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Romney? Really?

Well, Mitt Romney apparently thinks what the country needs is Mitt Romney, and so he is, as White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest deadpanned Tuesday, “considering getting the band back together again.”

He’s calling his old donors and telling them to keep their mouths and their wallets shut, contacting former operatives and telling them he’s going operational, and generally signaling he’s about to inflict another campaign on us.

The White House has contempt for lots of people, but one can certainly excuse its contempt for Romney, who lost to Obama in 2012 even though the sitting president was presiding over a lousy economy, had jammed through Congress an unpopular signature policy – Obamacare – and was losing his grip on an increasingly disordered and violent world.

romneyR-logoRomney, who lacks a seriousness about conservatism, can only claim that he’d somehow run the country better than anyone else, which makes little sense since he ran his general election campaign worse than anyone else. The Democrats beat him soundly by every measure – voter targeting, getting out the vote, use of social media, canvassing, and so forth. Sure, he’d bring more discipline to running the government than Obama, but that’s like saying your mother-in-law would be better company at breakfast than a puff adder. Of course she would.

Romney, as everyone says, is a good and decent man who cares about this country. And the fact is, he could win the nomination. Conservatives who say it’s wonderful having Romney in the race too, along with Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, because it will divide moderates in the same the conservative vote was divided last time are kidding themselves. They should watch what they wish for, because they may just get Romney.

Mitt has a kind of “daddy” appeal, in that the country has been run so irresponsibly that voters will want the comfort of someone who seems mature and experienced. That is, after years of being fooled by that cad Obama, they’ll finally go running home to daddy.

Romney knows the ropes. This is very important. Republican nominees are almost always on their second or third go-round running for president. Romney will learn from his mistakes. He has lots of material to draw from.

But he might well lose the general election, because that’s what moderate Republicans do. The only Republicans to win in the last thirty four years were Reagan, George H.W. Bush – who though a moderate was elected to Reagan’s third term and then lost next time – and George W. Bush, who seemed pretty severely conservative to everyone in 2000, though he turned out a little less so than anticipated.

American voters want to be inspired. They like people with principles. This is a country founded on an idea, and Americans like to vote for presidents with ideas and, yes, ideologies. Compassionate conservatism at least sounded like an ideology. Obama surely has an ideology, which, even if not one most Americans agree with, made him appealing in a way.

But everyone knows Romney, who invented Obamacare, is in his heart a moderate. The very model of a “practical man.” He ran mainly on opposition to Obama in 2012, something a real conservative would never do.

What would be the point of putting the country on hold for four or eight years while Romney tinkers around? American needs, as someone once put it, fundamental change.

Fundamental change back to the vision of a group of radicals who introduced the unheard-of concept of minimum interference from the ruler and maximum freedom for the ruled.

Back to the vision of the Founding Fathers. Those are the daddies we need to run to.

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    1. Just what I was about to say. Well two things.
      The debate, he just backed………………off. I was in tears that night. I don’t know if he listened to his advisors by backing off, or his gut feeling.
      Number two, is yes his own pre- o-care issue. Even if everyone looks past that, and stands behind him, you will have that argument being thrown in debate by the Dems.

      1. Lee . . . At that point in the campaign he was receiving the infamous President’s Daily Briefing–supposedly the same one given to the President.. In my tiny brain I have often postulated that some piece of knowledge or misinformation in that briefing may have caused him to back off in the debate. It still has me confounded to this very day. I will save my shekels for someone who refuses to wimp out. I’d run bake sales to help Trey Gowdy for sure.

        1. Some one must have told him, Tonight you cannot be as forceful, intelligent, quick, etc. They must have said tonight you have to be nice.

