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Obama Schedule || Friday, January 15, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:05 am || Meets with British Prime Minister Cameron
12:20 pm || Press conference with Cameron; East Room
5:30 pm || Holds a screening of Selma: Family Theater

All times Eastern except as noted
Live Stream of joint press conference at 12:20 pm

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    1. Thanks for posting the link, grace. Read all about Al’s hissy fit about the Oscars and demands earlier. You are spot on, it’s no surprise.

      They both deserve a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for being full-time Ass hats and Racists.

        1. In a way its kind of like eating their young. I am not sure that Barack understood what it was to truly unleash Al Sharpton. He will have the various “bases” at one another’s throats. And that cannot be good.

          For the moment it looks like BarValJar has Sharpton on a short leash — still asking for permission –but that can’t last forever.

          Lots of Hollywood $$$$ for Obama and they are not going to take too kindly to that yappy little Al nipping at their wallets.

        2. Sadie, I like your idea of lifetime achievement award. That is one award they deserve.

          I read that after the Oscar snub Obama invited the cast and crew of Selma to the WH Friday. I wonder if Obama’s BFF tax evader, Rev Al will attend also.

          1. I just heard it was nominated for the best picture. He said he needs a task force, emergency meeting in hollywood. There were many times I have been disappointed, surprised by nominations. I did not whine, yell, or call a task force.

          2. Sad but true. Maybe the movie wasn’t nominated because it wasn’t good. Perhaps, maybe Obama’s pals in Hollywood are really racist. Tune in next time, for “As the Stomach Turns.” h/t Carol Burnett

          3. The director and producer of a film are indirectly acknowledged when it’s nominated. Steve McQueen is the first African-American director and producer whose film won it.

            If Selma wins the Oscar for Best Picture, Ava DuVernay will be the first African-American woman to win.

          4. How can Sharpton get away with being a crim while our former governor here in Virginia is going to the clink for perceived crimes nobody is really clear about?

            I DON’T GET IT…..

            Or maybe I do, I’ll check Wiki for information on worldwide fascism…..

      1. Where was Al’s hissyfit when Selma made a so-so showing in the award winners so far. Here’s a list of all the awards handed out so far this season, not all are as high profile as the Oscars (and Al knows that).

        These are what you call industry back slappers, just about every category at the Oscars has their own awards. Only the Oscars let’s EVERYBODY vote. It’s why it’s the Holy Grail of awards season.

  1. OT: I just heard on Fox that this is how much time Gitmo release news was covered yesterday on these three networks;
    ABC: 35 seconds NBC: 0 seconds ABC: 0 seconds

  2. I understand Cameron and o may chat on the phone about very important things from time to time. However the time they are spending today in person, does not seem like enough time. One hour and 15 mins.

  3. Gowdy brought the hammer down on o over executive overreach and the seperation of powers, as defined by the Constitution.
    “THIS, Madam Speaker, despite the fact that the very same P. over twenty different times, said he lacked the power to do what he just did.
    And he repeatedly said he is no a king, Now, Madam Speaker, his position may have changed, after the election I hasten to add, but the Constitution has not.”
    Later, Gowdy drew applause for imploring the Congress to stand up for the American people:
    This is not a fight between Reps. and Dems. This is not even a fight over immigration reform. This is a fight over whether this branch of government will ever find the courage to stand up for itself.
    The same doucument that this and all presidents swears to defend gives this body certain tools – tools like the power of the purse. And it’s about damn time we use that tool.
    I would rather o show a film that the Constitution and the Seperations of power.

    1. Thanks for posting that Mandy. I did see that announced a little while ago.
      I just read on that:
      o said he is going to veto HOSTILE legislation, including and Iran sanctions package. O made clear in a closed door session yesterday. My point:
      Part of his job is to protect us. He is going to have the nerve to call the legislation: Hostile!
      He lets gitmo prisoners set free, leaving us to fear they will rejoin a HOSTILE environment. Let me know if I am being to picky on his vocabulary.

      1. He’s right. The legislation would be “hostile” to his agenda which, from what I gather, is to paint himself as the savior of humanity against the Iranian nuclear threat.

        1. I thought a different word should have been used. I do not feel the they are being hostile in doing away with the sanctions, etc. They are doing their job. I feel o is the hostile one.

          1. Correct. However when he is letting out gitmo prisoners that may turn hostile on us. I would have chosen a different word: Maybe challenging.

          2. You have to put yourself into his mind. It’s not a hostile act to him to release jihadis who might turn around and attack us or allies. He’s merely fulfilling one of his campaign promises.

    2. By the way, Take a second look at the faces of the people around the table with Kerry. As far as part of his comment: “Big Hug”, let me know if you see any cartoons regarding the comment.

      1. I can’t decide on the huge number,
        Speaking of Thatcher. Just this morning when I turned on the news their was a discussion about HIllar.
        I was thinking I am 53 years old. I really thought within my lifetime, I would see our first woman president, that I would be proud of. It is so disappointing, the two Dem. ladies they discuss has possible ladies to run.
        We have many fine intelligent woman in the U.S.

  4. So… this is TWICE now that Barry has chosen The Brotherhood over The First Amendment.

    He could have marched in Paris for the First Amendment.
    He could have had a WH screening for “The Interview.”


