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Saturday Open Thread || January 10, 2014

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    1. I just listened to him as well.
      I noted he said as well: o kills people with drones instead of bringing them to Gitmo. Need to reconize this is a war. At the end of the conversation they mentioned what Canada said. I was not able to write the whole quote down. Did you catch it?

    1. They paid for their rental. However as the article states we pay for the rest: $277,000.
      What he should do this morning. Is state he will fly to Paris and join the other Western leaders. Instead as mentioned on the previous thread he is sending Holder.
      I would love to hear what citizens there think of that insult.

      1. He’s not going to Paris because he can’t figure out how to make it all about himself. And, his presence would further complicate the security situation over there. You can’t block off roads for hours at a time when the police are hunting down a terrorist.

      2. Holder did not march in France. He shouldn’t anyway, he has criminal charges against himself! Obama wouldn’t go to the march because he believes that the cartoonists insulted the prophet. Thats what he told the United Nations that the prophet should not be insulted or criticized. Worst American president who is having FUN wielding power. Pay him no mind, we get his message of hating America. He will never get away with it, criminal charges will follow him for the rest of his life.

    2. And these figures are just the tip of the iceberg! They should have to release ALL the costs for this vacation, not just pick and choose what numbers they want to reveal. Somebody in congress at least should challenge them on this but the majority of the congress critters are absolutely worthless.

    3. There is absolutely NO way this man and his family can live on their own income. I’d be curious to know if they’re in debt up to their eyeballs like the Clintons were.

      1. The numbers are astounding.
        The majority of the population won’t make the amount of money they spent just on 1 vacation in their lifetime.

      2. He be on the Forbe’s 400 list when he leaves office. He gets to keep everything from OFA when he leaves…is already setting up foundations. And something tells me MO is making money hand over fist with her financial advisors and the Obama stock mkt.

    4. If all of the expenses incurred by the entire Obama clan, including Granny, were tallied up, the tab would be somewhere in the $2-3 BILLION range. And that’s a conservative estimate. It’s not just actual cost of the fuel and hotel/housing expenses …it’s the huge entourage that always accompanies them. Not to mention the advance team and their expenses. He can’t even go to lunch without the advance team.

      No other prez in history has ever lived like a private citizen while occupying the WH. There was a sense of dignity – pomp and circumstance, if you will. This azzhat can’t go an hour without the flash bulbs, the tv cameras, and adoring crowds…the limo, the motorcade, AF1. Affirmative action at its very best! Reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Trading Places.

  1. I got my grump on early this morning when I saw Doocey get wide-eyed at the news that the guns used in Paris came from the Balkans. He said something along the lines that this was inexplicable.

    Where was he in the 90s during the Balkan war? Where was he when the Saudis started pouring money into the Balkans to establish madrassas and further the goals of Wahhabists?

      1. All he does is read stuff funneled to him by the producer who is, in turn, allowed to present things that don’t piss off Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud.

        1. Sometimes I wish they would take those earplugs out of their ears. I would like to know how many people yell in their ear at one time. I would rather them make a mistake about something such as a gun name or a tree name, etc., than have them get yelled at when they are giving us needed news.

      1. I missed that one. People not familiar with those weapons will make mistakes.

        But, it is unfathomable to me that someone with his exposure to the news would not know about the Muslims in the Balkans. He probably also doesn’t know about Hitler’s Muslims, and about the numerous Nazis who converted to Islam after they fled Europe.

      1. I think because they made a decision that terrorism is important. Which is good because the MSM is in avoidance mood.

        But I don’t care for the morning team — although thankful that it is not Shep — so as soon as I can I go FBN.

      2. Glad to know that we are not the only ones who find Elizabeth shrilly…and I can’t stand the way she jumps around in her high heels….I think just showing off that she can and has a cute figure.
        That is not my idea of news coverage.

