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Quote of the Day || January 12, 2014

“Oh come on. Everybody knows spring is the best time to visit Paris.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. On Fox they are discussing that it may have been security issue, for o’s NO SHOW.
    However they also mentioned that the well guarded march (rally) was more guarded that the wh. (Fence).
    Get this: Just heard, Kerry is going to go to Paris Thursday. THURSDAY!
    o watched football yesterday.
    On his silly Blog did not mention a word about France.

  2. They are discussing the no go zones right now on Fox, but still no word about the groups here, that were disussed on the previous thread.
    Rob O’Neill (Navy Seal) said they must use force in the France no go zones.

    • Of course they won’t discuss those Muslim enclaves! They likely don’t even know about them. Or, if they know about them, they either discount them or fear mentioning them.

      Another place that is a no-go zone is the city of Dearborn. Well, it’s almost a no-go zone for Christians at the moment. Forty percent of the population is of Arab extraction, and from what I can tell, the majority of them are Muslims. The majority (all but two I think) of the city council are Arabs, and so is the chief of police.

  3. I am sure everyone saw the Paper (Daily News) that has been shown on the morning news. If not:
    You let the world down.
    No that is a powerful headline. However that front page title could have been used how many times in the last 6 years. Better yet:
    Headline: Headline: You let U.S. Down could have been printed many times.

    • Sorry, but I disagree. The world has seen Obama in action for 6 years, now. They are well aware that he is self-indulged, incompetent, and never takes responsibility for his actions (or inactions).

      He has lowered the world’s expectations of himself and, unfortunately, the United States.

      I doubt that anyone was really surprised by his selfish and inexplicable move yesterday.

  4. Lt. Colonial Allen West. On Fox just now.
    Said this was not leading from behind, This was ABSENCE.
    Finding the enemy and killing him. He said we know who they are.

  5. Here’s where the confusion in the White House planning and travel office began. One of the low ranker’s ask a simple question. Which Paris?
    Paris, Georgia
    Paris, Maine
    Town of Paris, New York
    Paris, Tennessee
    Paris, Virginia
    New Paris, Indiana
    New Paris, Ohio
    New Paris, Pennsylvania
    Paris, Arkansas
    Paris, Dakota Territory
    Paris, Idaho
    Paris, Illinois
    Paris, Kentucky
    Paris, Michigan
    Paris, Missouri
    Paris, New York
    Paris, Ohio
    Paris, Pennsylvania
    Paris, Tennessee
    Paris, Texas
    Paris, Grant County, Wisconsin
    Paris, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
    Travel office recommendations? They stamped “JUST SKIP IT” on the request….

  6. In October of 1981, Anwar Sadat was assassinated during a military parade in Egypt. Three days later, the Egyptions held a funeral service at the exact same spot of the assassination. If you recall, President Reagan was recovering from his own assassination attempt. VP George HW Bush wanted to go and the Secret Service said absolutely not. They took their job of protection very serious after the assassination attempt on Reagan.

    So, it was decided that Secretery of State Alexander Haig lead a U.S. delegation on a 18 hour flight to attend the funeral. Hang and his wife hosted, former Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter along with former first lady Rosalynn Carter. This was not a fancy 747 where they could avoid each other the whole time. The whole event was described by Nancy Gibbs author of “The Presidents Club”. The author did a fabulous job describing the egos, angers, frustrations, fear and obstinence that occurred during this trip.

    Apparently, Carter and Ford still hated each other from the 76 Election. Haig and his entourage took the Presidential Cabin because he was leading the delegation over the objections of the Presidents Ford and Nixon who felt the Carter should have it because Mrs Carter.

    It was a fascinating fly on the wall description of the US Presidents of the 70’s. A major outcome of this trip was Ford and Carter agreeing to burying the feelings of the 76 election. In fact, they agreed that whoever passed away first would be eulogized by the the other.

    I guess President Obama could not get the dress shops to open for Sunday shopping for Mooch liked they tried to get Sarkowsy to do in 2009.

    • Interesting, we do have a couple of former Presidents who could have made the trip (IF ASKED). I would say however Clinton would not be asked as he is on the outs with Big O, and GW?? OMG, he would not have him to blame anymore if he asked (as well as other reasons). But – I have a feeling GWB would have gone. And done us proud.

      The biggest issue – It would not be about him (Big O).

  7. It’s shocking, again, but typical o to stay home and watch the game.
    BUT where were
    Jeb Bush
    any Clinton
    Mitch in the Senate
    Where were ANY American leaders and wannabes.? Let’s not forget this.

  8. Kerry said he told his staff to “rearrange ” his schedule so he could meet later with all these important people. Funny how all these leaders of other countries had no problem “rearranging” their schedule . They were there to support France and represent their countries. Most had more on their plates than any one in the Obumo ADM. No one in the Obama ADM knows what they are doing.