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Labor Secretary Perez Finds Obama’s Agenda in Bible, Koran, Torah

Many of you may be aware of what Vladimir Lenin, on his deathbed, reminded Trotsky, Stalin, and his other acolytes: “A fundamental tenet of our moral covenant as a nation was, prosperity would be shared.”

It set the tone for the Soviet Union’s future approach to . . .

Wait a second. That wasn’t Lenin. That was Tom Perez, President Obama’s Secretary of Labor. Yesterday!

Boy, was this fellow was on a roll. Speaking at an AFL-CIO “Raising Wages Summit” in Washington, Perez was laying lefty slogans on thick.

And what better speaker for a wage “fairness” conference than Perez, who in October said of America, with respect to the minimum wage, “I mean, we suck. We really do.”

Yes, we suck. And so to suck less, if you don’t suck at capitalism, you’ve got to share what you’ve got with those who haven’t gotten their piece of the apple pie.

As Perez said Wednesday:

We live in a nation that is a community . . . Prosperity must be shared! . . . the American workers have helped bake the cake of prosperity, but they are not sharing in the fruits of that prosperity. A fundamental tenet of our moral covenant as a nation was, “prosperity would be shared.”

Okay, cake doesn’t produce fruit. Unless it’s a fruitcake. Maybe Perez is saying we’re a nation of fruitcakes. I don’t know.

Anyway, you tell ’em comrade! These rich people, they gotta remember this is a community, see? That business they worked 18 hour a day on? They didn’t build that! Give something back, because people need to upgrade to the Obamaphone 6, okay?

Jesus, Moses, and Mohammed all agree, BTW:

This is really about biblical teachings. This about what’s taught in the Koran, and what’s taught in the Torah, and what we learn about making sure we do unto others.

There’s a guy named Jim Wallace who, you know, he does this exercise with his students, where he asks them to take the Bible and rip up every page that has a reference to the need to help the poor and the under-served. And the bible turns into like a Newsweek magazine.

Look, first of all, I realize Newsweek’s ad pages are down, but, come on, this is piling on. But more importantly, why is this guy Wallace defacing the Bible? You merely drop the Torah and if your Jewish you’re supposed to kiss it.

Well, Lenin wouldn’t have liked the biblical references. But the rest would have sounded pretty good. I mean, sure, the community back then had to string up a few Kulaks before it could really call itself a community, but you know, prosperity must be shared.

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  1. I agree the Bible calls on me to help those less fortunate, and so I do. I’m not sure where it says I’m supposed to take your money to do it, though.

  2. The thing with communism that people seem to forget is large swaths of the population didn’t get to sit home a cry victim hood to escape doing their fair share!

  3. Well, let’s think about this – why shouldn’t Jay-Z, the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bush’s, Mssrs Buffet, Trump, et al share their fortunes with us (me). A check would be greatly appreciated here in flyover country from those who have more then they need for their earthly visit.
    Perhaps SoSKerry could persuade his billionaire wife to throw some of the catsup money our way – y’know – in the spirit of the Koran or something.
    All those Wall Street people could just send money to everyone they know, from family to neighbors (me).
    I like it. And the Bible says so.

    • Funny how THEY never do that.
      They constantly hammer us on the fact that we should give to the poor,…..we are through our taxes and all of the entitlement programs that the socialist bastards use to extort our money from us through the IRS.

      Funny how they exempt themselves from the ACA, while forcing us into it.

      I’m sick of the rhetoric coming from these hacks and charlatans.
      The elitist Hollywood and the Beltway types are not fooling us.
      They think they are.
      All of the lofty speeches only do one thing,….prove that they are the idiots, not us.

      The emperors have no clothes and they don’t even realize it.

  4. I get so sick of the left co-opting religion for their agenda. Yes, there is much in the Bible of helping the poor, but for the life of me I can’t find ONE passage where it says it is the government’s responsibility to confiscate from one to give to another.
    OT but I am about to explode right now and need to share the pain:
    The link is to a WSJ story about several Republican Senators willing look at raising the gas tax. We FINALLY get a break at the pump in years and the first thing the new Repub majority looking at is increasing the cost? A cost that will invariably to back to $3, $3.50 a gallon sooner rather than later?

    $2 trillion in offshore earnings? Bring it back, set up the infrastructure bank and quit using transportation money pet projects not related to highways and bridges and there will be PLENTY of money without stabbing the American worker in the back once again.

    First CRomnibus, now this betrayal?

    • I appreciate Keith bringing this statement to our attention. I have not heard it from the msm yet. I would appreciate everyone reading WHD. The same time I would appreciate the msm getting another scroll at the bottem of their screen to bring other important information to the American citizens attention.
      I do not appreciate as well the issue raising the gas tax. Thanks Rebs. sarc

    • Somebody asked Boehner about that in his press briefing.
      He said no,…….
      The senate cannot pass that without the house’s approval, correct. ?
      Taxes never go away.
      If they did increase it and the gas prices went back up, do you think that they would repeal that tax ?

