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Obama Actually Drives Past Phoenix VA Hospital

Not only did he fail to visit, but President Obama today SPED RIGHT BY the VA hospital in Phoenix that was the epicenter of a scandal over long wait times for care.

As the scandal unfolded last year, Obama made pious statements about his commitment to reform the Veterans Affairs hospital system. When it was revealed earlier this week that he would be speaking at a location about a mile away from the hospital, veterans and Republicans, led by Arizona Sen. John McCain, called on him to pay a visit.

The White House indicated it wasn’t going to happen. But in a move that amounts to giving the finger to his critics, Obama’s motorcade actually drove past the facility without stopping.

To be fair, it isn’t clear Obama or his aides knew the route the motorcade would take.

It’s not as if Obama didn’t have time for unscheduled events. He met with former Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, whose shooting has become a symbol for a topic Obama is passionate about, gun control.

24 thoughts on “Obama Actually Drives Past Phoenix VA Hospital”

      1. They are cowards Spook.
        He will retaliate against them and/or their families if they piss him off.
        He is exempt from any accountability whatsoever.

  1. I googled the VA in the town near by. There was only an arrow for the site. However they must check out all routes in detail.
    They have to be sure a cow pasture wasn’t near by, they wouldn’t want to risk 100 cows getting out and blocking the road.
    They have to check out if there are any rickty rack bridges on the way.
    They have to see if their is a hamburger joint along the way.
    I could go on and on with poor excuses. There was no excuse!
    Imagine if you were a Vet and you found out today, that he drove by without stopping to chat about housing.

    1. I’m surprised 0 didn’t stop at ‘The Heart Attack Cafe’ in Phx, it is known for waitresses in nurse uniforms & like 5 pound (family sized) burgers.
      And, Gabby skipped the local Tucson activities marking the 4th anniversary of the shooting to meet 0 in Phoenix. She really isn’t speaking, just repeating what her husband tells her, poor thing. Liberalism aside, she was a fiery, energetic person before the tragedy.

  2. I had to chuckle when I read this. When he comes to L.A. (as he does on a regular basis) he often times flies Marine1 from LAX to the helipad at Veteran’s Hospital in Westwood, CA. Same with his return trips to D.C. He is just steps away from the hospital, but I don’t recall him ever visiting the vets.

    Every time he comes to L.A. for his money grab, ALL of the streets surrounding the VA are closed for hours resulting in the worst gridlock we have ever experienced. It is located on the busiest intersection in the nation (Wilshire & Sawtelle). Gridlock under normal circumstances, but a nightmare when he is in town.

    Money and power – that’s all that matters to this azzhat!

  3. I just heard that this grifter in chief POS drove past the VA hospital but stopped at the French Embassy in DC to sign the guest book. What an asshat.

  4. There were protesters at the hospital so I’m sure he knew as he passed by. He couldn’t visit the VA hospital but he took the time to work out at the fitness center at the resort this morning. A reporter from our local CBS affiliate reported it and tweeted photos of a sweaty Obama.

  5. oh, just watching recorded Special Report. while I don’t begrudge it, he did have time to stop by the French embassy when he got back to DC.

  6. as an Arizonan i will say this was such a farce.He went to a project where as our local news put it “people were still in there pajamas”…well duh! free housing, free food, free medical they never need to leave the house!

  7. Slight correction — he probably met with former Rep Giffords’ husband who, along with her Democrat allies, used this woman’s tragedy for political gain.

  8. If there was ever a worse “president”! He just can’t do anything from the heart. Cold-hearted guilt ridden coward couldn’t stop by the VA for a few minutes, afraid they might say some little thing he wouldn’t like? poor fragile sickening Obama.

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