As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 14, 2015

12:25 pm || Departs White House
12:45 pm || Arrives Baltimore
2:30 pm || Meets with Democratic Senators at the Senate Democratic Issues Conference; Baltimore
4:20 pm || Departs Baltimore
4:40 pm || Arrives White House
7:00 || Working dinner with British Prime Minister Cameron

All times Eastern except as noted

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 14, 2015

  1. So, because he has a “working” dinner with Cameron that means in his mind, he’s being forced to “work” late which is why he’s sleeping until about 11 am before he heads out to the Dem conference. No time for a PDB, and he hardly ever meets with his senior advisers anymore, which used to be on the schedule most mornings right after the PDB.

    By the way, we were watching Bret Baeir tonight and when they were covering today’s Obummer circus road show in Iowa, my immediate thought was is this the POTUS or Bob the Builder:

    I couldn’t resist getting a screenshot of it, but someone needs to Photoshop a construction hat on the doofus.

  2. Let’s hope the weather is good enough that he can take Marine 1 to B’more tomorrow, rather than traveling with all the limos. “We the People” would be so very grateful.

    • Hey, why not Amtrak? Good enough for Joe to get to Wilmington, why not for POTUS to get to Baltimore?

      Allllllllllllll aboard, track number 3, train leaves at 8:29 and arrives at 10:02.

        • Guillani on Fox this morning said, this was the craziest thing he could have done. (Letting 5 more go)
          He was hired to defend us. Not release people who want to kill us. Arrogance, denial, refusal to admit he was wrong.

    • Has anyone ever done a breakdown of those released by this current administration:

      A. Did they remain in the country remanded to?
      B. Did they go back into the terrorist / community organizer game?

      AKA – Where are they now?

      • Fox has reported that 30% of those released have re-joined, or are suspected of engagement.
        A child could figure out those numbers and feel it would be a better plan to leave them where they were!

  3. . Today is Thursday, January 15 yesterday was Wednesday, January 14. I thought the meeting was yesterday! there was a lot of blocked streets around the Hilton yesterday. All the news reporter are reporting it for today!
    What is it???

  4. January 15 is a Thursday, January 14 is a Wednesday. I believe he was in Baltimore on Wednesday, January 14 – is that right? You have all the news reporters confused in Baltimore.