    But #OscarsSoWhite? He’s DOWN WITH THE STRUGGLE.

  5. It’s no surprise at all that they’re screening the Selma movie at the WH, as I totally predicted this a couple of months ago when the movie began to get buzz. The only atypical part is that it’s on a Friday night, but I guess that just means there will be a big party afterward. All the actors, Oprah, the director, crew, etc.

    It looks like a four day party weekend for Moochelle between Friday night’s big party, and most likely a fancy dinner at a trendy, expensive DC restaurant on Saturday for her birthday. So sad for her it won’t be as luxurious and splashy as last year when she hit the big 5-0 and was “gifted” by Obummer, (um, the taxpayers), with an extra week in Hawaii (at Oprah’s house), followed by a huge WH party complete with a performance by Beyonce, You know, Beyonce, the person Mooch said she’d most like to be and whom Obummer proclaimed in September 2012 was a great role model for his daughters.

    As far as the movie screening, I recall that last year the WH decided not to screen any of the nominated movies:

    When the credits roll Nov. 20 on Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom at the Kennedy Center, they could end not only the biopic’s second Washington screening but also a practice some believe has made Barack Obama a pawn in the Academy Awards race.

    Ever since Steven Spielberg showed Lincoln at the White House in 2012, the president has been bombarded with pitches from awards contenders carrying lofty social messages. With some in Hollywood grumbling that Weinstein Co. films like Mandela have received attention because Harvey Weinstein is an Obama fundraiser, sources tell THR that White House officials are planning to scale back the number of “official” screenings. “After Mandela, that’s it,” says a person familiar with the plan, citing a reluctance to involve Obama in Oscar politics.


    Recently, 12 Years a Slave filmmakers privately have questioned why Obama has not officially screened their film, a seemingly odd omission for an acclaimed drama steeped in U.S. history. Distributor Fox Searchlight’s hopes were raised when the White House requested a print, which some thought foretold an “official” screening.

    Searchlight is downplaying an Oval Office snub. “We were requested to send a print to the White House, and we did,” says executive vp marketing Michelle Hooper. Director Steve McQueen declined comment. “If you look at the films they do invite for the big event screenings, it’s obvious you can buy your way into the White House,” scoffs another exec on Slave. “We were not big donors to Obama. Do we wish they would have us? Of course. But it’s not that important.”

    So, now this year they’re back to allowing the WH to be used as a promotion vehicle for Oscar nominated movies. Maybe if this helps secure the Oscar, Mooch will be treated to another week at Oprah’s house in Hawaii.

    As far as Sharpton, someone needs to tell him to shut the hell up. Last year, 12 years a Slave was nominated for nine Oscar awards and won for best picture. This year, he has the nerve to complain that the Selma movie didn’t receive a slew of nominations, even though it was nominated for best picture. Who appointed this jackass as the arbiter of what number of Oscar nominations is fair for any “black” movie that comes along?

    Also, I’m just going to say it….Amy Pascal of Sony joked about BHO’s choice of movies because he typically does screen certain movies at the WH, (last year being the exception).

    1. Lupita Nyong’o, one of the most beautiful women from Hollywood in ages, also won the Best Supporting Actress award. John Ridley won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay award.

  6. Shouldn’t Family Theatre be called the White House Theatre?
    It does not belong to any one family-it’s ours-the taxpayer’s house and theatre.

    1. I was wondering that myself. And who had this theater put in? Would not a simple 60″ Plasma screen be good enough for the kids to watch TV?

      1. Because the screening room — officially called the White House Family Theater — is considered part of the private residence, White House press reps won’t comment. But the administration hasn’t been shy about publicizing events at the screening room that have stature: The documentary “Nuclear Tipping Point” is publicized; summer tentpoles are not.


        A White House screening can add a certain prestige value to a movie, perhaps even elevating its attention in the eyes of Academy voters, but the decision rests with Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on whether to publicly reveal their film choices.

        They have tended to do so when the projects have strong social or historical themes, as will be the case with the “Selma” screening just before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday. In cases with movies like “Lincoln,” the White House has released photos from the event, and “Beasts of the Southern Wild” was screened to high school students at the White House, followed by a film workshop featuring cast and crew.

        Many of the Obamas’ movie choices, however, are not disclosed, as the 40-seat White House Family Theater is considered part of their private family quarters.

        Presidential movie choices through the years have been tinged with controversy and curiosity. The first movie screened at the White House was in 1915, when Woodrow Wilson hosted a showing of “Birth of a Nation.” Richard Nixon was so obsessed with “Patton” that he had to deny years later that the movie affected his decisionmaking. An X-rated movie has even screened there — “Midnight Cowboy,” screened by Jimmy Carter.

  7. We had a big Republican victory in Congress, and Obama is still steamrolling the Congress and the constitution — he speaks, things happen, the wheels of the bureaucracy and the regulators act on it, and boom done. Pretty much the picture on amnesty.

  8. Did anyone else see that John Effin’ Kerry brought James Taylor to perform “You’ve Got a Friend” for his hug-summit with Hollande?

    No, I’m not making that up.

    1. I did see that. I had already posted his comment “Big Hug”.
      Well I guess that solves everything. A Big Hug and James Taylor.
      I hope James Taylor rights a song of this whole ordeal.

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