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The Obama Morning News || January 7, 2014

Will Obama hand Gitmo to Cuba? . . . President Obama’s drive to normalize ties with communist Cuba is raising new concerns among security officials and experts that the administration will give up the strategic naval base at Guantanamo Bay in deal with Havana. Washington Free Beacon

Obama launches three-day roadshow . . . Obama on Wednesday heads to Detroit, where the president plans to kick off a three-day pre-State of the Union trip with a visit to a Ford auto plant. White House officials have cast the roadshow as an opportunity for the president to sketch out his vision ahead of the speech later this month while capitalizing on some of the political momentum gained last month. He’ll also visit Arizona and Tennessee. The Hill

Obama will be a mile away from scandal-ridden Phoenix VA, but won’t stop by. “If President Obama wanted to get the ground truth — and send a signal of strong leadership — he would take the time to visit the Phoenix VA hospital during his forthcoming trip to that neighborhood. Unfortunately, President Obama has yet to show leadership in the fight to reform and fix the VA,” says Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America.

Paul moves to cut aid to Palestinians . . . Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) introduced a bill late Tuesday that would fully eliminate U.S. aid to the Palestinians until their leadership withdraws a controversial bid to join the International Criminal Court. Washington Free Beacon

Rubio: Cancel Cuba talks . . . Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) called on the White House to cancel upcoming diplomatic talks with Cuba until the Castro regime follows through on its agreement to release 53 political prisoners in a letter to President Obama on Tuesday. Washington Free Beacon

Cuba crackdown sets record in 2014 . . . The Cuban government may have opened some economic doors in recent years, but it maintains an iron fist when it comes to opposition to its policies or to the revolution. Fox News Latino

Bill Clinton linked to sex offender . . . Lawyers sifting through documents related to the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy sex offender accused of pimping out an underage girl to Britain’s Prince Andrew, stumbled across an interesting finding among the filings: 21 email and telephone contacts for former President Bill Clinton and his personal aide, Doug Band. Politico

28 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || January 7, 2014”

  1. Obama still catering to communists and Clinton still a scumbag. Today is just one of those “same sh*t, different day”, days.
    Pray for the victims of terrorism in Paris and then pray for us because the way Obama handles it, it’s only a matter of time before more “workplace violence” erupts here in the states.

    1. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters just spoke on Fox.
      They are terrorist, (Feinstein don’t want to waterboard).
      Bad day for FREE PRESS.
      We are going to continue to censor.
      No other magazine had guts like the one attacked. WE will not show those same cartoons here in our papers.
      Military operation/terrorism. Not clowns.
      We worry about hurting our enemies feelings. O and journalist here won’t come to grip with this issue. Journalist will not stand up. o WON’t say Islamic terrorist.

    2. Just saw a crawl on FOX: “Obama offers to help France bring terrorists to justice”. LOLOLOL! Such discordant, dissonant words from the guy who ignored the JV team for two years
      and continues to release top level Muslim terrorists from Gitmo.
      Preezy Pantywaist is suddenly throwing his weight around – all 90 pounds of it! What a joke!

      1. I just clicked it off after I heard this.
        On CNN the w h reporter told Wolf B. that o’s statement regarding the attack was an impassioned statement.

  2. I do not understand how so many Americans sit back and watch him release all of the prisoners from Gitmo. Than there is the issue above of handing over Gitmo to Cuba. Do the citizens of America who were attacked on 911 get a daily, weekly update of what all the prisoners are doing 24 hours a day?

    1. If he turns Gitmo over to Cuba, I wonder if the Muslim terrorist detainees will be part of the deal. Cuba could then put them all on a boat and send them to the shores of FLA.

  3. Keith thanks for mentioning his road show. The fact also he will not ride/walk a mile a way to the VA. So very ugly.
    As well while he is playing the President of France as I mentioned on previous thread, scrambled to the Magazine site in Paris.
    Josh talked on Fox within the last hour. Oh boy, just found out that John Kerry will speak at 10:30a.m. central time.

  4. The man charged with the last car bombing at a synagogue in Paris was extradited from Canada to France in November of last year. He’s a Muslim.

  5. And, of course, the Obama administration is “hesitant” about using the word “terrorism” when discussing these latest jihadist attacks on Western civilization. Oh no. Couldn’t do that.

    Apparently, Obama hasn’t yet received permission from the Muslim Brotherhood thugs he has placed in his administration to use the word “terrorism”.

    1. Robert Nisbet from Sky News just said 3,000 police are on patrol.
      They terrorist got someone (who had a child with them) to punch in the security code to enter the building.
      Large amount of demonstrators are together against the terrorist and to show support for the people attacked.

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