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Video || Obama Mocked Drilling, Now Claims Credit

This video provides a great look at the contrast between candidate Obama, who mocked Republicans for chanting “Drill baby, drill,” and Obama Oil Opinion Version 2.0, in which he claims credit for the very $2 gas he said we wouldn’t achieve.

“You know, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices,” Obama said in 2012, less than two years before we did just that.

“Oil production on federal lands fell six percent since 2009, whereas production on private lands increased 61 percent, gains that happened not because of President Obama, but in spite of him,” said Fox News correspondent William La Jeunesse.

I’ll be back soon. I’m going to the gas station to fill up. I don’t care that I’ve still got half a tank, I just enjoy it too much.

38 thoughts on “Video || Obama Mocked Drilling, Now Claims Credit”

  1. Nothing upsets me more than to watch this charlatan stand up there in front of a crowd of adoring idiots and take credit for oil prices. He has bashed big oil from Day One! Remember the Volt? He can take that loser and shove it. We live in the car capital of the world…and I have only seen TWO Volts on the road since they rolled out of Detroit.

    Is anyone documenting the monumental lies of this narcissist? Would love too see one tv channel completely devoted to exposing this fraud!

    1. Butt, the people that need to see it, balk, pout & stomp their feet in unabashed deniability. Their hypnotic endorsement of this phony will not be shaken.
      And it’s almost comical watching these morons.
      Very sad that these commies have solid blinders on.

      1. Dont forget all the morons in the “WH press corps” and the “MSM” (even FoxNews nowadays) that allow Obama to get aways with all of this crap

        1. The MSM is a given. Their CEO’s have been contacted by the handlers & have been made to know their place.
          We need a fearless ‘protected’ spokesperson to stand up & not back down, bow down to this administration.
          We don’t have a dish or cable, but last week I about croaked when Scott Pelly (sp?) ended his nightly broadcast stating that strong news reporting is what they do, the 5th estate, keeping us all in the know, standing up to opposition as the Charlie H satirical news mag does…he compared his lame bs as a stand out news outlet. (My poor dogs hung their heads during my one sided tirade to Scott.)

          1. Mental vision of the poor dogs hanging their heads while you rant! My black Lab used to look shamefaced when I swore at my computer…particularly when I used the F word!

  2. It doesn’t matter who takes credit or how it happened to us out here in fly-over country – we are just relieved, and in seventh heaven.
    It’s like a pay-raise for those who drive to work, or use their vehicle as a working place for service and sales calls.

    The economy will see a rise so long as the dolts in DC don’t raise the gas taxes. If they raise those taxes, look for all of them to be ousted in the next election. IMO, of course.

  3. Jay Carney even went farther. Remember when he basically called Newt Gingrich a liar for saying we could get to……gasp…….drumroll……..wait for it…………$2.50 a gallon gas?
    That Carney now gets a paycheck from CNN speaks volumes to the lack of credibility in that organization today.

  4. About a year ago, I found an old newspaper that some glasses were wrapped in. Several AP articles linking Bush to the high gas prices. The outrageous average gas price was something like $2.45. I wish I kept it so that I could photocopy just to post it again. Seems funny that the same price could be viewed as both ridiculously high or amazingly low.

  5. The most powerful tool we have to reveal the political insanity of Obama is to highlight his constant hypocrisy. This clip does that.

    ‘Bout time we use the tools of Obama’s hero Alinsky on the ‘Bam himself. He’s a very easy target. In the case of this clip…..

    4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.
    5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.
    13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    GHow do you like that can of peas, Barry?

    1. I appreciat the clip. I am glad he read each and every one of those quotes. Now I would like to know why he didn’t read them earlier?
      Same time he could have read off each and every scandel.

  6. Here in the land of Mexico north, our loving Gov Jerry Brown, just blessed us with a new Carbon Tax of 8 cents a gallon. And that is sure to go up. That on top of sales tax and separate road tax.
    This is really going to hurt when gas goes back to 4 dollars plus.
    In the mean time I am enjoying the 2.60 cent a gallon price here.

    1. One of the advantages of living in fly over country is I filled up this afternoon for $1.65 a gallon. Never thought I’d see $2.50 again let alone below two bucks. I know it won’t last but for a few weeks it sure is a nice feeling.

      1. $1.65!!!!!!!! Crap, I’ve got Pump Envy. Californio that I am, I paid $2.57 yesterday! Yeah yeah, I know. Oh boo-hoo, poor me!! But at least I can brag that even after the Republican Tsunami in November, ALL of my statewide elected officials are STILL Democrats! Incredible!!

  7. Thank you Lord Obama for the gas which I am about to put in my car. Thank you for the insurance I am about to pay for and my doctor who has not quit.

  8. This is the same hypocrite who told an audience in Portland in 2008 that we can’t keep our thermostats at 72 yet turned around and cranked the White House thermostat high enough to grow orchids.

    This is the same hypocrite who told that same audience that we can’t keep on driving our SVU’s yet bragged to a crowd in 2011 that he has a better plane and a bigger entourage. How many millions of dollars has he charged us for jet fuel for trips like the one he is on today? What about his vacations?

    1. He also said in 2011: “I’ve got a lot more gray hair now than I did the last time I visited, but, I have a better plane, so it’s a fair trade.”

      That’s right, you freakin’ narcissistic commie puke: it’s all about you!

  9. OT: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 Congress has authority regarding gitmo prisoners. o did not have authority.
    Borderline of aiding the recruiters and trainees.
    That is what Allen West just said. (Borderline)
    This conversation came up after Fox made the point that two of the prisoners released were LINKED to the Paris attack.
    Allen West said we are putting American lives in danger.
    He always does his release move Saturday or Sunday, when most people not paying attention to the news.
    Where is report on the deserter Bergdahl? That was Allen West last comment/question.

  10. I was pretty much unavailable all day so a little behind. Unfortunately for Obama he loves the sound of his own voice, not the content, just the sound and there is a lot of his contradictions and lies on video and archived.

    Also I heard, Boehnner cited 99 as the number of times Obama said he did not have the authority to do amnesty.

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