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Who can even fathom the White House decision not to send the president or some other senior administration official to march along with world leaders in Paris Sunday, in solidarity with the principle that terrorists must not be permitted to rip free speech from Western civilization?

What better show of our resolve than for President Obama to lead the parade? And what better signal to our enemies about our lack of resolve than the failure of even Secretary of State John Kerry to attend?

Where was Obama? At the White House all weekend, chewing on Nicorette and watching the playoffs. Where was Vice President Biden? As usual, he’d traveled home for the weekend to Wilmington Delaware – at taxpayers expense, of course – to hang some curtains or whatever. And watch the playoffs.

Obama Easter bunnyWhere was Kerry? Who cares? It’s his job to fly places. In India, I think. He said it was “quibbling” to complain. But he’ll go to Paris now anyway.

Where was Attorney General Holder? Actually, he was in Paris but didn’t go to the march. Just to boggle minds even further, I suppose.

Even if security was an issue, why not send Biden or Kerry? Frankly, a vice president and a Secretary of State are dispensable. Replaceable. But how insecure could the situation have been if all those other world leaders, including Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu, decided to make the trip?

Instead, the White House announced early Sunday morning – when it never makes announcements – that it was dusting off an old plan for a summit to counter internal terrorism threats. Not a bad idea, but quite a paltry gesture compared to showing up and being counted when it matters.

The people who run this White House have never fully understood where it was they landed. With their feet on the desks and their mouths dripping obscenities, they appear to think the White House is little more than some fancy new campaign headquarters.

And thus they don’t get the symbolism of the presidency. It’s part of why they fall down time and again when it comes to making the right gestures that are integral to showing leadership.

“We’re more concerned with the substance,” they say every time they screw up the optics. But optics are substance when it comes to leadership. They reflect inner conviction and reassure the country and the world about the president’s intent.

But this president, it seems, can’t be bothered.

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  1. While Holder was in Paris, he probably did not march because it was the wrong color people marching

    Racist to say, perhaps, but……………

  2. Yet this White House plans down to every detail the “optics” of making it look like O is talking to a packed house of supporters for auto bailout regurgitation and promising free college.
    My guess is that they just had to face the fact that with so many world leaders in one place actually taking a stand (even if it was symbolic), Obama would have looked oh so very, very small at their sides.

    1. As well they came out days after the horrible attack in Paris to announce there summit. I heard this morning it was suppose to be in October 14′. They delayed. For what reason? That has not been discussed on the news.
      He has missed every chance to bring people together, and fails everytime. Unless it is getting something for free, or going against our police.
      Police today I heard, were told to have one partner outside of the car. They should have suggested that a month or so ago as well.

  3. The question might be: which would be more embarrassing for the American people–1. Obama in Paris taking selfies with his Ambassador and yukking it up, or 2. Obama staying in the WH sitting on the couch watching the game, stuffing himself with Cheetos,in his BVD’s, torn T-shirt and shower clogs. Leader of the Free World, indeed.

  4. Yes, it is stunning that the US wasn´t represented at high level at the manifestation for free speech. And no explanation for it . All the Western leaders were there, Russia was represented by Foreign minister Lavrov, the King and Queen of Jordan were there, the Turkish PM was there, Netanyahu and Abbas were there and many, many, more. But representatives of hard core Muslim countries were not there, I believe, or do you here know more about this ? Could that be the reason ? Obama has friends in other places, places with people who really approve of the murders ? Well, looks like Obama stands by his statement that ” the future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam “.

  5. There’s always the possibility he wasn’t invited because of the security demands he requires, not only closing down their finest hotel for his entourage, but airports and roads for his arrivals.

    Didn’t this come up for the Sochi Olympics and Will and Kate’s wedding ? Or it’s the excuse the Obama White House uses to save his travel budget for those more important vacations and campaigning runs.

    Or as the liberals like to explain to us, Shut Up, you’d be mad if he went too so you can complain about how much it’s costing.

