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Sunday Open Thread || January 11, 2014

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  1. How embarrassing that the president of the United States would not attend the Solidarity of World Leaders in Paris.
    He had a free schedule today and Air Force One.
    My guess is that he does not support the group and is probably plotting now how to get back at the President of Egypt who spoke against radical Islamists.
    Obama is still mad at him for replacing his Muslim Brotherhood friend Morsi.

      1. Stupid comment by a hater above. Although Joe Biden or Michelle Obama probably should have shown up – on the other hand it was good not to make it an American thing – or appear prominently to give fuel to the crazies that its an American war or CIA war.

  2. In Paris today, there are 50 world leaders who have traveled there to join in solidarity with the French after the horrific acts of violence by Muslim extremists this past week. “We” are sending Eric Holder to represent us. With all the traveling Obama does in AF1 that We The People pay for, this would be one time that I would welcome spending the money for his travel. I’m embarrassed!

  3. Agree with Anne and pianogirl88.
    If there was ever a time in human history of the President of the United States to take a stand and show solidarity with the western democracies it was today in Paris.
    If Jarrett and Rhodes weren’t so focused on their radical agenda and a domestic legacy they would have seen what a truly historical moment this was for Obama. Instead, they book him for high school audiences and fundraisers.
    Then again, it could have just been because at his core he’s a coward.
    Leader’s don’t hide behind fences, they stand atop them.

    1. “Leader’s don’t hide behind fences, they stand atop them.”
      So true, Geoff….I still think of that day when GWB, hated by the left in this country, stood atop the rubble at the WTC in New York and spoke to the world.

  4. His way of handling not going to France – Host a World Security Summit in Feb. Why?? Because it has to be all about HIM!.

    Our Community Organizer in Chief takes ACTION.

    1. Exactly. I came here just to make that comment. Our lead from behind “that guy living at 1600 Penn. Ave” who chokes on the word terror and refuses to put Islam in front of it is going to have a Global Security Summit because he must at all costs have the focus on him. If the world leaders do not know now that he is an empty suit with sympathy for Muslims, they never will.

      It is all about him — 24/7 — 365 . He is just pathetically needy.

      1. Consider this also.
        What I have gleaned from numerous reports is that the world leaders don’t like him.
        Why inject himself into a hostile environment ?

        I still say that he is working toward Secretary General of the U.N.

    2. Maybe those in Paris today, should tell Obama what he can do with his security summit. Obama is a joke but we’re not laughing, as we are on the receiving end of his folly.

  5. Aside from sending the unseen Eric the Red to Paris, Feinstein comes out and says what we already know about sleeper cells here. No s*** Sherlock! Thanks to all the idiots in DC, we can’t get anything out of them, even if we catch one. We can’t stop them at the border either. It’s up to us everyday people, to protect us. Thanks for letting me vent, everyone. I need coffee.

    1. It’s not that we can’t stop them at the border, it’s more we need to stop encouraging them. Knowing we will hold them in detention, and ship them back out with in 90 days would make a lot 2nd guess coming here. Enforcement of our immigration laws, along with a strong border presence would close a huge problem in that area. And there are easy ways this could be done within DOD, DHS and State National Guard, without all the turf wars. Couple of pen strokes, returning members from Afgan, some transfers to Nat Guard for draw down commitments, and a ROE (rules of engagement) that means business.

      Sleeper Cells?? no DUH. Been going on for years now, and it’s not just AL, or IS.

      Feinstein & Boxer .. in their own little world.

      1. I agree. Yes there are sleeper cells. However those two words do not sound to threatening to most people. I can’t wait to hear what they will be calling them while they are speaking on the floor this week.
        Anyone want to take a guess?
        I will hold off on the first word I thought of. Ok, It is open thread, Maybe she will be strong and call them poopy pop.

  6. Arsonists have firebombed the offices of a German newspaper which printed cartoons from the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, police in Hamburg said. SNIP

  7. Meanwhile in other news:

    “This can only be a political act… Our enemies use petrol as a political lever and have certainly a role to play in the lowering of prices,” he said in reference to Saudi Arabia and the United States.”

    As oil prices drop these regimes become less secure/stable. The finger pointing has started. Action usually follows excuses lest the rhetoric be proven false. Question is what action and against whom?

  8. What’s Obama’s excuse for not going to Paris? He couldn’t get a royal welcome? All the good hotels were booked up? He couldn’t give a teleprompter speech? He might be asked for the names of the terrorist detainees he keeps releasing from Gitmo?
    If Farrakhan was holding another million man march, he would be leading the parade.
    The optics of being a no-show and sending his race baiting head honcho are just terrible.

    1. Kennedy, Reagan both went up against the Soviet Union hard and heavy. Lincoln lost his life over this country.
      The Presidency has always been more important than the man (woman someday) holding the office. Until Obama and his ego.

