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Farewell, Barbara Boxer

You would think I wouldn’t mind that Barbara Boxer is retiring. But I do. I’ll miss her. Here’s why.

38 Responses to Farewell, Barbara Boxer

  1. May God help this Nation when people like Boxer are in Congress. Sadly, it seems like the vast majority (on both sides of the aisle) are driven to “serve” either by gigantic egos or by the expectation of enrichment. Time for term limits!

    • Then again you run the risk of letting the bureaucrats runs things.
      As it is now unelected bureaucrats are issuing government regulations hand over fist.

  2. At the risk of being called ‘racist’, I predict that Boxer will be the last white-skinned person to hold this seat. Not that it really matters in Kalifornia, but we are now a Mexican majority. And the former LaRaza mayor, Villaraigosa, is frothing at the mouth. God help us all!

    • Brothers had this point are being noted as killed by Paris newsman speaking on Fox. The hostage there is free.
      After explosions at Deli. It is being (reported) from Paris that several hostages have been freed.
      5:25 in Paris.

    • ABC finally getting a small clue. Talking about “virus” of radicalized people in the country, as neighbors. Noting that in America we can’t keep track of all, can’t thwart all attacks, and wondering what to do. How about this – STOP trying to micromanage everything from the federal & bureaucratic level and give the people the tools they need to protect themselves!

      Can’t training with or communicating with foreign terrorist organizations against your home country be considered treason? Why can’t we lock them up instead of following them around waiting for them to kill somebody? (Without parole, not like 18 mo. sentence)

  3. Barbara Boxer, How can a person be like this? Her parents raised her to hate her country, that abortion, MILLIONS of DEAD babies is okay? She has to be a viscious horrible person and so is Obama for FIGHTING FOR DEATH TO SO MANY BABIES.