    1. Security demands ? No Denise , I don´t think so, just check out all the other prominent politicians present, there must have been an army of police and snipers around them. Wasn´t for example Netanyahu just as likely to be assassinated by terrorists ? But he was there, standing brave and strong.
      And the Sochi Olympics, Obama never intended to go there because it was then he and partners planned to start his economic- and propaganda- war against Russia.
      The wedding ? Yes, he and the wife were probably keen to go there but I guess they were not really invited as it was none of their business.

    2. Obama could have slept on his (our) plane and watched the football playoff games, to and from Paris. I also heard on Rush that Netanyahu was not invited, but managed to get to Paris. What was O’Bozo’s excuse?

  6. “What better show of our resolve than for President Obama to lead the parade?”

    There’s part of the problem: he wouldn’t have been leading the parade; he would’ve been just one among many.

  7. Great column, Keith. As your wrote, they don’t ‘get the symbolism of the presidency’ and the WH is ‘little more than some fancy new campaign headquarters’. I remember the head usher at the WH commented that, unlike the previous presidents he had served, Obama wasn’t impressed in the slightest by the grandeur of the WH itself. Very telling.

    The Paris snub, imo, is so grievous that I doubt he can recover. He gave the world the middle finger salute. Sending America’s top cop hater was a despicable act. But he was sending a message that he, Barack Obama, tacitly supports ALL Muslims – good or bad.

    In a perverse way, it’s a good thing. There should be NO doubt in anyone’s mind that Obama is the enemy within. World leaders should treat him like a pariah from this day forward. I also wonder if Biden and Kerry tried to talk some sense into him. It’s obvious that he didn’t want anyone from his administration to march at that rally.

  8. Remember JFK’s funeral all the world leaders following Jackie DeGaulle a really tall man. Ronald Reagan Gorbachev at his coffin alone.
    It’s plain Obama and his reich have abdicated they are Quislings.
    For the love of God Netanyahu was there if anyone had a target on their
    back he did. Obama has no heart soul and frankly if it’s not about him he couldn’t give a damn.

    1. i read an article in Times of Israel. French asked Netanyahu not to come, then Netanyahu said he would come, that it wasn’t about politics, and when they relegated him to the second row behind the other world leaders he jammed his way in front line with other world leaders! LOVE IT! That is what I would want MY President to do…but…ours stayed home getting ready for his NCAA Save College Sports Meeting (to go with his free Community College for All program)

  9. Kerry was in Munich Saturday where he spent 90 minutes with the Sultan of Oman–one of Iran’s allies–to prepare for his meeting Wednesday with the Iranians in Geneva.

    His event in India today is about trade–not just any kind of trade but, sustainable trade. And, he’s there to prepare the way for FCMABBHO’s trip in about a week for India’s Republic Day celebrations.

    But, not to worry: he’s asked his staff to pencil in a meeting in France on Thursday.

    . Yep. He snubbed standing up against Islam in order to hob-nob about trade

  10. Here’s the explanation. Obama won’t be associated with the following statement by the prime minister of Frahnce….

    “It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity,”

  11. Might be worth looking at foreign sources of funding for Barack Obama term#1 and term#2.

    His racist protesters are sure hanging with some nefarious groups.

    He’s going to Cuba later this month, and Kerry is all about laying the groundwork for Iran.

    Quite frankly I don’t think Barack Obama or Joe Biden or J. Kerry or Eric Holder have too much in common with the people who marchedin Paris.

  12. Thank you Keith. Well stated, succinct description of our lazy, self centered “ruler”. Everything he says and does is scripted by his handlers, he is an emotionally defunct boy/girl, little man who supports Islamic terrorists.

  13. It embarrasses me if he shows up and it’s embarrassing if he doesn’t. So confusing. Netanyahu wasn’t invited either but he went and he is arguably the most hated man in the world. I’m sure Israeli security was there in full force but it worked, didn’t it? But then Netanyahu cares more about his country than football, so there’s that.

  14. Here’s what was inexplicable to me. It’s a “known fact” (that I just made up) that ALL liberals want to BE French. So here was their chance to immerse themselves in Francophilia and they,,,,,,, PASSED? How could this be???