      1. He always used the same narcissistic expression when he was campaigning at the community colleges in 2011: “Don’t make me look bad”. ALL about HIM.

  9. Pity Obama didn’t show up. Once again his actions speak louder than his lousy empty words. Netanyahu and Abbas showed up for the love of God. Greetings from Canada.

    1. I wish PM Harper had attended, but at least he sent the rather appropriate Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, who laid a wreath yesterday the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo.

  10. You take a guy no one knew much about or heard of before, who had no money, and yet somehow he gets thrust onto the national stage and gets elected president.

    He owes is allegiance to SOMEONE or many someones and it certainly is not the American citizen.

  11. Something is afoot. Holder in France in lieu of Kerry or even Obama and Kerry is next door in Germany visiting a sultan. From Germany, Kerry travels to India, the very same country that Obama is scheduled for the last week of this month. And, if I am not mistaken, isn’t Biden expected in India as well this month.

    Munich: US Secretary of State John Kerry flew into Munich on Saturday and met with Oman’s ailing Sultan Qaboos.
    State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the purpose of the private meeting was “to express his gratitude for their longstanding and strong relationship.”
    The sultan has not returned to Oman since traveling overseas for medical tests six months ago.
    Kerry was only accompanied by one aide for the private talks, with the small number of reporters traveling with the top US diplomat en route for India barred from access or from photographing the event.
    Qaboos, 74, traveled to Germany in July for medical tests. Since then, he has made only one appearance, in a brief video that was broadcast on national television on Nov. 5.
    In it, Qaboos spoke of what he called the “good results” of his treatment, but added that his condition requires monitoring.
    Kerry last met with the sultan in May 2013 during an official trip to Muscat.

      1. I do not know why Kerry is in Germany.
        I do know Sultan Qaboos is a wise man.
        If Kerry was truly seeking guidance from this man, he made a prudent choice.
        He has been a staunch ally of the USA and a strong peace negotiator.
        Losing his leadership in this region would be a terrible loss to his people and to the world.
        I pray Sultan Qaboos has improvement in his health and returns home.

          1. In support of my previous comment, perhaps you might read the following – a very few of the publicized articles I could site – and educate yourself a little before you make sweeping, unfounded and unsupported observations:

            Or this
            Or this
            Or this

            I have resided in Oman, I know from personal experience of that which I speak. Have you lived there? Have you lived anywhere other than the USA? What is your educational background regarding the Middle East and the Islamic Religion?
            You do realize we have military bases in that country – right?
            You do realize that people of Jewish descent vacation there – right?
            I know a rabbi who came to “bless” a production facility in that country there so that the produced product was Kosher approved.
            You do know that the Protestant Church of Oman was established with the Sultan’s express approval – right?

            It is one thing to be educated and voice your thoughts – it is entirely another to spout unfounded observations that contribute to hatred and misunderstanding.

            We had all better hope Sultan Qaboos’ health is restored. We need him…much more than he needs us.

          2. I am in moderation – hopefully my reply will be released soon…it cites but a few of numerous sources regarding the wisdom of the Sultan and his peace keeping role in the Middle East and includes personal observations of the country.
            In this case, Mandy, you are most decidedly wrong. You are too well read not to be informed of the truth of this country and this Sultan.

          3. Please, stop with the condescending remarks. I know about the sultan and his friendship with the Jew-killers in Tehran and the Jew-hater in the White House.

            Now, to restore my blood pressure, you are on IGNORE.

          4. You are afraid of anyone who challenges your misinformation.
            Anyone can type uninformed opinions.
            Intelligent people investigate and cite facts.
            Ignore that.

          5. How about reference citations for your assertions, Miss Mandy?
            I have them in my moderated comment.
            Where are yours?
            You tend to cite references that support your hateful, smart aleck comments…where are they for this issue?

  12. Well, now.

    It has emerged that hundreds of phone calls between Boumeddiene and Izzana Hamyd, wife of Cherif Kouachi, have shown up on mobile records. Five hundred in all were made last year.


    1. Thanks for the head’s up. I’m thinking there’s another reason FCMABBHO didn’t go to Paris: he’d be shown for the pathetic human he is, especially in comparison to Netanyahu who speaks at least three languages.

      1. They did stop translating thoughout the speech. I would love to know what he was saying while they stopped translating. That is when CNN was translating. Maybe the tanslator did not understand everything he was saying. Think?