  2. Morning AFVet. Just back from LSBG. Not much changed at the center but not sure when you were last there.

    Still a great facilities we had a super week. Really nice to have the new covered garage when the weather hit. The south /main parking is gone and not sure what will be built out up there. The steps down through the creek walk are still there so hopefully they will keep the the forested walk through the creek. And…lots of dear and too much food. ;o)

    1. Thanks for the report GG.
      The last time I was there, Xerox still owned it, maybe the late 90’s or early 2000’s.
      Shortly after that they sold it, and I can’t remember to who.
      Glad they retained the ‘boardwalk’.
      When I was there they owned property clear down to the edge of the Potomac.
      Yes, the deer won’t leave a free snack, we used to feed them apples.
      Covered parking lot is a good thing.
      What I remember were the tunnels connecting the buildings, nice when it got cold or rainy.
      When it was first built, Xerox painted the five main buildings different colors,….Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow and Red.
      In the tunnels, they painted stripes to tell you which building you were under.
      The reason that they did that was because the students were getting lost due to the fact that all of the buildings looked the same.
      I spent many months there during my tenure with Xerox.

      Thanks again for the report GG.

      1. Not sure who owns it now. All the colors and tunnels are there and operational. They added a new registration center with substantial conference rooms. The “ballroom” easily had 450 in it. The new building is connected to the tunnels too. Other than that, not much has changed on the inside. Well one change…pretty sure all the rooms have a private bath now. No more dorm room experience.

        1. Yeah, we had to share a pot and shower.
          Well, thanks for the info GG.
          Like I said above, I spent many moons at LSBG.
          On the long visits it was great to just jump in the car and go see the history that surrounds the area.
          Boredom on the weekends.
          I always drove there, about 7/8 hrs.
          Best trips were in the spring and the fall.
          Spring especially, driving down through West Virginia is like immersing yourself in a painting.
          The trees in bloom along the road were beautiful.

          1. 3100 etc…aka dirty one hundreds. Fantastic for the tech at the time but compared to the emerging tech and printer tech today…accurate name. Also, was on the West Coast so didn’t get to LSBG until I moved to the East.

          2. 813,660,914,720,1000,2400,3600,7000,8200,9200,9400,9500,9900.
            3100 family.
            4000 family
            5400, 5600.
            5090, Docutech, 6100, and on and on,…..
            Also, supporting the networks that supported the printers.

          3. BTW,…the 914, 720. and 1000 customers had a fire extinguisher handy because if they jammed, it would likely catch on fire.
            Radiant fusers and a pile of paper, not good.
            Those were the days !

          4. …figured you were on the big iron. I was mostly slow volume. 10 series and then color. I stilll have my kit… it was a sad day when i broke my 660 spring puller.

  3. There are many Issues Not Reported in Mainstream Media with regard to US Govt. Foreign Policy creating major havoc worldwide to instill a hegemonic agenda designed to control the entire planet by a cabal of Jewish Zionists. The Plan for a New American Century or (PNAC) is very real and can be researched online. Other Agendas to cull the population of earth are in practice today fervently in complicity to [Agenda 21]. Again Research is of the utmost importance here. Go to Sites Known by high reputations to present honest journalism instead of the CIA run Mainstream Media. Here are a Few To Get Started with who can steer you on the path of Knowledge the US Govt. wishes you not to know about.






    And I Keep a Blog on the #Ukraine Crisis and the Russia-China Hotspots for another American Regime Change Agenda;

    1. I was looking for more information about the rumor I heard yesterday that she and Amedy Coulibaly had targeted a Jewish school in the area near the deli.

  4. With all that has gone on in France this week you would think that it would give pause to all of those that work to protect us as a nation. Yet, the events of in Paris will undoubtedly end up being deemed a criminal act, and not an Islamic terrorist attack by this administration.

    One of the perpetrators had already been convicted of having terrorist ties, and served time for his terror related activities. In this country we have tens of thousands of potential jihadis coming out of our prisons every year. The Federal Bureau of Prisons, along with state DOCs all seem to turn a blind eye to the activities of radical imams that are preaching hate against the US, building up Muslim gangs behind prison walls, and encouraging newly released inmates to join radical groups once they are released.

    Our prisons are the very breeding grounds that Islam, and the radicals need to begin the slow, and violent attacks against our society. Back in 2006 I submitted a paper to the DOC commissioner of my state pointing out these exact trends. That paper fell on deaf ears, and I was ostracized for even suggesting there was a problem.

    The American Thinker published an article in December of last year pointing out just how bad the problems behind prison walls has become (

    Even though the federal government refuses to admit that Islam is the problem, and that the radicals will continue to perpetrate violence against the west, states can begin to purge their prison libraries of radical Islamist writings, and refuse to credential radical imams. Both steps will do much to stem the flood of radicals coming back into society, and hopefully make America safer.