    2. look: it’s easy to say today what he should have done then. woulda coulda shoulda. but when I watched it happen live, I didn’t think there wasn’t much he could have done at that point.

      but let’s imagine for a moment that Romney had played it differently. let’s say he interrupted both the moderator and the POTUS and insisted that Obama hadn’t called it terror. what do you think would have happened?

      neither Obama nor Crowley would have backed down. they would have continued to insist–in the sneering tones they had been using–they were right and poor old Mitt was delusional or something. (like they laughed at other comments. “Russia?! poor old Mitt! he still thinks the Cold War is going on!”)

      Romney could have continued to press it, in which case the MSM would have reported the next day that “a petulant Romney refused to let it go, even after the president responded, and Crowley confirmed Mr. Obama’s version of events.” and they would have run a set piece on “the Party of No.”

      I don’t think we should do or not do things based on how they might be reported, but if we’re smart we have to THINK ABOUT it, don’t we?

      the MSM stenographer media will do anything and everything they can to make sure the Republicans lose elections and look as foolish as possible. when Romney PWNED Obama in the first debate, they were stunned and unhappy. they were simply not going to let that happen again.

    1. I saw it earlier today on Newsmax:

      Zogby on Romney: Ann Says Mitt Would Run as First Divorced Mormon

      The latest poll from Townhall and Gravis Marketing shows Romney garnering an impressive 21 percent of Iowa Republican voters – and topping the possible GOP presidential field, The Hill reports.

      It may not matter, Zogby said.

      “A very prominent conservative Republican consultant called me last night and said that he spoke to Ann Romney over the weekend and Ann said if Mitt runs, he will run as the first divorced Mormon candidate for the president of the United States,” Zogby said.

      “She is sending out the word at least privately that he’s not running. We got two interesting developments here – whether he runs or he doesn’t run.”

      Zogby might not be lying about the phone call, but I think the “very prominent conservative Republican consultant” who called him last night is someone ether in Jeb’s camp or who wants Jeb to run. They called Zogby last night because they’re nervous about all the Romney talk. They don’t want Romney to run because he’s the biggest challenge to Jeb.

      Basically, I’m more willing to believe all the various details in the Fox article:

  1. Yes Bob in Indy that was the defining moment for me too….I will not vote for him again, or put up a yard sign, or volunteer at the Republican offices, or send him a dime like last time. Nice man, but weak when he should have kicked butt!

    1. and people like you are the reason Romney lost last time.

      regular Kofflerheads know that I’m very big on party unity. there is only one way to defeat the Democrats, and that’s to vote for the Republicans.

      if half of you take your bat and ball and go home because your preferred “conservative” candidate didn’t get the nomination, the GOP will never win the WH again. ever.

      think of it this way: every time a Republican says he will “never vote for…” the GOP candidate, a Democrat smiles.

      1. Rose I have voted in every election since I was eligible. If I live until 2016, I will be 76 and I will still vote for the Republican candidate. If I didn’t, my folks would turn over in their graves. It’s just that I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. When there are stalwart men/women standing on the sidelines who would make a good or great president but the party machine picks the one with the most money and the prettiest smile.

      2. “Vote for the Republicans.”
        No matter who they are or what their record is.
        Is that what you’re saying rulierose ?

        Well, I have to disagree.
        My inlaws vote democrat no matter what, and when questioned why they say that it makes no difference.
        If it makes no difference then why vote ?

  2. He’s a fine man, but 2012 was a winnable election and he blew it. We need someone new & fresh…wish one of the newer governors (Walker, Kasich) would emerge. No Jeb for me, either.

  3. The first three comments already said what I had planned on saying. So we are unanimous—–Romney may be a wonderful man but he didn’t step up his fight the last time and that allowed the dims to bully their way back into the WH. We need someone willing to FIGHT!