  13. We determined President Hollande and Prime minister who have spoken out against terrorism. Here in France important. LIke to express my my condolences to all the families and innocent people who were killed carrying out there lives. These values which we have to fight for these values. In the streets of Paris today. I ask for France to stick together and be courageous. I’d like to thank to the citizens including the musilem citiczens. I’ve come in order to join you this evening. Fighting against terrorism and may their memories remember them eternally. Being remembered in our hearts. We have been living with these threats for years. Fighting terrorism with pains of terrorism and pains of these losses and the many hostages were taken and to the person who was killed trying to save the hostages. But alas, he died in acts of terrorism, and soilders fighting against terrorism in these operations. We are thinking today what these victems ancient proud people we are. We will overcome this.For justice and peace. Not Islam we are talking about radical fundamentalists Islam. There all the same evil.With this blood shad of different acts of Islamic fundamentalism. They want to take over the world. Want to bring humanity backwards. Paticular in the way the attack western cultures. Freedom rights these values. But Israel which is peaceful for all religions may live. Radical Islam does not like Israel. Extemist hate the west does not reconize Israel. Against all Western values. CNN just cut away from the speech.


    Netanyahu at Paris memorial: ‘Radical Islam is an enemy to us all’

    “Radical Islam is an enemy to us all,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday night at a memorial service held in Paris for the four victims of an attack on a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris on Friday – Yoav Hattab, Yohan Cohen, Philippe Braham and Francois-Michel Saada.

    “Today we bow our heads in memory of the victims, as the representatives of a proud nation we stand tall facing evil,” Netanyahu said, choosing to speak in Hebrew, as his address was simultaneously translated into French.

    “But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad,” he said, quoting from Exodus 1:12, “because justice and truth are with us.”

    “Here’s the truth: Radical Islam is an enemy to us all. This enemy has many names – Islamic State, Hamas, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, al-Shabaab, Hezbollah – but they’re all branches of the same poisonous tree,” he added.

    “Even though the factions of radical Islam are fighting amongst themselves, they all want to impose a dark tyranny on the world, to take humanity 1,000 years back. They murder anyone who disagrees with them, especially their Muslim brothers, but their greatest hatred is for Western culture that reveres freedom,” Netanyahu continued.

    Netanyahu warned that “those who slaughtered the Jews in the synagogue in Jerusalem and those who slaughtered Jews and journalists in Paris belong to the same murderous terror organization.”

    Despite that, he said, “we’re on our way to victory. I promise you – Israel will continue fighting terrorism. Israel will continue defending itself. And we know that when we are defending ourselves, we’re defending the entire cultural world.”

    He thanked Lassana Bathily, a Muslim worker at the Hyper Cacher supermarket who saved the lives of six people by hiding them in the store’s walk-in freezer.

    The prime minister also hailed France’s “firm position” against “new anti-Semitism” and terrorism.

    To the Jews of France he said, “I’m telling you what I say to our Jewish brothers in all countries: You have every right to live in safety and in peace as citizens with equal rights anywhere you choose, including here in France. But Jews today have been blessed with another right, a right that didn’t exist for previous generations: The right to join their Jewish brothers in our historic homeland – the land of Israel.”

    Netanyahu and French President Francois Hollande received an ovation as they entered the Great Synagogue of Paris (Synagogue de la Victoire).

    The French president and the prime minister were sitting side by side, surrounded by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and the President of the Central Consistory of France Israelite, Joel Mergui. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman sat a row behind them

    When the prime minister entered, some members of the audience chanted “Bibi” – Netanyahu’s nickname – and “Israel will live, Israel will win,” waving the flag of Israel.


      1. How do you reform a religion founded by a mass-murdering pedophile by removing him, his actions and his dictates from the picture?

        1. It’s difficult to say if Islam can be actually reformed and brought into modernity, or how or when, or what tactics would be necessary. That’s what makes his very public call for reform intriguing and unexpected. That he stood there in front of those tight-jawed, holier than thou, we are so much smarter than you, Muslim clerics and even dared to suggest–demand, even– it, is what is astounding. He may well have stamped a sell-by date on his forehead. We shall see.

  15. Remember the Muslim punk who threatened Trey Parker and Matt Stone if they mocked Mo? Well, he’s sued the Bureau of Prisons. He was serving his 25-year sentence in Marion, but was such a PITA that he was shipped to Florence ADX, the supermax prison in Colorado.

          1. I did thanks for the clip.
            On Fox and CNN they stated there is a threat from ISIS.
            I have not been able to see it online yet.
            On Weasel Zippers there is another Flashback.
            o sent 3 representatives to M. Brown’s funeral.

    Tweet of the day: Empty chair strikes again…
    There is one picture of President Reagan, and next two a picture of all the World leaders today, with an empty chair.
    Also on Weasel Zippers is an article: Flashback: French President Jaques Chirac first foreign leader to visit the WH after 911.
    Fast forward: Today where o snubbed France by failing to attend, or send any top officials, to a rally against Islamic terrorism in Paris attended by 50 world leaders. Than there is a long list of everyone who did attend.
    There is another clip: o’s schedule for today: No Public Schedule.

  17. Sick, pathetic excuse for a so called President. Damn racial agitator, Islam loving, American hating, illegal squatter in chief who should’ve been impeached by now!!!! Sure he had a golf game to be at. Worst president in the history of the United States.

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