  15. If Obama could speak French (which he cannot do because he didn’t even complete the foreign language requirement at Columbia because he never really attended Columbia, but I digress)…

    If Obama could speak French, he would say, “Je ne suis pas Charlie.” And he would pronounce all of the “s”es. You know, like corpsman.

  16. I posted this earlier, and am repeating it::
    It’s shocking, again, but typical o to stay home and watch the game.
    BUT where were
    Jeb Bush
    any Clinton
    Mitch in the Senate
    Where were ANY American leaders and wannabes.? Let’s not forget this.”
    Unless there was a direct command from the WH that no one was going (and I don’t know if he can do that), there’s simply no excuse for this.

    1. my husband said same thing! So true! In our hearts millions of Americans were there, and yet….none of our ‘leaders’ were….so frustrating!!!!!

    2. Had any top Repubs attended it would have given Obama cover for not attending himself, or at least. dispatching a high ranking delegation to represent the country. Political? Yes. But I think they did the right thing.

      1. Jeb Bush is a private citizen. So is Mitt.

        Boehner and McConnell could have gone as they do represent the Congress which represent the people.

  17. Saturday night is party night at the White House or didn’t anybody know that. Dictator Obama was too hung over to go anywhere on Sunday. He probably never got out of bed and followed one of the life lessons he learned over a lifetime of debauchery, which is that the only real cure for a hangover is “hair of the dog”. So our pampered Dictator spent the day propped up on pillows in his royal bed watching the NFL playoff games all the while guzzling malt liquor 40’s, smoking butts, and occasionally playing pocket pool.

    The truth is Dictator Obama considers the Islamic savages “freedom fighters” and is deep down completing in sync with their actions. As the old saying goes “Actions speak louder than words.

  18. you are so right about the symbolism of our President and that is why we need to elect a President that is a little older than 47 when they take office. (I am same age as him so fair to say), at that age i do not think that most people have a broad field of experience to run a nation, or appreciate the plight of more generations. Not to mention that to run for office it takes a few years ahead so that is a completely self absorbed time. In other words the candidates have nothing to look back on but their 30’s pretty much! Think of where you were in your 30’s! Age does bring more wisdom Usually….

    1. Teddy Roosevelt became president at age 42, and John F. Kennedy was 43 years old. They had respect for the office of the President and for the people they served.

  19. Real reason there was no meaningful US representation at the march? Because if Obama had a son, he would have looked like the terrorist that killed the Police woman and and stormed the kosher deli in France.

  20. Global Humanity came together for one fleeting, beautiful moment on the streets of Paris Sunday. Our country’s absence is simply frightening. Given all the facts the only excuse can be pure sloth. There are legions of Americans who could have been sent to appropriately represent us–50 governors, any cabinet member, hundreds of Congress members, any military guy with four twinkles on his shoulders–hells bells even JayZee would have been better than nothing. There should be an iconic poster to depict this failure. Maybe like the one with a tear in the eye of the American Indian gentleman.

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  22. Keith, you hit the nail on the head by saying they think the White House is little more than some fancy new campaign headquarters. Once elected, Obama went to work hiring the most extreme leftwing radicals he could find, gave them his blessing to do whatever they wanted (knowing they support him 100%), and then immediately set up his golf schedule. The community organizer learned that he doesn’t have to account for anything, isn’t held responsible for anything, and can talk from both sides of his mouth with full support from the MSM.

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  24. So true !!! It really is amazing , 3.5 million people & NOT one broken window / murder / robbery / no cars over turned / set on fire !!! God bless everyone of them , it’s just what we should be doing here , only with 10/20 million people !!

  25. Obama, Biden, Kerry and Holder know exactly where they’re at and exactly what they’re doing there. Their total lack of respect and concern is no mistake. Obama has made it very clear that he stands with the Muslims. His administration is a reflection of him.The fact that anyone is surpised that he and the others chose not to stand in solidarity with other leaders against radical Muslim terrorists shows that many Ameericans still don’t quite understand what we have put in our White House. Muslims are Obama’s people.

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