As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 8, 2014

10:45 am MST || Delivers remarks; Central High School, Phoenix, Arizona
11:25 am MST || Departs Arizona
5:50 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 8, 2014

  1. Since he is not schedule to make many phone calls to leaders all over the world tomorrow morning. I hope, he took the time to do so today.

  2. Atta boy OblameBush, let’s keep those high schoolers up to date on your economy destroying policies. And the terror threat that the Tea Party is.

  3. Weather through the weekend in DC cold and wintery….Barry’s gonna have to play putt putt indoors with the choom gang…sure he’s OK with it. God Bless the French policeman who died begging for his life on the streets of Paris…along with the other brave souls

  4. And don’t go to the VA down the road. Because these guys might spit on him — the kids — they’ve already been indoctrinated. Safer.

  5. OT Sony bows to hacking and threats by dictators or crazies.

    The MSM and Fox bow to terrorists — none (except Drudge) will post the cartoon that was the excuse for this Islamist terrorist act.

    And we expect people to object or call him to task when Barack Obama exercises executive overreach almost every single day now.

    Lambs. Slaughter.

  6. What? he flew AF1 to Phoenix to make a 30 minute speech?
    Why bother, why bother the people of Phoenix, tie up traffic everywhere and at Sky Harbor Airport?

    • srdem65 Because he’s “that guy”. The guy who can. That guy.

      To do something responsible would be to act like a President. And he is definitely not that guy.

  7. People have camped out in line for days in hopes of getting tickets for Obama’s speech. One woman said Obama was so wonderful and she just loved him and would love him even if he wasn’t President. Although to be held at a high school, only 250 students of 2,000+ student body were given tickets for the speech.

    Some lucky folks were given tickets to meet Obama on the tarmac tonight at Phoenix Sky Harbor. One couple pushed their babies into his arms for photos which would drive the grandparents “insane”. One poor woman said she was so excited she hadn’t been able to sleep the past two nights.

    Lastly, Obama has refueled some controversy about the resort name, Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak, as many Native Americans (and others) feel the name is derogatory to women. In one local news report the WH reportedly said they weren’t aware of the controversial name. In another report, the WH knew but chose this resort because it fit Obama’s requirements. Such hypocrisy, Obama feels the Redskins should change their name but he’s perfectly fine staying in a run down resort with a name degrading to women. I’m curious why he didn’t stay at the Biltmore, where other presidents have stayed. It’s more luxurious and inside a gated community with better security.