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Obama Gains a New Watchdog

Veteran journalist Joseph Curl is applying the talents he used to make the Drudge Report so exciting to a new venture, Joseph Curl’s Right Read, the latest entrant into the conservative news aggregator club.

Right Read

For several years, until the latter part of 2014, Curl helped Matt Drudge keep the Drudge Report at the top of the heap, working the crucial weekday morning shift where he chose the stories that drove the day’s news.

Time after time, I’d see a story Joe first identified on Drudge and then watch as it was picked up by Rush, Hannity, Fox News, and many places in the MSM.

Joe is now bringing the skills he honed during years of covering the White House for the Washington Times and working for Drudge to Right Read, which is hosted by the Washington Times. White House accountability will no doubt be high on Joe’s list of priorities. I’ll be checking it out.

Joe, who often ran White House Dossier pieces on Drudge, was a big help to this website for many years. I hope you will give Right Read a look too.

17 Responses to Obama Gains a New Watchdog

  1. I don’t remember when or how it happened, but I’m pretty sure I discovered WHD through a link on Drudge way back when. Bet a lot of us came here from there. But I come here first now for my “breakfast news”. And I look forward to keeping up with Right Read in the future. Thanks for the info.

  2. Conservative News Aggregator? I believe the Clinton and Obama team would say Conservative News Agitators.

    Thanks for the tips! I started to read this blog because Neal Boortz had mentioned the articles about vacation spending of the Obama’s.

  3. Definitely….without Fox on Dish we are getting all of our news on the internet…read them all…but start the day with White House Dossier and then Drudge…then on to Fox and others.
    I check several all day.

  4. Thanks for letting us know, Keith. I’ve checked it out and bookmarked it. Although I’ve been reading Joseph Curls’ columns at The Washington Times for years, I never realized that he was a Drudge editor.

    By the way, I recommend this column Curl did at the end of December. It’s an interesting comparison between the selfish, inconsiderate, narcissist currently occupying the White House and President George W. Bush: