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Obama: “Gas Prices Aren’t Gonna be Low Forever”

Talk about a party pooper.

Scold-in-Chief Barack Obama today in Phoenix warned everyone that gas prices will inevitably rise, and don’t start going out and buying “gas guzzlers,” which of course must be disappointing to the thousands of American workers involved in building gas guzzlers, but whatever.

Low gas prices of course are a threat to Obama’s green agenda and his plans to get us all in electric vehicles and low-weight cars that wrap easily around telephone polls and kill lots of people for the sake of theoretical global warming which fuel-efficient cars wouldn’t make a dent in anyway I’m just saying.

47 thoughts on “Obama: “Gas Prices Aren’t Gonna be Low Forever””

  1. Oh the gall and the audacity to lecture us for wanting maybe to buy a bigger car or truck when,……..

    The skinny thug that is squatting in the White House along with his pseudo wife/beast, needs a reality check.

    He is afraid of us.
    That’s why he avoids us.
    Bullies are cowards.
    He knows that he has no credibility with the American People.

    High schools and factories are environments that are confined.
    Kids and factory workers have to be there, that’s why he schedules his appearances in these venues.

    He is weak, and he knows it.
    His popularity is waning, and he knows that also.
    He feels the need to go out into the Country and gin up the American People BEFORE the State of the Union Address.

    Why would you think that that would be necessary if the Country was in great shape ?

    I think that Obama is facing opposition by the congress that he is not ready for, nor can adapt to.
    It all comes down to the congress now, whether or whether not they will allow him to rule this Country.

    1. We’re going to see much more of it in the next two years.
      Every effort to thwart his agenda is going to be met with retaliation against anybody that dares to do it.

          1. x3 Might not be until after he is officially out of office.

            But some honest observers and historians will mark Barack Obama as the man he is and the President he was. This goes in records and libraries everywhere. He will be exposed and he will be vilified for what he has done.

            As for him gallivanting around the globe, gobbling up money and more praise from sycophants so be it. At least he will have his personal hands off of America and his butt out of the White House.

    2. yeah, taunting, always taunting, he really is a downer, he does love it! Sadistic as they come, coward lives in a fantasy world goes around taunting and criticizing in stupid speeches and only in high schools because he has a high school mentality, flying around on Air Force 1 burning millions of dollars of our money in fuel, to be in hamburger heaven.

  2. “low-weight cars that wrap easily around telephone polls and kill lots of
    people for the sake of theoretical global warming”

    Sacrifices to Gaia.

    1. He must be running out of new ideas. This one has already been tried…and ended up nowhere. He’ll say or do anything to justify taking a joyride on AF1. He needs to be grounded!

    1. HA. Too funny. I just saw this response on Twitchy.

      @AceofSpadesHQ @JimmyPrinceton You know what “the 1st two years of community college” are called? Community college. #SmartestPresidentEver

          1. Thanks. You think so? With whom? Schools? Congress? Students?

            With all that he is doing or perhaps saying I need to get back to how government works.

            Is this all so much talk or is it actionable and implementable.

            And all this time the illegals have scattered, arrangements for their care has been made, helpers hired etc etc A whole new mini department set up for them.. How does this happen?

  3. Scold-in-Chief Barack Obama today in Phoenix warned everyone that gas prices will inevitably rise, and don’t start going out and buying “gas guzzlers,” SNIP

    1. Blast from the past on May 17, 2008:

      “We can’t tell them, don’t grow. We can’t — drive our SUVs and you know, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on you know, 72 degrees at all times, and whether we’re living in the desert or we’re living in the tundra, and then just expect that every other country’s going say OK.”

      1. Was this the same day he attended the Decemberist’s [sic] concert? The video’s link says it was on the 17th, but every source I can find says it was on the 18th. Anyway, ya’ll do remember who the original Decemberists [sic] were about, don’t you?

      2. I wonder at what temperature he set the thermostat his first day in office. IIRC, Axelrod said it was hot enough to grow orchids.

        So much for his demand that we lead the world by example.

    1. He has sabotaged the oil industry at every opportunity, especially by his obstinate refusal to approve the Keystone pipeline. By sabotaging the oil industry, he is also sabotaging Americans.

  4. First of all, I do not like the condescending acyivist in chief’s attitude. He insults american intelligence. He can go bs his base.

  5. I won’t play the video. I can’t stand the sound of his voice.

    But I see in the freeze frame, the usual compliment of “Useful Idiots” smiling in the background.

    God, how I wish we still had an actual working press in this country. Somewhere Dick Nixon is laughing….

    1. His manner of speaking has always been robotic, practiced, not normal. We understand he’s been programmed to speak publicly in that manner, but, man, it’s irritating. Can’t abide the junior high school Junior Class Speaking Contest style at all.

  6. Person spending millions of dollars during Labor Day weekend on flying Air Force 1 scolds people buying gas guzzlers. I wonder what do Auto workers building these cars feel about Obama. They keep on following him as a Pied Piper

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