As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || January 8, 2014

FCC signals it will adopt Obama net neutrality plan . . .  Federal regulators appear to be on the brink of claiming expansive powers over Internet access to protect the principle of net neutrality. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler indicated that he’s in favor of President Obama’s net-neutrality proposal, which would put broadband Internet service in the same legal category as landline telephones.

Proponents of the regulatory maneuver claim it’s the only way the FCC can enact strong net neutrality rules that can hold up in court. Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should treat all traffic equally. Internet providers and Republicans warn that Title II would turn the Internet into a utility, hampering investment and leaving everyone with worse service.  National Journal

Dems seeks Afghan withdrawal delay . . . Prominent Democrats are warning President Obama against following a set timeline for pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. Washington Examiner

Inhofe to battle EPA climate change effort . . . Sen. James Inhofe plans to use his position on one of the Senate’s most powerful committees to challenge the Obama administration’s push to regulate carbon dioxide emissions and expand federal power over energy and the environment. Daily Caller

Senators slam 40-hour workweek veto threat . . . Congressional lawmakers, including Democrats, rebuked the White House on Wednesday for refusing to allow tweaks to Obamacare, saying President Obama is reneging on his promise to work to fix problems in the law. Washington Times

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 8, 2014

  1. I see Dictator Obama and the democrat party communists are poised to extend their totalitarian tentacles into the internet by labeling the service a “utility” thereby subjecting it to strict federal government rules and regulations under the slogan “net neutrality” whatever the hell that means.. First order of business will be to restrict the free flow of information and tightly control freedom of speech.

    The initials of the FCC really stand for Federal Communist Control now that Dictator Obama has packed it with his Marxist minions.

  2. The entire news today is about one thing: A President and administration hell bent on usurping the Constitutional order and imposing its will on the American people.
    Only at this juncture in history, with a complicit media and millions of minds of mush could this ever happen.
    Whether we right the wrongs and restore our founding principles is still a chapter unwritten but I’m sure not liking how it’s starting out.

    • Yep, just from the headlines.

      Obama threatens 3 vetoes in 2 days. And unleases 300 regulations in the first week of the year.

      And the motorcade passes right by the scandal ridden Phoenix VA Hospital. Perhaps he gave a slight imperial wave. Probably not.

      Curious to see how much more of this America takes. Looks like battered spouse syndrome to me.