    • My husband and I (small business owners) drive to call on clients and when gas prices soar, so does our cost of doing business. That’s something the “elite” never take into consideration.

  5. OT, but, speaking of lefties, Barbara Boxer has announced she is will retire at the end of her term in 2016. That’s the good news. The bad news is that my beautiful, misguided, idiotic state will probably elect Raul Castro to replace her!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s just clearing the way for the next Senator from California: Michelle Obama.
      She’d be more comfortable running in Illinois but golf season too short in Lincoln Land.
      He needs more golf, she needs less of him, a DC – CA marriage is a win/win.
      You heard it hear first.

          • why do you people keep beating the Michelle-Obama’s-running-for-office horse, especially in CA? I see no reason to believe that.

            she has never shown any interest in it, she has even less experience in politics and the real world than her husband, and they’ve never lived even a little bit of the time in California. not to mention the fact that Barack is now so unpopular I doubt she would profit by her association.

            want to worry about something real? here are a few ideas:
            -Obamacare is about to destroy our healthcare system;
            -Iran is about to go nuclear;
            -jihadis are on the rise and our president won’t even speak the words “Islamic terror” ;
            between vetoing Keystone and trying to shut down American coal, Obama won’t stop trying until energy prices are sky-high.

    • Glad to see her go, but it will be another two years A.J.
      She’s the one that told a General that he should address her as Senator.
      Disgusting disrespect for the military.

  6. Not to be too picky on this man, but:

    He never held a position in the private sector that made any money that could be “shared”, so excuse me sir, but blow that out your porthole.

    Ps. Went to Brown, where there are no longer any majors…pick any topic you like, that’s a major. Went to Brown, then Harvard Law, then right in to public life….which indubitably qualifies him to critique hard working Americans about their failure to share.



  7. For what it’s worth, it’s Jim Wallis that Sec. Perez is referring to. I think the reference may be garbled as to what he told “his students” to do (Wallis isn’t a professor), but the gist of the exercise is that if you take scissors and cut out of the Bible all the references to rich/poor, wealth/poverty, and similar references you are left with a Bible with lots of holes in it. I am unclear as to how this exercise turns the resultant Bible “into like a Newsweek magazine.”

  8. OT: big time
    On the subject of free expression, or the one that goes “free for me, but not for thee”:
    Anyone else catch FOX’s latest “Empire”?
    A convoluted story line about a Black family in the music business is the main theme, but what comes out in the dialogue is racist (anti-White, anti-Hispanic), pro-drug, sexist, anti-gay (Dad shoves his gay son in the garbage can), and to top it off, the main character shoots his best friend in the forehead because he’s blackmailing him on his prior criminal life as a drug pusher.
    In today’s PC climate, the whole show is a stunner and shockingly reinforces all of the things that the Blacks and their supporters deny happens.
    This isn’t double standards, this is triple-decker standards that no White, Hispanic, or Asian would dare.

  9. I was recently challenged by a liberal regarding my Christian beliefs.
    I asked him, “Have you ever read Revelations – or any part of the Bible?” He replied, “Parts of it.”
    “What parts?” I asked.
    No response.
    These people have no idea that the Torah, the Bible and the Koran are three different books. I never listen to anything they say about any of the three because they simply have no idea what they are talking about.

    • Yes Aileen I agree with you and have had the same conversation with people that quote the Bible but cannot cite the text or the context of the verse they are quoting.
      Revelations is a message given to John.
      It is a warning to us as to what will happen in the future.
      No timeline was given, however, given the present conditions of the world, it would be a good idea to keep the news and Revelation close at hand.

      Jesus said when asked by His disciples as to when the end would come,….no-one knows, not even me, only the Father.

    • well actually, the “Torah” and “the Bible” are not different books. the Torah IS the Bible.

      or actually, the first five books of the Old Testament, that is to say, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers. (or something close to that.)

      you’re correct that the Koran is an entirely different book, though.

      • @AFVet – agree with you regarding Revelations. We know not the day or hour, however some of the “birth pangs” are currently exhibited as you know…many of my Bible Scholar friends believe we are much closer to His Coming
        @rulierose- The Bible includes many books not included in the Torah, e.g., the Books of The New Testament.
        Therefore, my statement that the three are different.
        Interestingly, the Koran contains several Old Testament stories, however, e.g., Abraham and Isaac and the ram.

        • The only reason the koran contains several Old Testament stories is because they were stolen and plagiarized by a 7th century madman.

  10. You can tear up a Bible because there is no need to fear Christians.

    Why don’t Jim Wallace and students tear up Korans — fear of death?