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Video || Jon Stewart Mocks Obama’s Absence

Yes, a little more satire. On a day when the news is that the United States failed to attend the most significant rally behind the cause of free speech, perhaps ever, what else can one do but laugh?

The Obama stuff starts at about 3:45, but the first part is pretty good, in which Stewart makes clear it’s still okay to make fun of the French.

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11 Responses to Video || Jon Stewart Mocks Obama’s Absence

  1. Ok. I don’t get it.
    There is a black box which has: “What (the bad word)! Jon Stewart…”
    Than just below it it states:
    This video is no longer available due to copyright claim by Viacom.

  2. Drudge today – “York: Obama’s Paris snub wasn’t an oversight”
    The writer seemed to be saying of Obama that if it wasn’t as big an event as 911, it’s not worth bothering about.

    • As someone said on Fox yesterday, Obummer took off to Vegas after our ambassador and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi. He hit the golf course and yucked it up with his buddies after an American was beheaded last summer. So, his lack of concern over what occurred in Paris surely comes as no surprise. Most pathetic PO(t)(u)S ever!

  3. After you cut away the overgrown brush, shovel away the cow manure, cut out the camouflage screening, pick out the rocks from this stupid episode in Obama’s administration, it comes down to this: Leaders from all over the world came together to march and protest against the death cult of Islamic terrorism. There is no way Obama or any of his henchmen could agree with that position. Therefore…..