  5. “Regardless of the Nebraska ruling today, the House bill still conflicts with longstanding executive branch procedures regarding the authority of the president and prevents the thorough consideration of complex issues that could bear on U.S. national interests, and if presented to the president, he will veto the bill,” said deputy press secretary Eric Schultz.

    Hey Schultz how is it NOT in U.S. national interests to have a supply of oil from a non-Arab country available, and that will create thousands of job when we have millions of unemployed?
    Your logic sir needs explaining.

  6. Holder wants to prosecute Patraeus. Gee, that wouldn’t have anything to do with covering Hillary’s big ass in the run-up to the next election cycle, would it?

      1. I believe that Petraus was “set up and seduced” to get him out of Obama’s way in future politics.
        Not only that but he knows the truth on Benghazi, Hillary, Obama, Susan Rice, and the entire gang of WH thugs.
        Also remember the out and out destruction of General Stanley McChrystal? Obama detests strong military leaders.

          1. Currently in charge of our “coalition” or our “efforts” or whatever the “mission” is against ISIS. And he came out of retirement to do it. I could never figure that out since he was basically forced to resign …..some people say duty. I think that is unlikely.

        1. You said, “set up and seduced”.
          He should have had the foresight to see that happening.
          If he allowed himself to be drawn into that scenario, then he deserves the consequences.

          1. FWIW, another set-up theory:

            Murphy and co-author Brandon Webb also revealed that the September 11 Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, was retaliation by Islamist militants who had been targeted by covert U.S. military operations.
            The book claims that neither Stevens nor even Petraeus knew about the raids by American special operations troops, which had ‘kicked a hornet’s nest’ among the heavily-armed fighters after the overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

            John Brennan, President Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, had been authorizing ‘unilateral operations in North Africa outside of the traditional command structure,’ according to the e-book. Brennan is Obama’s pick to replace Petraeus as head of the CIA. SNIP

      1. I want to see this new congress drag her ass back into the house and make her confess to the fact that she was implicit in the ruse that they tried to sell to the American People that that attack on the embassy was due to a freaking video.
        The statement that she made, “what difference does it make now”, should be blasted throughout the internet community if she is stupid enough to run for president.

        She is too old, and she does harbor the attitude that is needed to be CIC.
        God help US if that would ever happen.

        1. Her age doesn’t concern me. Ronald Reagan was 70 when he became president, and she’ll be about the same age.

          I don’t see how they can make her confess. She’s not allowed to plead the Fifth, but I don’t see them finding her in contempt of Congress if she does.

          1. The hell with her age,…
            I’m concerned about her ideology.
            Your second paragraph is intriguing.

            Lois Lerner got away with it.
            So did Eric Holder.

            They thumb their nose at the peons and laugh at the congress’s attempts to restore order.
            They line the courts with liberals.

            When they break the law, and someone stands up and says THAT IS WRONG, they say prove it.
            What is it with this executive privilege BS.
            They should be held to a higher standard just because they are the ones that set the rules that we have to live by.

      2. I would love to hear how a brilliant military strategist could not keep from getting ensnared in a typical political drama. Could he not see it coming or was he himself “betrayed” by the leadership in Washington.

        1. Calling him a brilliant military strategist is a stretch IMO
          The junior officers under his command formulate the plans and he signs off on them.
          The fact that he couldn’t see what he was being set up for tells me that he is either too trusting of the administration, particularly this one, or he was being blindsided.

      1. A bunch of leaders are going. Maybe the government’s smart enough to not send Biden this time, and it would be a nightmare to send the president due to security concerns.

        Or, maybe Holder’s gonna’ remind them that Islam is the Religion of Peace and that to say otherwise is racist.

          1. Maybe he’s going to coordinate with the intelligence folks. But, wouldn’t it be better to send James Comey, the head of the FBI or someone from the CIA?

        1. It can’t be about religion because one of the dead cops was a Muslim, reasons Ban ki-Moon. Well, so was one of the soldiers killed in Toulouse almost two years ago.

          1. I just read the article. I am glad you mentioned his comment about the Policeman killed. Very early this morning I was listening to the radio station from the UK. The discussion was about the number of muslims in Paris. The caller made the point he had light brown hair and blue eyes, and that people don’t think he is muslim either.

