3. It’s becoming more and more obvious what the long range plans are for the Obamas, and it doesn’t include showing outrage at anything the Islamists do to others.
    A benevolant, all encompassing love for the peoples of the world is what his wants to show everyone. He sets the table for immigrants (with our money), asks for better working conditions for the little people (with employer’s money), and promotes free stuff for everyone (with our money).
    He’s looking for worldwide love and a voice that others will heed.

    1. I had six hours yesterday to leaf through magazines and all manner of liberal stuff. I read a lot of women and women empowerment things — featuring the likes of Kerry’s daughter and Samantha Power and a lot of women with do good works — all admirable and capable. But almost all focused outside the country — not too much in America. And none even remotely considering that these projects do not hold always — taken over by war and corruption. Nice cloud.

      And I agree with what you are saying about Obama’s long term goals. And now we are the level of talk — lots and lots of talk — what is terrorism — how to say it — but no action.

      And Congress — lots and lots of talk.

      And the stock market, falsely propped up, lots of talk about it.

      And the Pope — who is now not so much tending souls but speech.

      The only people taking action while the world talks, and soothes itself, are the terrorist of all stripes, especially the Islamic terrorists, and the rolling protesters shutting down and out Americans during the normal course of their life.

      The situation is ripe — to go either way.

    1. That sentence can be read in two ways. I would like to clarify it that
      Valerie J runs the WH AND the president.

      (someone should have asked her where she was on the night of Benghazi)

  4. Val Jar is not the Presidents adviser. Iranian born Val is the President. Her good buddy and relative is none other than Vernon Jordon, who is the Bilderberg group. Draw your own conclusions about the Bilderberg’s.
    But things are going just they way these foreigners in the white house want.

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  6. Mzzzz Jarrett has very long family and personal connections with the Communist party. She is not one of us, so to speak.

    She’s a True Believer, and following that type of nut, is arrogant, self righteous, unctuous, manipulative, argumentative and contentious. She ALWAYS has the correct answer, you see.

    Her Commie influences and associates include her grandfather, her father, her first husband, Van Jones, etc. That’s the type of Commie misfit she has known, affiliated with, befriended, sought support from and connected.with all her life. If the MSM weren’t full of Progressive Marxist journalists who are afraid of her, or agree with her, she would be exposed immediately for the complete fraud she has always been. She’s a true “enemy within”.

    She’s exactly the kind of nut job Obama has always surrounded himself with. In Obama’s case, she is his assigned handler. I’ve long suspected she maintains the Administration’s Book of Enemies. No doubt she’s a main force behind the continual pursuit of Davis Petraeus, while ordering Holder to ignore the Leftist enemies of the country who have committed crimes.

  7. Does anyone recall the answer to Brokaw interviewing VJ during the transition “Obama will able to rule from day 1”? If not Google it.

  8. You cannot give me a single good reason why this person, this Valerie Jarrett, is on my TV screen.

    This country is in a terrible situation.

  9. From The Complete Obama Timeline:

    Of course, whether Holder was at a meeting is irrelevant to the fact that Obama was watching NFL playoff games in the White House rather than showing support for other nations in the fight against Islamist terrorism. Interestingly, Jarrett refers to the march as a “parade,” as if there were clowns coming out of Volkswagen Beetles and beauty pageant winners waving from flower-covered floats. That is no doubt an intentional effort to ridicule the march as meaningless, and not important enough for Obama to have made any effort to join.

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