As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Chicken We Can Believe In

Wake up everyone! It’s time for the Obama chicken dance!

H/T theronniebuss.

24 Responses to Chicken We Can Believe In

  1. Keith, how about a “I am not Charlie Hebdo” piece for Politico? It’s obvious that is why Obama stayed home over the weekend and sent no high-ranking, elected, government official. It’s obvious to us, I mean. There’s plenty of material. Brooks is not Charlie Hebdo, and neither is Obama, to the point of boycotting the freedom rally. I don’t think the majority of Americans appreciated that.

  2. The videos of MrO waving around some weights, and MrsO’s video of her dancing with a turnip are the most curious and puzzling images that they seemed to be OK with publishing.
    With the censure of commerical photogs from snapping anything going on in the WhiteHouse, these videos don’t enhance the O’s reputations at all, but rather make them look ridiculous.

  3. And, the funniest part is he was obviously “performing” for the ‘hidden camera’s’; Showing Putin what a strong kick ass body builder he is.
    Bwaahh haha.
    Goofy dufus.