As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || “I’m Not in Paris . . .”

Well what better way to start the day around here than with some on-point parody by the great music video satirist, theronniebus.


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    • The “Obama’s” are such a fake ‘family’ nowadays:

      -Dear Leader Obama, is getting off being omnipotent for the next 2 years with NO ONE daring to challenge him…
      -Michelle, the wookie “flotus” has been missing for months…
      -the daughters just look & act like surly, spoiled teenage brats…

      • Just where is Wookie these days? She’s gone the way of Mama Robinson, perhaps? A puff of smoke, a loud noise and they’re gone. It’s possible there’s been a world-wide gathering of Wicca folks, but we would have read about that. There seems to be weird chemistry in that family—somehow, Jarrett is in the middle of that marriage, just hard to figure out how.

  1. Thanks…. I needed that today…off to the doctor, with a 5 degree chill index here, to have my blood pressure checked.
    After the last few days it will be more off the chart than usual..LOL

  2. It’s just fitting that no one from this administration went to Paris:
    “Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.” Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”
    MrObama gave the whole world a clue that explains who he stands with.

  3. The tweet photo of the family watching a football game in the private quarters a few years ago says it all. Guacamole and chips or whatever plopped on the beautifully silk-upholstered ottoman; soda pop cup on the Persian carpet; a barefoot Malia; and an unkempt Mooch. These people have no self-awareness, otherwise they would never allow themselves to be photographed in such an unflattering situation.
    Can’t imagine what the priceless WH furnishings are going to look like in 2016.

  4. OT I just saw a crawler on FOX that said the French were deploying 10,000 (that seems like a lot I may be wrong) to “sensitive sites”.

    Obama may not have thought standing with the French against Islamic terrorists was a good idea, but I bet he would love to deploy the Obama troops to “sensitive” sites. So, let’s hope he doesn’t suddenly become all “Frenchy” on us about looking for “terrorists” or “extremists” (who according to the Marie bobsey twin at State — could really be almost anybody who disagrees with Obama — and drinks large sugary drinks)

  5. Didn’t Jay (Situation Room) Z and his pal Kanye (Bush hates blacks) West have a famous song about Paris? Could their “racism” and POTUS influence have swayed Obama?