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Obama to Take Questions from Imbecilic YouTube Stars

President Obama will avoid the glare of harsh questioning and incur a grilling instead from inane stars of the YouTube BoobTube following his State of the Union speech.

It’s clear that Obama counts as one of his signature achievements the diminishment of the presidency, whether by smacking gum around at world leader summits, slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon, and so on. Being interviewed by people who post viral videos on YouTube advances this accomplishment another step.

From the Washingtoin Times:

Mr. Obama will meet with meet YouTube creators Bethany Mota, GloZell and Hank Green. None of the YouTube personalities appear to have any experience in the media world or in interviewing political officials, though each has millions of subscribers.

Ms. Mota, for example, has more than 8 million subscribers. Her last three YouTube postings involve tips on how to host a great party.

One of GloZell’s recent postings is titled, “My push-up bra will help me get my man.”

Maybe with her focus on her bra, Glozell has been staying a breast of the news and will have some good questions.


What a circus.

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  1. Well, with the government wanting to take over of the internet and the close relationship with Google (who owns and operates YT) this makes perfect sense.

    Let’s hope there is no breaking news during this all important interview. Then again, Valarie will be at the ready.

    1. She was on CNN tonight (all I can stomach without Fox on Dish).
      She defended Obama on the Paris Goof Up and then went right into the “great economy and all he is doing for the middle class”….last time I looked I was middle class but I am afraid that is no longer true.
      I am not on Food Stamps and Welfare…they are the new middle class.
      We pay our own way…and it is costly…for not a lot.

        1. I went that route during the DISH spat but the Fox stream app is pathetic. Plus I didn’t want to invest in the equipment/software to allow for recording. Favorites at the Caldwell household are the Five and Special Report, both on before those of us who have to pay for all of Obama’s free stuff are home from work so a DVR of some type is a must.
          Can’t do Tivo because out in the country and can’t get cable, satellite is it.
          That’s why I fully support my great leader, Obama in his plan to take over the internet via FCC fiat. Only government will ensure I am treated “fairly” and city folk are forced to pay more to give me out here in the country fiber optic internet. [sarc]

      1. Exactly. Obama’s complete Presidency has been one, long effort of political theater, complete with puppets and magic lanterns. Just like Mao used to have in the boondocks villages of China.

    1. Although the “How to throw a great party” should provide some common ground. An as far as the “Push-UP Bra”, well, the first daughters ARE getting to that age and will need to look slutty for the next Beyonce concert!!

  2. Bethany Mota… the You Tube “hauler” chick who got booted from Dancing With The Stars before the finals despite having the producers’ favorite partner (Derrick Hough)! So much for her millions of followers.

    She’s best known for getting free stuff from retailers and promoting it to her pre-teen followers. That’s who the President is “meeting” with? Gag. Me.

    1. I pthink pit’s preally prude pof pyou pto pmake pfun pof pthat pidiots pname. Pyou pshould pconcentrate pon pher pactual plack pof pANY psocially predeeming pqualities pand pattack pher pfor ptha!! Pjust psayin’!!

    1. x2 And elsewhere he claims he’s going to play “offense”.

      Everything is a game to him. A joke. He is a disgrace. A true black mark on American presidential history.

  3. Well as long as we are talking imbecilic I just saw Geraldo on OReilly. Topic Al Sharpton. Geraldo admires him and for my money, Al and Geraldo are equally despicable. Geraldo claims Sharpton is the only one with credibility in the black community. If I was black, I would be offended.

    On another topic, here is a good IBD commentary on Obama, the French and the good old anti colonialism , anti imperial blood that runs through Obama’s veins and governs his waking moments and world view.

    And just for fun — a Ramirez cartoon.

  4. Wow. Mod Jail is a piece of cake. Literally. At least we get food and drink and get released. At abc I get removed.

    I made the following comment about the sound of the call to prayer and queried when a mosque would allow the angelus or non believers to enter.
    I was attacked for being a religious bigot and also people like I had forced this unfortunate woman to renounce her faith. (big leftist leap to religious bigot for not liking the sound and also she a victim forced to abandon her faith by other people). Oh yeah I also said that Barack Obama liked the sound as well.
    Heard it many times. Not beautiful to me. Clearly beautiful to you and to Barack Obama. Let me know when a mosque agrees to ring bells for the angelus or any other Christian prayer. Or for that matter, when a mosque allows non believers.
    Mod Jail looking pretty good Keith.

  5. I don’t waste my time listening to this man. i’m convinced he’s set to do as much harm to this country as possible during his term in office. We keep hearing new edicts out of his mouth or from his sidekick or alter ego V. J.

  6. I really thought this was a satire piece but couldn’t find the satire tag. Obama, fundamentally transforming the office of President to new, low standards.

  7. While I don’t think only “professional” journalists are the only ones that can accurately ask the right and tough questions (proved much by those who are called such in today’s media world) and that I do think regular people are just a valid at making sure the President (whom that is) can and will be held accountable for the things they say….

    …I see this is doing little different from the President going on MSNBC or CNN or even the network news organizations. Do you truly think these 3 represent what America is thinking and would like to know? Please. This will be nothing more than a glorified love-fest, where these 3 bums will fawn and drool and pant all over the dear leader’s “ideas” and tell us, not what America wants to know, but what liberals want to know.

    The SOTU address is pointless. Let’s go back to the way it was done for the longest time at the beginning (up to Wilson)-a written speech delivered to the press for publication.

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