  4. We’re not looking for a nice guy, or a moderate thinker – we want JohnWayne/Eisenhower/the Hulk to rein in our government that has run amok for years. We don’t want de-funding, we want “be-heading” of the criminals, and elitists who are running their departments like little csars and we want accountablitity.
    MrRomney would make a very optic president, very smooth, and kindly, but we need something, someone more earthy. A President who tells illegals to pack their bags, a man/woman who cleans out the overbloated agencies, and who returns the government to it’s constitutional beginnings.

    ot: in defense of in-laws
    Not all in-laws are bad or reprehensible. As an in-law myself, i like to think that my advice is timely, my gifts are welcome, and try to keep out of family disputes.

  5. Everyone here pimp who ever they want in the primaries and if your candidate is not the general election nominee for the Republicans PLEASE still vote for that candidate. A third or fourth Obama term with Hillary will be the final nail in the coffin for this country. Any Republican candidate and I mean ANY candidate will be better than Hillary…

  6. This is the best article that you have ever written, Keith, Well said and so correct. I am listening carefully to Rubio, Cruz, and Carson. I want to see some fire in their eyes !!

      1. Don’t judge them as too soft or too far left before we hear them under pressure. Both men have had to fight battles in their lives that most of us can not imagine. Don’t let Carson’s soft voice confuse you. He is one tough, smart, and conservative man. Remember that he spent most if his life cutting on human brains.

        1. Brain surgeons have to be an unusual mix of very tough and very sensitive. Having dinner with a brain surgeon friend one evening I saw the strength they have. This man had been digging around in someone head from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. all day. He sat down to dinner and the phone rang. It was somebody with a really dumb question. When he put the phone down it broke in two pieces. Speak softly and carry a really big stick still works.

    1. Rubio has a junk immigration bill with Jeff Flake and some Dems. He’s my Senator. I was an early on Rubio supporter. He needs to stay where he is and prove himself.

  7. The thing about a Romney candidacy is that if the Big MSM describes him as being the right person for the Republican nomination, it’s a guarantee he’ll lose the general election.

  8. Keith, Great article. Salient points, all. Our economy is in near collapse, massive and mounting unsustainable debt, millions of Americans dropping out of the workforce or otherwise giving up, open borders, a ruined healthcare system, crippling regulations and out-of-control First Phone and Pen. And Foreign policy is worse. No RINOs need apply.

  9. NOT HIM AGAIN! Yes I am shouting! Why do they always pick losers for us to vote for. McCain was really bad as was Dole and now this guy again? Insanity in the leadership? Why not run Sponge Bob?

  10. OT: Oxford University Press bans mention of pork & pigs in their books to avoid offending muslims.
    OT: Duke University to broadcast Islamic call to prayer on Fridays.
    Same time: Our children are not allowed to pray in school.

    1. I just read about Duke at Breibart:

      In a new initiative to promote religious pluralism, Duke University will broadcast the Muslim call to prayer every Friday on campus. The call to prayer—also known as “adhan”—will be chanted by the Duke Muslim Student Association.

      The prayer itself is set to start this Friday at 1:00 p.m. and will be broadcast and amplified from the Chapel bell tower on campus.

  11. OT: Happy news everyone: A pair of Americans on Wednesday completed what had long been considered the world’s most difficult rock climb, using only their hands and feet to conquer a 3,000 foot vertical wall on El Capitan, the fobidding granite pedestal in Yosemite Natl. Park that has beckoned adverntures for more than half a century.

  12. Agreed. If it is a choice between Bush and Romney, I would rather have Romney.
    I would like to see Walker or Cruz get in. Heck even a total dark horse no one knows of now would be great.
    My true feelings are, we still have a way to Fall before folks wake up and elect a conservative. Hope I am wrong.

  13. Romney is still the best of the crop, so far. Yes, he has flaws. But he has one characteristic that will revive the country/economy – frugality. Unlike Obama, the show-horse, Romney will be a work-horse. We can trust him to put the economy back on track. The two most important issues are immigration and Obamacare. If he can come up with a solution to both issues, he’s my guy!
    Would love to see a military leader in the VP spot.

