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The Obama Morning News || January 12, 2014

Obama amnesty to cost states billions . . . Obama’s new deportation amnesty will impose “billions of dollars in costs” on states — including more than $130 for each Texas driver’s license issued to illegal immigrants under the policy. Washington Times

Holder can’t quite say we’re at war with Islamists . . . “Well, I would say we are at war with terrorists who commit these heinous acts and who…use Islam,” he said Sunday. The Blaze

Holder: No “stereotyping” terrorists . . . “We’re not stereotyping anybody, but we’re focused on those people who we have some reason to believe might engage in these kinds of activities.” CNS News

Obama’s Cuba move pulls rug out from dissidents . . . Dissidents in Cuba keen to get off the sidelines are reeling after the United States and the communist government said they will seek to end decades of Cold War bad blood. Following news of the historic shift, announced December 17, many members of illegal opposition groups were riled by what they see as a US failure to get Havana to make specific pledges on human rights before seeking a new relationship. AFP

Obama has little relationship with Congress . . . He hardly ever calls. When he does, it’s all business. And that’s Obama’s vibe with top Democrats on Capitol Hill. With Republicans, there’s even less chemistry. Associated Press

HHS officials fly first class . . . HHS executives spent $31 million taking 7,000 first class and business class flights between 2009 and 2013, including 253 trips for which a one-way ticket cost more than $15,000. Washington Examiner

11 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 12, 2014

  1. Until one of those “not stereotyped” radical Islamic terrorists takes hits at a Holder, Feinstein, Kerry, Boxer, Dean, Pelosi, Reid, or any other number of apologists nothing will happen and American security will continue to slide.
    The thousands of “no go” zones in Europe and here in the states are going to breed more violence and attacks abut thanks to the political correctness nothing will be done. Until it’s too late.

    • I have mentioned to many times. What do the children, relatives, friends now, or even a friend from high school ask these people?
      Do they say, I don’t care about your career, nor your wallet? I care about my future, and the security of America.
      I know darn well, I would be asking at the dinner table!

        • He really does live in a very small bubble with his handler Jarrett and Mooch, neither of whom I would trust to walk my blocky yellow lab around the block. He doesn’t seem to read much, or seriously reflect on the events in the world, or have a sense of how he is perceived.There’s something seriously not right with this guy, something far beyond his destructive politics.

          • Years ago, I thought if I were an advisors, I would suggest taking more pictures of him looking concerned. I suggested placing a bunch of files, paperwork, computer on his desk, and take more pictures.
            I think they don’t even do that out of spite.

  2. K D McFarland made the point that when America was attacked on 9/11 our allies were with us. When they were attacked we were not.

    Leading from behind — cowardice.

    • I never did understand it. Seems to me that the only thing he can do ‘legally’ is extend deportation for two yrs. He gave Dreamers work permits for two yrs which is the same thing he’s doing with illegals. He can’t give them permanent/provisional legal status or ANY benefits without passing an immigration bill, can he?

      Once he passes out permanent or provisional legal status, it’s all over. That’s all the illegals want. They know how to get the rest of the goodies. And they couldn’t care less about becoming citizens or voting, If it wasn’t for Obama pestering them to death, they would never vote.