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Live Stream || White House Briefing – January 12, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. OT: Heard on Fox that Petag. and You Tube have been hacked by the maniacs. Showed Generals addresses and numbers. On You Tube they are threantening soliders, wives and kids. Fox.

  2. He don’t have info on the hacking of the Petagon and You Tube.
    Large data breach on account, You Tube. No infomation.
    Why didn’t anyone go to France.
    Remarkable display of Unity. The way the Country came together, was a remarkable display. Other World leaders participated. I think it is fair we should have sent someone with a higher profile. Mins. after it happen we helped with our counter terrorism and pledge to help with investigation. That coordination is the backbone of our relationship. Will meet with Lisa Monco. Ck Spelling.
    o would have liked to be there. The planning on began on Friday, than begun 36 hrs later. We talk about this alot about o attending a basketball game. There were serious security challenges. It would have impacted the citizens. Impressive unity of the French citizens. The purpose was to demonstate their unity. Was it you considered doing on Friday (sending o). Joshi did not answer that question. Went back to strong relationship between France and us. Did you consider the pres. going. Joshi is not going to discuss that. U.S. presence agree someone higher should have been there. He don’t know if someone asked o to come. Reporter mentioned criticism. Joshi said people have the right to do that. We should have sent someone with higher profile

      • Hacking the Pentagon communications on a secure level would take a real effort.
        Everything is encrypted.
        That’s what I did in the service.
        The fact that they hacked twitter and facebook is inconsequential.
        If they did,…all they are getting is conversations between people that probably do not have access to secure networks, much less military communications.

        • I appreciate now knowing the name. When Fox announced it they first said Pentagon and UTube. A few mins later in one sentence they mentioned Facebook and Centcom. My mistake.
          On Fox a 1/2 hr or so ago it was mentioned that Pentagon is downplaying, but alarmed by the message. By the way there was a Ret. man NSA said they are exaggerating.