    1. Thank you, Girly1! I was getting depressed reading all these anti-Romney comments. As far as I’m concerned, the country is a total mess in every area imaginable and we need someone who has a proven record of leading, managing, and turning things around. As much as I might like some senators and where they stand on most issues, I’m not sure that they can manage the country and turn this mess around. The idea of a senator becoming POTUS has never been a good one to me, long before BHO even came along. A governor is much better equipped to be POTUS, and he/she has a record we can scrutinize. Unlike senators, governors have to deliver results.

      With his impressive business experience, the governorship of MA, and his experience with the Olympics, I remain convinced Romney is the one who has the ability to repair the unbelievable damage that BHO has done to this country. I look at some of these senators, like Rubio who has been all over Fox pushing his book, and I am left with the same thought that I had when Obummer ran in 2008 – I can go to my monthly County bar association meeting and find about twenty people with far more impressive resumes and who are far more qualified to be POTUS than most of these senators. I know they’re better than Obummer, but I still donlt think being a senator is great experience for being POTUS. These days it seems like every senator, and even some reps, thinks he/she can run for POTUS.

      1. Well said, Snark! Romney has already proved he is smarter than the others, and his character and work ethics are sterling. I will never consider him a loser b/c I really believe Obama stole that election from him. Candy Crowley should be in jail, along with Obama. Mitt will always be a ‘winner’ in my eyes. Not to mention Ann Romney. What a great first lady she would make.

  14. Mitt Romney is capable of learning, unlike Obama. I get the feeling that this group is looking for some kind of Superman to come floating out of the clouds and Lead the GOP! That seems unlikely. Why not elect a good, kind, smart man? Unlike what we have now.

    1. Well I voted for him proudly (and still have that sticker on my living room window) because as you said, a good smart kind man… With a proven record of successful business experience. So far from the current resident! So maybe not for prez but definitely some top job there, whipping things into shape in that current madhouse!!!

  15. Office seekers in the news seem to be on perpetual never ending loop. Little calm is noticed between, acceptance speeches, being sworn in, and the next day several wannabes are banging on the door wanting in.
    I wouldn’t live under any other system but the U.S.A. But, there are moments, when the circus needs to fold the tent and let the people rest…Maybe I’m getting old and tired…Convenience is pulling out the hearing aids, and reading a book…

  16. No more retreads please. I like Mitt Romney. I voted for Mitt Romney although I confess I would have voted for almost anyone against Obama. If the GOP wants to keep losing the White House to inferior Dems then all they have to do is keep running men like Romney against them.

    Personally my dream team in 2016 is Scott Walker/Susana Martinez. I know it will never happen but I think they would be great! FYI I am slightly prejudiced as Scott Walker is my governor who I have had the pleasure of voting for 3 times in 4 years.

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  18. In late 2012, The D.C. District Court identified Mitt Romney as the sole person with ‘standing’ to challenge Aka Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility, challenged by Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley.

    Sibley had copious documentary evidence that in fact, not only was the person who presents as “BHO II” NOT eligible, the identity document “Obama” presented is forged and fraudulent. Sibley notified Romney, asking for a half-hour meeting. Many of us also notified his office.

    Romney had the opportunity to deliver America from wickedness. Not only did he not do so, he never had the courtesy to respond to Sibley as to why.

    PS: Sibley represented Larry SInclair, and the D.C. Madam. He’s an authentic Patriot, with impeccable Integrity.

  19. No, no, no, no, no. Not Romney and not Jeb.

    There is too much new blood to run those retreads again. Hopefully someone with common sense will prevail before the election.

    I like Cruz, or Scott Walker.

  20. Keith, this is one of your best columns and saying so is a little like “First among equals” because you don’t turn out bad ones!
    Our column yesterday, “Romney’s Yardstick”, took a different look with a measure of how to predict his early failure.
    I wish I could turn a phrase like you do-“puff adder” is priceless!
    Best regards,

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