          2. It’s illegal to ask someone his religion in France’s census so the exact number in the nation is not known. A a rough estimate is 7.5 percent with perhaps 10 percent within 15 years. That’s the highest in Europe.

          3. The “how many Muslims are there in France” question comes up on blogs in France. The general guess is about 10 percent, though there are no actual census data.

      2. He will tell them how to prosecute these guys, confine them, and then release them to return to fight again. Our man Eric — he’s good at that.

  7. “Defending freedom of expression in the face of oppression is one thing; insisting on the right to be obnoxious and offensive just because you can is infantile,” Khadr wrote. “Baiting extremists isn’t bravely defiant when your manner of doing so is more significant in offending millions of moderate people as well. And within a climate where violent response—however illegitimate [sic]—is a real risk, taking a goading stand on a principle virtually no one contests is worse than pointless: it’s pointlessly all about you.” CHOP

  8. Just pulled up Protesters across New England delayed MBTA commuter rail train at the Dedham, MA. station.
    They stood over the track holding a sign.
    Horrible mess in Paris for the last several days. Everyone is concerned for their safety, and the world’s safety. They are going to stand on a railroad track. They are going to intrude on citizens.
    Anyone finds out if they had their permit to stand on the RAIL ROAD TRACKS, please let me know!

      1. That would be politically incorrect Mandy.
        We need to adopt a more peaceful and civil agenda towards those that are obviously our enemies..

        Bullshit,…..bomb them back into the stone age where these heathens belong.
        Otherwise,….this war will never end.

        1. Carpet bomb them like what was done in Japan because Japan was doing komakazi attacks which was like homacide bombing is today. We had no choice, Japan had to be done. Thats what we should be doing to terrorists, wipe them out, otherwise, every day and night there will be murders by bombs and guns by these terrorists all over the world. They will never stop unless we wipe them out. We don’t have a real American president now who wants to protect us from the terrorists. He sides with them, and the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, he supports them, not us. America has to wake up and get this guy out of the White House, otherwise, more men, women and children will die just like the 3000 in the Trade Center. I really think the terrorists know that the U.S. won’t stop them and knows that Obama is too lazy, to stupid and too stubborn to fight them. All Obama knows is to drone some of them and he does that just so they won’t go to Cuba because he wants to close that jail no matter what. No matter that he releases big time terrorists every day, he cares less. He’s is unbalanced and has no common sense, no reality, no integrity, nothing. The Republicans humor him, fund his dangerous and espensive projects. We are really in a bad way and soon another attack from the Muslims. Obama could care less. He really should be impeached and then put in jail for his anti-American no policy attitude. He wouldn’t even go to the march in Paris because he supports the killings and that includes the 4 Jews, he hates them, and oh, Netanyahu would be there, so he definitely would not go. He is the worst of the worst for America.

  9. #blacklivesmatter (?)
    Instead of standing on railroad tracks, come on down to Chicago and stand on the streets where, apparently black lives don’t matter.
    As of 1 JAN15, 388 shot & killed.
    2231 shot & wounded.
    Ending total of homicides, 456.
    78.1% victim’s & offenders, black.
    Come on down, do some real good…your not scared, are you.?

  10. About that FREEEEE Community College political cr*p…..why isn’t Obama pushing military service? It’s a great stepping stone to higher education. From the 60’s, I married one who joined the reserves in college, got free education AND a promotion to 2ndLT in the USMC on graduation (unfortunately, went right to VietNam), but I digress, why isn’t Obama pushing any “local, state, federal” service to earn that freaking free ride?

    1. I am guessing they might have to do some “work” for LaRaza, OFA,
      or some other progressive leftist organization. I am not too keen to have them “dumped” into the military — even the new military that Obama is building.

      1. I think Obama recruits are “forgiven” those requirements. They will receive bed, board, regular promotion, opportunity for free higher education, free housing, healthcare, no foreign deployment etc

        I think uniforms are optional as well. Remember this is Obama’s army….and, of yeah. no white privilege.

          1. Well his policies have certainly been meant to cull our military and weaken discipline and morale. And left us more exposed and vulnerable. But the military will right itself when he is gone — given the opportunity and the right leaders.

            And that whole Petraeus lawsuit thing — pure Eric Holder/Barack Obama thuggery.

