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White House Admits “Higher Profile” Official Should Have Been in Paris

The White House today acknowledged that it should have sent a senior official to Sunday’s march honoring the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.

“We should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest during today’s briefing. The United States was represented by its ambassador to France, and has come under criticism for not sending the president or some other senior official.

But that “someone,” Earnest indicated, should not have been the president.

“I think the president himself would have liked to have had the opportunity to be there,” Earnest said, suggesting that attendance by Obama would have harmed the event. Security requirements for either the president or the vice president are steep, Earnest said, and would have had a “pretty significant impact” on others at the event.

But Earnest acknowledged that the Secret Service had not even been consulted on the matter.

Earnest suggested that Attorney General Eric Holder, who was in Paris during the march, or “somebody like him” should have attended or been asked to attend.

Earnest dodged a question from ABC’s Jonathan Karl about who was responsible for the mistake.

“I’m not going to be in a position to unpack all of the logistical and scheduling conversations that have taken place here at the White House over the last several days,” Earnest said, and then quickly moved on to another questioner.

But he later added, “This was not a decision that was made by the president.”

27 thoughts on “White House Admits “Higher Profile” Official Should Have Been in Paris”

  1. Earnest also noted planning had “only begun on Friday night” for an event that occurred “36 hours later.”

    Somehow, I think that there is a file folder entitled “short notice travel plans” that would have helped them have somebody travel to Paris – after all, there were more than a handful of other country’s leaders who faced the same issue(s)

    Josh Earnest once again providing excuses, not reasons

    1. Obama can be in the air on AF1, headed to anywhere in the world in an hour–two at the most–from the time he says, “Let’s go”. Would it be disruptive, anxiety provoking for the crew, hair-pulling crazy. Yes? But it can be done.

  2. In other words, they couldn’t get his massive entourage of vehicles and sycophants assembled in only 36 hours. This WH couldn’t manage a fire drill. Funny how all the other world leaders were able to turn on a dime. And lastly, I would note that the “security requirements” for the prime minister of Israel must be fairly “steep” as well. Bibi was, after all, going into hostile territory. Obama… not so much.

  3. Wanna bet if Tiger Woods said to Barack, come, play golf with me tomorrow in Florida, he would find a way to get there on short notice.

    Utter hogwash that Earnest gives excuses.

  4. Funny, the zerO has never shown concern about his security requirements’ significant impact on others before. Just ask that wedding couple in Hawaii.

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  6. “This was not a decision that was made by the president.”
    OK,….who made the decision ?
    Why don’t they force him to answer the question ?

    It is a room full of prissy little hacks busily scribbling on their notepads.
    Allowing themselves to be corralled by a jerk that is only there to run interference for Obama only confirms the weakness of the press.

  7. His private life is much more important than the affairs of State. Would love to know who was spending the week-end at the Big White. The measure of a man is taken by the friends he keeps.

  8. BS He didn’t go because he didn’t want to and because it was for the victims of the radical islamist terrorists. And as long as Barack Obama hangs out at 1600 you will never hear him say radical islamist terrorist.

  9. He was considering having the V. Pres. give the remarks.
    He had the sick gaul to make that comment.
    This was at the ball player thing he attended.

  10. 1. The One didn’t want to risk being overshadowed.
    2. The One didn’t want to risk having to answer any spontaneous questions.
    3. Muslims own The One somehow.

  11. this is the prez who took Air Force one to a chefs wedding! he can’t get to France for solidarity? I keep saying…this is borderline personality disorder…they are bottomless pits of need of love and adoration and yet they sabotage themselves…everytime Obama could really raise his poll numbers and earn some respect…he fails/fumbles.
    (chef wedding link

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