As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 14, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Noon || Departs White House
1:45 pm CT || Arrives Iowa
2:25 pm CT || Attends a fiber optic splicing demonstration; Cedar Falls Utilities, Cedar Falls, Iowa
2:40 pm CT || Delivers remarks on high-speed broadband access; Cedar Falls Utilities
6:45 || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

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  1. Ok.. I can do fiber splicing at my kitchen table with the fusion splicer (as long as you keep everything clean). He has to fly to Iowa to see this?? Heck Verizon or AT&T could put a van in the front lawn and do it.

    A 2 hr boondoggle … things that boring in the WH??

  2. Spending our money on a shiny object….look here not at Paris or
    Cuba or the Border or at Food Stamps or Obamacare or NYC or anything that does not make ME look important.
    You know that I am, I am, I am…….Me, Me, Me………

    • OT? Regarding the border. Our newly elected congress person, Martha McSally, who ran on strengthening the AZ border; announced this week that the border is secure. Just another McCain, & so exasperating-they win the vote (by 167) then change color like the horse in Oz.

  3. The ” fiber optic splicing demonstration” is ridiculous, as if there are no other more important matters that should be consuming the POTUS’ time.

    But, the real reason he’s going there:

    In Iowa, Obama to unveil broadband competition plan

    President Barack Obama will unveil a series of programs and coalitions intended to increase broadband access to Americans by spurring competition among Internet providers when he visits Cedar Falls Wednesday.

    White House officials told The Des Moines Register that Obama will discuss several programs meant to help communities across the nation adopt faster Internet service.

    For example, Obama is expected to unveil a U.S. Commerce Department program called Broadband USA, in which federal officials will set up a call-line, hold regional workshops and provide technical assistance to cities that want to expand broadband access in their communities.

    Obama’s visit will coincide, officials said, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture announcing it will open applications to a $40-million to $50-million loan program in the next few months. The program provides financing to rural carriers to build out their broadband infrastructure. Officials said the program is meant to help unserved and underserved rural areas.

    The president is also establishing a council that will task a dozen federal agencies with looking at ways they can shed rules that may be inhibiting the spread of high-speed Internet access.

    The programs aren’t meant to create a “one size fits all” approach for cities across the United States, officials said.

    “What we’re saying, and what the president will communicate tomorrow, is every American should have options for better, faster broadband,” said Jeff Zients, director of the president’s National Economic Council, on a conference call with reporters.

    Zients said Obama’s actions will not require action from Congress.

    Open your wallets everyone! Busting your ass to pay for everyone else’s free childcare, pre-school, community colleges,health insurance, birth control, and Obampahones is NOT enough. They need and deserve free high speed internet too!!

    • Oh goody, another federal government program that will be known for glitches, brown-outs, and a way for special interests to get their hands in our pockets.

    • Well, kinda thanks, Snark. I was planning on going to sleep shortly. Now, I can dream about the follow-up to this “day trip” – Net Neutrality.

      • Sorry, Sadie. It gets worse…remember how he’s turning over ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) from US control to a “global body” this September, for the first time ever:

        U.S. Plans to Give Up Oversight of Web Domain Manager

        Move Seen in Response to International Concern About Country’s Control Over Internet Structure

        March 14, 2014

        WASHINGTON—The U.S. government plans to give up control over the body that manages Internet names and addresses, a move that could bring more international cooperation over management of the Web, but will make some U.S. businesses nervous.

        The Commerce Department said Friday it plans to relinquish its oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or Icann, which manages a number of technical functions that serve as signposts to help computers locate the correct servers and websites.

        The action is viewed as a response to increasing international concern about U.S. control over the Internet’s structure, particularly in light of the recent disclosures about surveillance by the NSA and other U.S. intelligence agencies.

        Other governments have complained that the department’s contract with Icann gives the U.S. unique influence over the Web, which it could use for a wide variety of purposes. In response to those concerns, the Obama administration is convening a process to create a new oversight structure for Icann when the current contract runs out in September 2015.

        Alan Marcus, senior director of the World Economic Forum, said “the NSA tarnished the U.S. stewardship” of the Web. Mr. Marcus said the U.S. needs to relinquish control over the Web before new leadership can emerge. “There are real issues that get clouded” by U.S. leadership, he said.

        The action had been debated among technologists and policy makers, but the prospect of the U.S. relinquishing control concerns some businesses because of the potential for censorship.

        “If you hand over domain-name registration to someone who doesn’t want certain classes of domains registered, then you’re setting up a censorship structure,” said Bill Reinsch, president of the National Foreign Trade Council, which represents businesses.


      • While Googling about ICANN, I found this interesting article. I hadn’t heard about or read anything on this yet:

        Today, Net addresses end with 22 familiar terms — .com, .net, and .edu — called generic top-level domains (GTLDs). But starting Feb. 4, the first of hundreds of new GTLDs will begin arriving — .ninja, .farm, .shoes, .photography, .bike, .pink, and even .wtf.

        The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a non-profit organization, oversees the domain-name expansion and the core Internet technology called the Domain Name System that makes it tick. Chehade took over ICANN leadership in 2012 and now is grappling not just with the GTLD expansion, but also the dwindling supply of numeric Internet addresses and an attempt to wean the Internet from the US government’s dominant oversight role.

        Why bother with the domain-name expansion? For a company trying to get a new start on the Net, finding an unclaimed Web address can be tough. And for a company catering to customers in countries like China or Russia, names are held back with characters in the Roman alphabet. Other companies might want to use their own domain — actual examples including .google, .canon, .apple, .samsung, and .ibm.

          • Possible? Certain! Invisible people everywhere will look at what you read or say on the internet. People here, Russia, China, Iran, everywhere! No offending allowed. There will be no more snarky or critical comments about Obama, his policies, nothing against illegals, the wacky LGBTQ crowd, blacks rioting, Occupiers or Muslims. Thought police running rampant, re-education camps to follow shortly.

          • You are correct. I absolutely guarantee you that everything we are writing on this and every other blog is being stored at one of NSA’s server farms. It’s just a very simple matter of applying the appropriate algorithms to scoop up what Marcus or Oklahoma lady and everyone else has written, where they live, what they have purchased on Amazon and other sites, their telephone numbers, date of birth, credit card numbers, and much, much more.etc. Our profile can be created at the push of a button. It’s been that way for years now.

    • This will go over like a lead balloon with businesses like AT&T who have gone to individual states to lock up exclusive build out rights within the state. This allowed them and other providers to cherry pick their build outs, and leave the rest hanging. This has happened here in the Midwest, WI, MI, OH being among the states who signed agreements. Will they now become null and void with this new direction the WH is pushing to go? Dept of Commerce, FCC and FTA continue to drop the ball monitoring and enforcing regulations to this day.

      There are soooo many issues I can see for this to fail, another “throw $$$ at it” but confirm the answers we already know from the last 3 attempts to build out. Have seen this first hand, and the millions wasted.

  4. I’m guessing he didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas ..a new toy.
    Hope you enjoyed that tax payer funded 2 week ocean front vacation.

  5. We have a president? You must be kidding me? I was under the impression we have a White House traveling road show? Out there peddling their latest release?

  6. Fox just mentioned we will have to wait for the magazine that was released today in Paris. It is was being sold on Ebay for $1,000.
    I thought some type of immediate shippment would be made to the U.S.
    They did not mention an expected time period it will take to arrive here.

  7. Just heard school in Alabama, (principle) wants kids to bring canned food to school.
    So if a bad guy comes in, they will have something to defend themselves with.

  8. I read an article on Joseph Curl’s Right Read.
    Iran has condemned the cartoon. They had denounced the massacre.
    However foreign ministry spokeswoman, Ms. Afkham said the cartoon provokes emotion of muslims. She indicated the new cartoon “is not acceptable” and such abuse should be prevented.

  9. All the way to Iowa for what are you kidding this will cost us yes us about $1,250,000 for this no good bum to go there makes me sick not my POTUS Ever