          2. Ultimately, he has only himself to blame for getting involved with Broadwell. Exposing oneself to being set up is one reason why adultery is a big no-no in the military.

          3. Adultery is a big no no in the service, intelligence and many government departments. That said, there is a lot of it. It is not new. And it does not all result in revealing secret data.

            Obama clearly has something on Petraeus, but I doubt seriously that David Petraeus in anyway seriously compromised this country or our security.

            Obama is a thug and so are his sycophants.

            Investigate someone — investigate friggin’ Al Sharpton.

  11. MSNBC has deleted their page with a photograph of a kebab shop in France that had been vandalized this week in place of a photograph of the NACCP building in Colorado Springs that someone supposedly had tried to bomb.

    1. They really tried to push that NAACP “bombing”. I saw a picture of a slightly charred outside wall.

      No matter. The Black Brunch Bunch will most likely be on duty tomorrow — perhaps they can gin up some support.

        1. Very early this morning I saw a fake (wrong) picture that was being used. I cannot remember what sight, or what news station placed the wrong picture. The correct picture was shown on the site I was reading.

  12. This is the Muslim man who has been hailed a hero after he hid shoppers in the freezer of the Jewish grocery store after an Islamic gunman raided the deli where he worked.

    Lassana Bathily, 24, originally from Mali in west Africa, guided terrified customers to safety in a supermarket chiller at the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Porte de Vincennes, Paris, yesterday.


      1. I caught a glimpse of something … we have troops there I believe. Also I think there are more American “military” in Africa and MidEast than we might know.

        1. We sent some to Mali in 2013, but I don’t know if we have any now. It’s France’s former colony, and France’s headache. I’m sure we have SFer’s all over northern Africa and the Middle East. My ex useta’ do it. Brilliant linguist, awesome soldier, crappy husband.

          1. I know the type — your ex that is.

            Yes on Mali and the rest and SFers. I brought it up because I got a glimpse of something the other day about forces elsewhere that we are unaware of and the irregular way in which they were dispatched. But I don’t remember the particulars so I don’t want to include it. But it raised my suspicions. I have zero faith in the Administration and take nothing they say at face value.

  13. Late yesterday afternoon I was driving home from a day of errands when I noticed an unusual number of black SUV’s and an NBC mini-cam truck parked behind the Bev, Hilton hotel. It almost looked like an Obama entourage. My first thought was …Michelle! She snuck out of the WH again! Wrong! It was Hillary’s husband, the horn dawg. Seems like he’s going to do what Obama couldn’t do – be the star attraction at the Golden Globes!

    Politics has been reduced to the theatre of the absurd, thanks to Obama. There’s only one problem. Hill and Bill are now official members of the geriatric set. How much longer can they keep up with George Clooney and the Hollywood set? Hag Hillary just doesn’t fit in…anywhere. Stop the madness!

  14. I did not know this. This will be crazy.

    President Obama’s brazen move to normalize relations with the communist Castro regime in Cuba, and his recent announcement that his administration would be traveling to the island later this month for more talks, has infuriated the Cuban exile community, including the leading advocate against talks between the U.S. and Cuba, Senator Marco Rubio.

    1. Everything this SOB does is to pad his legacy and photo album. Wait til he opens an embassy in Tehran! He’ll be there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. He won’t be satisfied until he gets a presidential welcome befitting a king in every damn country on the planet. It’s all about HIM!

    2. Marco Rubio stated: No ont is releasing the names of the poliitcal prisoners they released. The condition placed upon them (threat), if they decide to re-continue efforts to support freedom.

  15. Gillian Turner former House Intel Security under Bush and o.
    She says there is a Blanket Policy regarding what/who is titled of causing the horror in Paris. She said o and admin. making short term defensive moves. She said Defense cuts and intelliegence cuts cause tremendous limits on scopes and analysis. What they are allowed to do and not do.
    Also a dire threat of the release of the remaining Gitmo prisoners.
    She just spoke on Fox.

  16. 50 World Leaders are in Paris. Hol. is not a leader. Where is Biden today? Maybe on an exercise bike. What is o doing today. If he cannot/does not what to go, He should at least be shown watching the ralley out of respect.
    Just heard on Fox:
    o has announced a WH summit on this matter. What is missing is the title of the terrorist. Still downplaying the enemy. However as mentioned the leader of Egypt and other Countries state the fact.

