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Quote of the Day || January 15, 2015

“I’m not just a severe conservative. I’m now one of the harshest, most brutal conservatives anyone’s ever seen.”

– Mitt Romney

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. Here’s the thing about Mitt:he’s a Mormon. Many of your fly-over Christians (and, coastal Christians) don’t think Mormons are Christians.

    And, that’s a really big thing.

  2. Mitt’s appeal is his leadership quality and his business savy – e.g. “saving” the Olympics.
    Mitt’s problems include MA health care, but I do not believe his religion will present a problem during the next election. As my former neighbor stated, “Duh! We are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!”
    Mitt lost the last election because he gave the debates to Obama and, IMO he had a weak VP candidate.
    And, possibly, the election was rigged. :-)
    If he runs and IF he is chosen, he has to come out swinging – and keep hitting them over the fence.
    The American people will look for a charismatic, strong leader…Mitt could fill that bill…if he has the right people to coach him.
    Mitt, you have to set your face like flint.

    • I just heard that as well. I posted my comment on the previous thread. This of course was right after Reps said he can’t send anymore.These days their job appears to be a waste of time.
      I found it on bbc.

      • Reps asked for SLOW DOWN. o gave them the finger, I mean let FIVE MORE GO! As stated on Fox in a court a law each would have bee a strong case.
        The Five are named with Low, Med. or High risk.
        Yesteday the point was made he does most of his releases on Saturday of Sunday, when most people are not paying attention to the news. Well o showed us he did it during the work week.
        Need to call Reps and Senators

  3. Bla lives protests chaining themselves in on highway! I missed what city. They are planning to do it several other city highways.
    Where is their permit??????????????????????????????
    They are working now to unchain them and clear the highway.
    Will they be arrested?

    • I think the issue of votes being counted correctly, should be solved NOW! I think the treat of people standing outside of any voting place trying to scare or intimidate anyone, should be taken care of NOW!

    • Saw that about the team switch over. Could be used as campaign fodder — Hillary same as Obama. Like Barack you will love Hillary. Biden sure got screwed — unless there is some special deal for him. Which, of course, there is . Biden can be bought.

  4. How dare this piece of garbage release 5 more of these animals while we slept rise up America Obama is a plague on America we need to impeach him now my god my grand son serves in the marines for this piece of crap

  5. The protestors are in Boston. They are chained to metal barrels filled with concrete. Bla. lives matter protest.
    Many American citizens are sitting in their cars LOCKED in traffic.
    How is an emergency car/van suppose to get though. Hwy 1-93.
    Fox said they will be arrested. Brought Boston to a grinding halt.
    Another news person just stated not sure of arrest. As I mentioned a few mins. ago where are there dad burn permits.
    People are furious sitting (locked on hwy) in their car. Some are screaming.

  6. Barack Obama will not say radical Islam. Barack Obama is releasing Gitmo prisoners at a record pace to return to the battlefield to fight and kill the infidels.

    Barack Obama is snuggling up to dictators and enemies in Cuba and Iran. He refuses to stand in solidarity with France and and other allies when attacked by radical Islamists.

    53% -56% disapprove of Obama’s handling of terrorism and ISIS. Only 15% of the military support him, and most of them are probably illegals and top brass.

    Congress and the courts are our only legal recourse against this rogue who took an oath to defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic.

    Do the math.

    • Karl Rove said all the powers of the west. o does not want to agknowledge it. Karl said they had set of meetings. Natl security people, this is discussed at senior staff meeting. Chief staff, Ben Rhodes with not experience. Presented to o than shared with formal or informal meetings. We are keeping with your belief to down play, or o said will do what I want to do. O’Reily said it makes America less safe. Rove said if we speak with clarity what they do with their religion. Don’t win about being weak knee. They kill muslims as well. Hundreds in Nigeria and Yemen.

      • Ben Rhodes is a failed romance writer with a brother who is President of CBS. Nothing more nothing less.

        WH policy is finalized at the desk of Valerie Jarrett.

        • I agree. I was just noting that many discussions are being addressed on such issues. I don’t know where he goes when the final ignorant decisions are made.

  7. Duke University will have the Muslim Call to Prayer every Friday. One can assume that Barack Hussein Obama will not miss the first call — the sweetest sound and all.