      1. He wouldn’t care if they did Noma.
        He’s determined to wreak as much havoc on this Country as he can in the time he has remaining.
        Thank goodness we have a chance to stop him by holding both chambers of congress.

    1. He told the U.N. that the prophet should not be criticized, don’t you remember when he made that speech at the U.N. He probably sides with the terrorists, otherwise, wouldn’t he have gone to the march in Paris? Also, Netanayahu went to Paris and we know Obama doesn’t like Israel, and he would never defend or speak out about the 4 Jews, innocent people killed in the supermarket in Paris, he probably thinks its their fault they were killed because he thinks Hamas is so innocent in the Israel Hamas conflict.

  17. The rally will begin in 5 mins. If anyone has a website on line with live coverage from a local (with English) station in Paris, please provide it.

  18. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters is on Fox now. He said that it was a fine ralley, but you need to fight not just walk for our freedom, against barbaric ideology.They kill, and drag world leaders to pARIS.
    The failure was the media. Being cowards. Every newspaper should have put the cartoons on their front page.
    WH still not using the word terrorist. The question was ask of the Lt. Col. Why isn’t o there? Should he be? He said, HE SHOULD BE THERE.
    He romanticizes Islam.
    He has remarkable vanity, He cannot say: I was wrong. He should have the integrity to call the enemy by their real name. He keeps saying low risk. He lets Gitmo prisoners out to go back and join.
    Seeing what three terrorist were able to accomplish.
    By the way I just found out he studied in France.

    1. o is not there. Hol is not in sight. I am looking at the screen. Fox just mentioned Hol was there for summit, but at this point they don’t see him either. Anyone here at WHD see him on their screen?

      1. Holder does not have the qualifications to be in the front line with heads of state. He is merely a functionary. I am sure he is there somewhere.

        Obama in the bunker — afraid to face the world and afraid to speak to anyone but students and his base.

        1. Thats so true! A coward, no courage to go to paris? What kind of jerk is he? I think he believes that it was wrong for the journalists to write about the prophet. And that he is afraid and a coward and most obvious, that he is too lazy and in one of his mental depraved depressions and couldn’t go? He did give a speech to the United Nations back when saying that the prophet should not be criticized, etc. I remember him saying that?? he’s so embarrasing to us and he really doesn’t give a crap how he looks, just speaks to high schoolers about college while all this terror is going on, and the NYPD situation, he is completely useless and consumed by power and politics, he should be removed.

  19. Paris Leader now kissing and or shaking hands with all the leaders. Still do not see hol.
    Lt Col. Peters said Netanyahu and Pakistan leaders in the front line, but Hol. did not have a front seat in line, because he is NOT A LEADER.
    He said our Pres. is in the buncker.
    When we insist upon the rule of law in Paris or in Ferguson, we begin to disentegrate as a nation. They mentioned when Foley was beheaded, mins later o ran off to play golf. Will this be written in history books. Lt. Col. Peters said it will effect him in the books.
    When o took office Alqaeda was on the ropes. With his inwillingness to address this. it has reach (grown) across the world.

    1. He is a coward.

      I never really believed he was simpatico with the Muslims. Now I am convinced that he is. His refusal to use the words islamic terrorists or go to Paris cannot be dismissed any longer.

      He’s always talking about international unity and cooperation and yet he more willing to be scorned by leaders of the West rather than Muslims. His absence is glaring.

  20. I missed this.

    Christiane Amanpour called the terrorists “activists.”

    “On this day, these activists found their targets, and their targets were journalists.”

      1. I can’t believe they put her out there this morning. Everytime they mention a cartoon on CNN, the (male) newsman out there states, he may not agree with all they print. That comment is not needed!

          1. I agree. This is what we have stepped down to. It is well known that a newsperson may or may not agree with half of the things that need to be covered. Just give me the facts, and I don’t care if they believe in diddly squat.

    1. 12. Favorite Item in the Apartment: A massive painting that I got in Iran, a few years ago, by Farideh Lashai, a friend who is also Iran’s pre-eminent abstract-expressionist painter. It gives me joy every time I walk in my door. SNIP

      Iran is a dictatorship. Artists do not produce unless they’re approved by the state in dictatorships. What does that painting represent?

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